taylor swifts ex's

Remy said Nicki fucked drake, wayne, Trey songz, Ebro from Hot 97. Said Meek told her nicki wouldn’t let him fuck for 3 months cause her ass was healing. Brought up Nicki’s rapist brother. brought up how Nicki is always bullying other females like miley cyrus and Taylor swift. Said Nicki’s ex bf, Safaree, wrote all her songs and now nicki is feeling herself cause she got a new team of ghost writers. Said Nicki is fake af and did all this on Nas’ Ether beat. Shit was mad disrespectful and I loved every minute of it lmao

If somebody breaks your heart, Don’t get mad…get even. But not in the sense of being malicious and mad. You might be miserable as fuck but you fake that shit and make them think you are having the time of your life. Get dressed up, go the fuck out, post tons of pictures. You make them think you don’t give a damn what they’re doing…even if you do. Because the one thing people hate more than anything is when motherfuckers are having fun without them because A. if they care trust me…they’ll notice and they’ll text you. and B. If they don’t text you…you shouldn’t be crying over them because they are probably an asshole.