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Your Anything
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She was 14 in this. This needs to be released ASAP!!! This is like my FAVOURITE song right now. Her 6th album should be her favourite unreleased songs?

All Night Diner
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And I’m reminded, without you I’d be
A stranger in an all night diner
Waiting for her love to find her
Lonely like a harbor line
Thats never seen a boat
Just like a line in an old love letter
No one wrote

List of Taylor Swift songs that in my opinion are underrated

-Sweeter than fiction
-The last time
-This love
-Better than revenge
-Tell me why
-Jump then fall
-Come in with the rain
-I heart?
-Eyes open
-Dark blue Tennesse
-The outside
-The other side of the door
-Tell me
-All night diner
-Lucky you (I mean, IT WAS WRITTEN BY A 12 YEAR OLD)
-The best day
-I’m only me when I’m with you
-Mary’s song
-Stay stay stay
-I almost do
-The story of us
etc. There are also many other unreleased/released songs but these were all I thought of for now. I feel like we don’t talk a lot about these songs in our fandom. Tell me if you agree/disagree , I’d like to hear different opinions!