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I just noticed that all the dancers (supposedly ex-boyfriends) are wearing microphones and using walkie talkies. I think it is because all her past relationships were PR so it is a way of implying that she tells them what to do.

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The Holy Trinity of Breakup Songs Written About Joe Jonas

It would be irresponsible to spend a week writing about the Jonas Brothers without discussing all the breakup songs that were written about Joe Jonas. Joe dated three female artists during the time he was in a band with his brothers, and each of them wrote several songs about him (and only one of them is sort of flattering). There are three that really stand out, to me (and are my personal favorites of the whole bunch).

Potential Breakup Song (Aly & AJ)

Joe and AJ Michalka met in December of 2005 and dated for a little over a year. Everything came crashing down when he didn’t call her on her birthday (“What kind of a boyfriend would forget that? Who would forget that?”) inspiring Aly & AJ’s biggest hit. I adore the premise of this song. Is this the end? AJ has a feeling this might be the end, and she’d like to know because she has this album she’s working on and it could use a great breakup song.

Best line: “Cause without me you know you’re lost. Minus you I’m better off. Soon you will know”

(Other Aly and AJ songs about Joe include “Division”, and “Closure”)

Gonna Get Caught (Demi Lovato) 

Demi and Joe didn’t really date until 2010 (it only lasted a few months and ended with one of the wildest Teen Vogue cover story’s ever. They had done a photoshoot and interview for the mag and then broke up two weeks before it was released. They then both called the interviewer separately to comment on the end of their relationship) but there was an on again/off again, will they/wont they thing going on for a while. As Demi lets us know in this song, Joe was a total player. What I love most about this song is that Demi co-wrote it with Nick, WHILE JOE WAS IN THE ROOM. Seriously. (Nick and Demi talk about this in an interview with Stephen Colbert) Getting to play the song you wrote about a boy who wronged him while he is in the room is one thing, but writing it right in front of him?!? With his brother?!? Incredible.

Best line: “I’m your number one, or I’m gone”

(Other songs by Demi about Joe include “Mistake” and “Without the Love”)

Forever & Always (Taylor Swift)

We’ve arrived at the infamous 25 second phone call. Yes, Joe Jonas ended his four month relationship with Taylor Swift with a phone call that only lasted only 25 seconds. The breakup happened just before Taylor was going to release her second album Fearless (which would become her first album to win the Grammy for Album of the Year) she wrote and recorded this song at the last minute and put it on the album. She then went on Ellen and announced to the world how her relationship with Joe ended and let everyone know exactly what song was about him. This was the first (and as you all know, not the last) Taylor Swift song about a famous ex-boyfriend. Look what you made her do Joe, LOOK WHAT YOU MADE HER DO.

(Other songs by Taylor about Joe include “Better Than Revenge”, “Last Kiss” and “Holy Ground”)


“She only writes songs about her ex-boyfriends”
“Taylor Swift is a snake”
“She’s dated like 50 guys in the last year”
“She sues everyone she meets”
“Taylor Swift is greedy and money-hungry”

I’m excited to hear this album and rub it in the faces of all those who ever said or wrote these lies

Fans using Taylor’s music to mock and demean her ex-boyfriends is part of the problem. Fans are using it to insult boyfriends they didn’t like…or elevate ones they do. And y’all go way overboard with that shit. 🙄

Taylor is writing about her emotions and feelings…how she felt at a given point…even how her feelings may not have necessarily held up beyond that moment. It’s her truth at a given point. Not necessarily the uncontested truth. Or one put through a neutral arbitrator.

I think this disrespects the honesty Taylor puts into her art. She doesn’t do it so people can turn it into a stan war. Or a way to bully people. And the worst part is that people then take the bad behavior of the fans and project it onto Taylor…as if that was her intent. Fans need to realize they contribute to the bad press she gets…😒