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I wanted to practice drawing suits, so here’s Penguin in some new duds. (I mayyyy have developed a crush on this silly bird boy)

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Hey friends so like how's your cat and Taylor swifts cat related

So basically i’ve wanted to adopt a kitten and raise him from a baby for ages, because all the cats I’ve gotten have been around 4months-1 year when I’ve adopted them, and I’ve always wanted to get a tiny kitten and raise him! So I think scottish folds are the cutest cats, and after doing some research their personalities made me melt and i realized that they were the perfect type of cat for me. on a whim i started researching breeders in NYC. i came across a listing of this little 7 week old nugget who immediately made my heart swell, and i knew i had to have him. the listing also said that this cat was related to Olivia Benson, and I was like “yeah sure whatever probably a marketing ploy”, and didn’t think much of it. So I started emailing the breeder and she sent me more photos of him, and I fell head over heels. I picked him up a week later, and it was love at first cuddle. I decided to ask if he was actually related to Taylor’s cat, and she said “yes, she came and picked her up with Karlie and a security guard” and showed me a photo of Taylor in her backyard that she had instagrammed, so sure enough…

Ziggy is half siblings with Olivia, and they share the same mom :) crazy coincidence but I couldn’t be more pleased!

A convo in battle between zack and jason
  • Zack: *gets knocked down by putty*
  • Jason: *kicks down all surrounding monsters and hugs zack to his chest* HOLY SHIT BABE ARE U OKAY HE HURT YOU NOBODY TOUCHES MY SWEETHEART SOMEBODY'S GONNA FUCKING DIE TODAY
  • Zack: *milking it for all its worth* thank you baby i know i can always count on
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"Taylor Swift writes only songs about how the guy is always blame for heartbreak"

Song NOT about broken heart & blaming boys:

  1. Tim McGraw
  2. A Place In This World
  3. The Outside
  4. Tied Together With A Smile
  5. Stay Beautiful
  6. Mary’s Song
  7. Our Song
  8. I’m Only Me When I’m With You
  9. Mine
  10. Sparks Fly
  11. Speak Now
  12. Mean
  13. Never Grow Up
  14. Enchanted
  15. Innocent
  16. Long Live
  17. Ours
  18. Superman
  19. Fearless
  20. Jump Then Fall
  21. Superstar
  22. Love Story
  23. Hey Stephen
  24. You Belong With Me
  25. The Way I Loved You
  26. The Best Day
  27. Change
  28. Crazier
  29. American Girl
  30. Being With My Baby
  31. Brought Up That Way
  32. FIrefly
  33. Honey Baby
  34. I’d Lie
  35. In The Pouring Rain
  36. Live For The Little Things
  37. Perfect Have I Loved
  38. Permanent Marker
  39. Safe and Sound
  40. Today Was A Fairytale
  41. What To Wear
  42. Your Anything
  43. Beautiful Eyes
  44. State Of Grace
  45. Red
  46. Treacherous
  47. 22
  48. Stay Stay Stay
  49. The Last Time
  50. Holy Ground
  51. The Lucky One
  52. Everything Has Changed
  53. Starlight
  54. Begin Again

Thank you. 

Why do Harry and Taylor always sound like they're having conversations through lyrics: a reach
  • Taylor: im lying on the cold hard ground
  • Harry: while we lay there on the soft warm ground
  • Taylor: I don't wanna need you this way, come back, be here.
  • Harry: I didnt come back and I wasnt there
  • Taylor: I knew you were trouble
  • Harry: I wont trouble you no more
  • Taylor: Your kiss my cheek, I watched you leave
  • Harry: the rest of my crimes don't come close to the look on your face when I let you go
  • Taylor: People like you always want back the love they gave away/This love came back to me
  • Harry: I figured it out, how to fix up a heart that I let down
  • Taylor: midnight you come and pick me up/2am in your car, windows down
  • Harry: if you like midnight driving with the windows down
  • Taylor: I've got a blank space baby and ill write your name
  • Harry: If you're looking for someone to write your breakup songs about
  • Taylor: say you'll see me again
  • Harry: ill see your face again
  • Taylor: You're like a wine stained dress I can't wear anymore
  • Harry: This isn't the stain of a red wine, i'm bleeding love

why cant taylor just always be this relaxed like can the media pls not bother her during ts6 promo and just let my baby be happy ok she’s a precious little soul who’s done nothing wrong

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I'm always a slut for Kyle Taylor fluff (also, hope to see you at rtx!)

A/N: Hope you had fun at RTX!

Word Count: 543

“Ah, just the daddy I’ve been looking for!” you clapped your hands together, smiling as your boyfriend walked through the door to your apartment.

Kyle looked like he choked and whipped his head in my direction, “I- What did you just say?”

You giggled, wrapping your blanket tighter around you, “Calm down. I just finished watching you and Miles play Dream Daddy. So no baby. At least not yet.”

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That album part 4

Hey guys! I told you it would be up today :) Okay I said tomorrow yesterday, and the clock is 11.45pm in Sweden. Maybe it’s the July 12th for some of you, but the time difference will always be a problem. Anyway, this one is longer and I really hope you like it!

If you haven’t read the story, you can find the other parts here:

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*Adam’s pov*

I woke up late that morning, because my party went on for a long time. I thought and hoped I would wake up to a text from the girl I missed more than anything in this world and I had. Or I had probably gotten the text at the party, just that I didn’t check my phone all the time, because I wanted to remember that evening.

“Never ever in my wildest dreams” I would have said if someone told me I would write this much lyrics to an album. But I had gotten my heart broken for real this time. The women I loved had walked away from me. At first I was mad, and that’s why I gave out My Way and why the whole twitter thing happened. Today, well let’s just say I miss her. And that’s why I gave out Faking It. Other songs and parts of songs on the album is also about her, us and our relationship, but Faking It is probably the song that mean the most to me, because I’m actually telling the world about my feelings and love for her.

I clicked up the text and read “Why didn’t you tell me?” That was all. No more, nothing less. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. But maybe this meant she still loved me and wished I would have told her.

“Mates, guess who texted me” I wrote to my closest group of friends. I layed there in bed and just smiled. Maybe, just maybe I had a chance. Wow, you sound like a little boy who just got laid, I thought to myself. But this was so much more. This could change my life!

“I would have said Taylor, but I don’t think she said she loves you when she just landed in Rhode Island with her new boyfriend. And yeah, sorry ‘bout that bro…”

WHAT? WITH HER NEW BOYFRIEND? I knew about the rumors, I was so jealous when I found out, but I guess I didn’t believed it. I guess I couldn’t believe that Taylor dated a guy like that. A guy that lived with his fu*king parents at the age of 26 or however old he was. He looked like a kid, but I knew Taylor liked boys like that, just look at her exes. I only thought she might had gone over to the more mature looking guys at this age, after Tom and I. Well, maybe it was for the best. Maybe it wasn’t meant to be, but I wanted her. I knew it sounded childish, but I wanted her all to myself. So I searched on the internet for “Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn Rhode Island” and it seemed like they had landed there together. Or at least they both were there.

I got mad, I wanted her. And I couldn’t lose her to someone like that. I had a hard time dealing with her fame, but how in the world could he handle it. He’s probably a nice person, but let’s face it, right now he’s a nobody. Wait, he’s a nobody, so he’s probably only using her, and she will go in 100% for that damn relationship, like she always does. But I just know he can’t handle it! He will break her heart and she will give up on true love, adopt a baby and just let it all go. She will love that child more than anything in the world, but she will be alone forever, and so will I.

A tear fell down from my face. I couldn’t think about Taylor and I not having babies. We had talked about that so many times. How our kids would be really tall and the cutest kids that ever walked on this planet. But maybe she would have kids with him, Joe. Or maybe she would adopt. She talked about having kids all the time when we were together and how she wanted a big family. She’s 30 in a few years, so she will probably feel more pressure now. Because she always told me she wanted to wait, just a little bit longer. I wish she had forgotten a pill or something like that, because then we would have gone in for saving our relationship more than we did. We both just gave up. But today, I can’t help wondering why.

I took up my phone to text Ellie and ask about Joe and the 4th. I wanted to do it, but in a way I didn’t. I was scared. Scared to find out that Taylor is with another guy and that it might be something serious between them. Also scared of Ellie annoying me over it, because I just know she wouldn’t shut up if I tell her.

“Hey! Are you going to Tay’s 4th of July party and do you know if Joe is going?” I wrote and then pressed send. I wanted to know, but I knew it would hurt me. I’m usually the strong man who doesn’t cry and sh*t like that, but after losing Taylor, I cried like a baby.

“Someone is jealous, huh? She’s just having a small thing this year, because pretty much everyone has plans. I don’t know if I’m going or not, but to the important question, yes, he is!”

I couldn’t believe it. Or I knew it was possible, that she actually moved on, don’t care about my songs, but the whole internet….wait, I have to check what they had to say about it! Because of the fact that it was really late and not morning at all when I woke up it was a lot of things said. People loved the album, which made me happy. And on tumblr, well let’s just say everyone understood Faking It was about her, so they understood that I still love her. I clicked on her profile and saw that she hadn’t posted or liked anything in a long time. And tumblr used to be her favorite place to spend time on, well I guess it wasn’t anymore. Maybe she didn’t care, but maybe it would actually hurt her to go on Tumblr again and maybe that’s the reason to why she stays away.

Anyway, I have to get her back. I have to do whatever it takes to get her back. Not just because of the great sex or that she’s really beautiful, but also because she inspired me, gave me hope, made me happy, was my best friend and really did make me a better person, a better man. But apparently I wasn’t good enough. But my whole world had fallen in pieces when she left me and I had to get my life back.

I got another text from Ellie, it said “But I don’t know if they are a thing or not. I can ask if you’re wondering….”

What could I possible answer? I went on social medias a bit longer and then I found something that broke my heart a bit. Me standing and talking with Aarika and looking at her boobs. WHY DID YOU LOOK AT HER BOOBS ADAM? WHY? I asked myself. People on the internet thought we were back together and some said that we probably were friends with benefits. Maybe this was my chance. If I make Taylor jealous, maybe she would feel like she have to fight for me. Well that’s a great idea.

“Okey thanks, but no I have Aarika now.” I texted back to Ellie. I wanted her to ask, but if Taylor actually was together with Joe, she would understand that I still love her and would probably just think it was sad, that I couldn’t get over her, so my plan have to work.

I decided to call Aarika and some of my boys, to ask if they wanted to come over and if Aarika and I were snapped in a picture together, or if she just were seen in my house, I knew Taylor would be jealous, or that will say if she still have feelings for me.

*Taylor’s pov*

I took one plane and Joe another, but we met up on the airport in Rhode Island. I hugged him and said “Thanks for coming”. He smiled and then answered “well, the pleasure is mine”. We walked over to my driver. On the drive to my RI house we talked about everything between heaven and earth. Including Adam’s new album, and especially Faking It. Joe thought it was as clear as I, the song was about me.

I just needed to hear it from people, to don’t feel crazy. He said he loved me, but then stared at another girls boobs. Other people would probably just say “yeah, he’s a dj. That’s why!” But Adam was nothing like that when we were together, and that’s what make me so unsure about it all. I mean, I recorded some beautiful love songs about me and Adam and our relationship, I wrote the songs when we were together, so of course they are happy. Maybe this was just one of those songs. But would he really write it from a watching back perspective and answer some of the things from my songs I’ve given out about him?

When we got to my house I gave Joe a house tour and showed him his room. It was pretty close to mine, just in case he would get lost or something like that (It’s a big house 😂).

I gave him some time to pack up, and when he did that I decided to make us some tea and looked after the cookies I baked yesterday that I had in my suitcase. The best thing with having a lot of houses is probably that you don’t have to bring too much. Because I have clothes, games and my typical 4th of July things there already. So I only had to bring the most important things and of course something nice to eat on the flight and after landing, that will say, before I have time to cook or bake something.

Joe came down just when the tea was ready. So we walked outside and sat behind my house, not to make it too obvious and not showing too much. Maybe some fans would see us and take a picture, but we didn’t mind. It would just be wonderful for my plan.

After we had drinking the tea and when the cookies were in our stomachs instead of the plate we decided to watch a movie and then he decided to go to bed, he was really tired because of the time difference.

When I had some time over I went up to my bedroom, and took up my phone from the suitcase. I had a new text from Abi, also a new picture. I opened it up. It was a picture that one of Adam’s friends had posted on his private Snapchat of Adam, Aarika and two other guys playing billiard. He stood behind her, holding his arms around her body to show her how to do it “the right way”. He used to do that with me too. I was usually the one who won our games, but I liked it because I felt so close to him. Our friends always said something like “ohh you two, get a room” when he did it in front of people. Because it was just so much chemistry and maybe some sexual attention too. I missed that. But now she was the one who stood in front of him and not me. It made me sad, but at the same time angry. Why did he do this? He didn’t even look into the camera, so he probably didn’t even knew the picture was taken. He was probably just in love with her, but he can’t be. Because he should be in love with me!

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What are some good androgynous or neatural names?

Since this doesn’t specify it has to be private, I’ll publish it, but if I’ve messed up, do correct me, and I’ll fix it right away.

Well I can’t really say what is a “good” name. A name would have to fit you.

For some ideas, you could have a look-see at some baby name websites. I found my own names there. I also use them to name my OCs :3

Best of luck finding some names that fit you!

Here are some to start your journey!



Ailbhe (Al-va- my middle name!)



Dakota (means friend! I always thought this was cute ^^)









Good luck!