taylor swift's ex boyfriends

hey teens it’s totally cool for your ex boyfriend to treat you like shit towards the end of your relationship and do his best to embarrass you and turn people against you online as long as he sends out another tweet months later that doesn’t even vaguely resemble an apology but is clearly designed to make him look like less of an asshole 

You say: “Taylor Swift’s white savior ex-boyfriend.”

Is that really the term you people want to use to talk about a real humanist man that won an award and remembered the suffering kids and doctors of Sudan? He replaced the futility of an event like Golden Globes by a hard reality that is far away from those Hollywoodian shoes. REALLY? You guys are unbelievable, you guys deserve every scandalous popstar of yours, and every stupid politician of your country. You guys deserve all that labels they put on you. I’m furious in a way I shouldn’t be, but let’s try to be proud of Tom Hiddleston (Hugh Laurie and Olivia Colman), instead of taking all that trash that is coming through the social media.

anonymous asked:

Why in the bloody hell is Andy so obsessed with always asking people about Taylor? And the Twitter feud was between Calvin and himself he was fighting with a wall like a little kid so it wasn't a Twitter feud with Taylor it was only him anyway I like Rita's answer Andy really wanted her to say something bad but she didn't! eonline*com/news/828226/rita-ora-comments-on-ex-boyfriend-calvin-harris-twitter-feud-with-taylor-swift-and-zayn-malik-romance-rumors

Caller: Hey, Rita, what did you think of calvin harris’ twitter rant towards Taylor Swift about TIWYCF? 

Andy: Oh my God, you know, last time you were here, you were here —

Rita: Can we not go there right now… are we really doing this.. is this bring Rita’s whole past to the TV? 

Andy: We love, we love it!

Rita: Drew help me please, help me, get me a drink, a strong one! We’re good friends though, thing is, i dont keep grudges with anybody.  Everybody uses social media how they want, I choose not to, so that’s just my personal way to express myself, but, everyone does their own thing.  

Andy: So..Well that’s nice that you maintain good relations with your exes.

Rita: Yeah

Andy: is it hard being in the public eye and having an ex and then they’re with someone else that is really.. famous.. and they’re out there .. is it weird looking in a magazine and seeing them? I would think it would be.

Rita: Well i dont read magazines anymore that much. But to be honest, I think it’s kind of like,  yeah obviously, a usual break up, you dont really see your ex all over the place, 

Andy: yeah

Rita: but you know, you just kind of take it with a pinch of salt, and keep going with your own life, and just make the most of what you are, you know what I mean?

I watch your life in pictures,
like I used to watch you sleep.
I feel you forget me,
like I used to feel you breathe.
And I keep up with our old friends,
just to ask them how you are.

I hope it’s nice where you are…

I hope the sun shines,
and it’s a beautiful day.
And something reminds you,
you wish you had stayed.
You can plan for a change in
weather and time.
But I never planned on you changing your mind.

So I’ll go sit on the floor,
wearing your clothes.
All that I know is,
I don’t know
how to be
something you miss.

She’s better than the rest because she works harder , longer and smarter. She writes hit after hit because she connects with people, case and point , just the other day when she was announced the highest paid entertainer she got in a car and drove from Brisbane from the Gold Coast , she didn’t have to but she did. She’s incredible . Taylor took time out from her day and went and visited those kids, and spent time with those kids. She laughed with them and helped ease their pain. Weirdly the world can sometimes still bag Taylor Swift , and her ex boyfriends do the same but who cares . Because we love you like so many Tay Tay.
—  Channel 9 Today News