Okay but the new Power Rangers movie was actually amazing?? I did not go into it expecting it to get me so emotionally invested, thought it’d just be nostalgia and goofy, but that shit had plot and cute scenes and was campy and just?? so?? good?? Also can we talk about how amazing the Blue Ranger is?! My boy is the heart of the film and he’s not only a leading black character but he is also an autistic superhero which is huge. And Trini!!! Oh boy, don’t even get me started on my little yellow sunshine ranger. I’m so stoked on her character. Yes she is queer, that’s made clear with a tender exchange around the fire with Zack and the others, but the thing I loved about the movie is that it’s not her ~defining~ characteristic. She is caring and brave and incredibly fierce- that girl is a little spitfire let me tell you, first one to straight up jump up a mountain and fling herself across a canyon like gottdamn- and an amazing, loyal friend and she just so happens to be LGBT (it’s not clear yet if she identifies as exclusively lesbian, bisexual, pansexual etc or forgoes labels all together but fuck yeah). It’s refreshing to see that we can be represented like that… you don’t have to be in a relationship to be gay, you don’t have to have it be something that is tortuous and portrayed as a burden and source of constant conflict to the character. There’s something so nice about normalizing queerness. Yes we exist in all arenas of society, we are everyday people doing everyday things, sometimes we’re single, and sometimes we’re superheroes with a kick ass group of friends. Go go POWER RANGERS!!!!!



“This album was made completely and solely on my terms, with no one else’s opinion factoring in, no one else’s agenda factoring in. I didn’t feel that I was having to think too hard about the musical direction. In the past, I’ve always tried to make sure that I was maintaining a stronghold on two different genres, and this time I just had to think about one, which was creatively a relief. It was nice to be honest about what I was making.” (insp)

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Gimme Shelter: Facing Your Weaknesses

Gimme Shelter was one of the best episodes for Clarke and Bellamy’s development. They’re both finally starting to accept their weaknesses as human beings. Clarke’s weakness is the inevitable damage/death she inflicts on others. This is very much symbolized by Clarke entering a room of white (purity) and her touch against the white bed soils it with black (death).  

Clarke “taints” others simply by trying to save them. She has blood on her hands that she can’t wash off and there will be more of it with this latest crisis. But when Clarke looks into the mirror and takes an honest look at who she is now there’s some acceptance there. She WILL cause death along with life and she’s finally coming to terms with that truth. 

She lets herself take a shower—a momentary cleansing. And although she can’t wash off what she’s done, she lets herself “live” and enjoy it instead of just surviving. She’s remembering what she told Lexa. She’s remembering the purpose behind her relentlessness to keep everyone alive.

Bellamy’s not at the same point of enlightenment as Clarke but he’s facing his humanity in his own way. His humanity being his inevitable “failure” to protect everyone—especially his sister. Ever since his mother said, “Your sister, your responsibility,” he felt like he owed it to his mother to protect Octavia. 

His mother’s death deepened his obsession to protect Octavia. In his mind, If he was the one who got his mother killed, he owes it her memory to protect Octavia forever. This obsession with protecting his sister extends to his people too. That childhood trauma made Bellamy feel like protecting people is his life’s purpose. It connects in his mind as your sister people, your responsibility.

  Before Bellamy goes out in the black rain again, he justifies his irrational choice to Kane by bringing up his duty to the 100: “His son Peter was one of the 100. I’m doing this.” Bellamy knows he can’t protect everyone but that doesn’t stop him from internalizing those lives as his responsibility and those deaths as his fault. 

 Now Bellamy’s finally starting to see things as they really are. He can’t control circumstances much less people. Bellamy saying out loud, “You can’t save someone who doesn’t want to be saved” was a big part of that realization. He’s recognizing that his lack of control over others isn’t entirely his fault and it’s definitely a start in a healthier direction.  

Letting himself stay in the rover was a HUGE development as well. It goes against his martyr tendencies. He’s on his way to realizing that his worth is based on more than whether or not he succeeds saving others. And seeing how these separate storylines connect in the theme of accepting your weakness as a human being is incredible. Bellamy and Clarke accepting their humanity little by little is some of the most satisfying character work we’ve seen. 

Just saying, for the next movie, when Kimberly starts crushing hard on Tommy Oliver, we better get jealous reactions from Jason AND Trini.

And Zack and Billy are just looking at this situation like, “Our lives were complicated enough, now we got this love square shit.”