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Moooooooooooooooommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I'm sad because I feel like Banshee doesn't get enough love! Can we possibly get some hcs for him?

Momma will make it better~

  • First thing he did when he met you was stutter over his hello
  • First thing you did was call him a ginger cutie
  • You have to watch scaring him in case he screams
  • Hank rigged Sean’s outfit so it could support the weight of him flying you both around wherever you wanted
  • You wear earplugs during sex because he screams and can burst your eardrums
  • When you two met he was a virgin
  • He once asked you if you liked fish and you couldn’t tell if he was serious or not
  • You held his hand and cuddled with him a lot after what happened in Cuba
  • When you two fight he will intentionally break the windows
  • He on several occasions would be talking to you and the glass in your hand would explode, he didn’t mean to, he was just nervous as hell
  • He asked you out by walking up holding a bouquet of flowers picked from the mansion’s gardens and asked if you wanted to got o the aquarium
  • It was the best date you had ever been on
  • His hands were constantly clammy the first week you two dated
  • He gets uber jealous when Alex flirts with you
  • You never flirt back with Alex
  • You once asked him “Do the curtains match the carpet?” He responded with “What carpet?”
  • He secretly likes country music
  • He would secretly like Taylor Swift
  • He would secretly like rap music
  • Opera music makes him fall asleep faster than anything
  • He would rather be the little spoon
  • He will throw out random jokes
  • You two dress up in Halloween couples costumes
  • He smoked weed now and then
  • He would stare at you all the time and was paranoid he was going crazy
  • He has freckles in odd places but you find them cute
  • You have counted all his freckles
  • When you two leave the mansion and go off on your own together you end up travelling to California before ending up back on the East Coast
  • He used to love the beach but not so much anymore
  • He is approached by Erik at one point but he refuses because he has you now
  • He ran into Raven once and invited her to dinner at your house, she never showed up
  • He likes Disney movies
  • He doesn’t talk about his parents
  • When you two get married Charles and Hank are the only ones present
  • He likes to go camping
  • It is nearly impossible to piss him off
  • His favorite fruit is the strawberry
  • He is lactose intollerant
  • On Saint Paddy’s day, he drinks until he passes out
  • He likes to walk around the house naked
  • The curtain do match the carpet
  • He is a terrible cook
  • You two take a lot of pictures together
  • He is clueless about cars. He can barely change the oil!
  • He takes you flying when you’ve had a bad day.
  • Sean is secretly a huge nerd
  • Sex would get a little routine but he likes to try new things
  • He likes his hair pulled and he’s an absolute submissive in bed
  • He would insist on an aquarium theme for your baby’s room
  • He would get up with the baby more than you would
  • He would dote on your baby more thank you do
  • He refuses to change diapers.
  • He honestly never believed he would be a dad
  • You two adopt two basset hound puppies
  • He goes out one day and never comes back. For a long time you are heartbroken thinking he just up and left you and your kid. Mystique shows up two years later and tells you what Bolivar Trask did to him. 
  • You stay up all night holding your baby and crying.
  • You never get his body to bury so you make a shrine to him in your living room
  • Your child eventually ends up going to the Xavier Institute when they have the same powers as he did.

Hi, so finally I decided to make a follow forever, I havent dont FF before, that why it took me more than 2 hours to ordering alphabet stuff. Thank you for making my dash full of beautiful edits and gifs, I dont know if I posted it too late but all I wanna say is MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU

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taylorswift : Hey Taylor! I’m Turkish Swiftie. I love you so much, really so much. You are my savior, you are my sunshine.Your voice like tranquility. I grew up with you. You’ve given me a lot. You taught me a lot about love and friendship.My heart was broken most of the time. But your song kept me alive. Thank you for everything my angel. We love you and we need you Tay. PLEASE COME TO TURKEY! :  taylorswift 

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This is the life of living on the edge, posting an end of year follow forever 6 hours before the new year. This really wasn’t the plan, but I kept forgetting to make one and I also did not have any inspiration for an edit.

Anyway, these are the best blogs ever that I love so, so much and if you’re not following them your dashboard is definitely not at its finest. (Please don’t be sad if you’re not included because I’m 100% sure I forgot and missed a lot of people. I wouldn’t be following any blog if I didn’t love it, so if I follow you, it’s amazing <3)

Listed in alphabetical order; bolded are absolute favourites and italicised are my friends (and basically anyone who has been absolutely wonderful and lovely to me): FIRST OFF SPECIAL MENTION TO THE QUEEN taylorswift!

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I hope you all had the merriest Christmas and also have a lovely New Year. All the best for 2015!! xx