taylor's edits


I’ve been thinking about this goodbye and what it means. Clarke and Bellamy are probably experiencing a ton of different emotions but a big one here is longing. Clarke indulges in Bellamy’s touch and nuzzles his hand. He doesn’t think Clarke is in love with him, and yet, he KNOWS her. He KNOWS she’s vulnerable and he’s afraid that if he stays too long they’ll do something rash. So he tells her she should sleep. 

He breaks his hand off of her like he’s breaking off a piece of his soul. When he tries to leave, he has to pause, practically wincing in pain. It’s SO HARD for him to leave her sad like this, unable to do anything beyond what he’s already done. He wishes he could love her the way she wants but he loves her too much to feed into that feeling at a confusing time like this.

 Clarke’s eyes follow him until he disappears from view. She doesn’t want him to go either. She craves his touch and comfort beyond what they’ve already done. Her look is pure longing and sadness that they can’t indulge in their feelings; things are too damn complicated right now and the world needs them. But the longing, the longing is there and it’s the most beautifully heartbreaking thing to watch.