taylor swift uncomfortable

Taylor Swift 'fears Tom Hiddleston is not with her for right reasons'
An insider exclusively told DailyMail.com that the 26-year-old pop star feels 'uncomfortable' with the 35-year-old actor's desire to be so public about their romance.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s relationship is in trouble after less than three months together.

An insider exclusively told DailyMail.com that the 26-year-old pop star feels ‘uncomfortable’ with the 35-year-old actor’s desire to be so public about their romance.

Tom has apparently asked Taylor to the Emmy Awards later this month, but she has been questioning whether he is with her for 'the right reasons’.

'Tom wants their relationship to be public, even asking Taylor to go to the Emmys with him, but Taylor wants to keep her private life private,’ the source revealed.

The 26-year-old, who has never walked the red carpet with a boyfriend before, is now having doubts about their romance.

'Tom’s need for their relationship to be so public so quickly makes her uncomfortable,’ the insider told DailyMail.com.

'She tried to be OK with it in the beginning but fears he is in love with the idea of her and not falling in love with her for the right reasons.’

The source added: 'Taylor is an independent young woman and doesn’t feel like she needs a boyfriend to make her complete.’ ….


Enjoy! 💅 This has publicist leak written all over it.

I think this needs to be said.

This isn’t directed at anyone in particular, but after all the crap that went down today in this fandom, I think this message needs to be shared.

If you truly love Taylor you will be happy about whatever she has now. Don’t worry about the past, the future, or anything unrealistic. Celebrate her friendships, and the relationship she may have at the now.

Taylor Swift may be extremely famous, she may be on a list of the most influential people in the world, but listen. Taylor Swift loves you just as much or possibly even more than you love her.
She goes out of her way to do things for us and some people seem to think its okay to ask for more.

She doesn’t have to be like this. She is one huge right in a world full of wrongs.

Today Taylor liked a certain post. When she likes something like this it is CLEAR that she agrees with it, or that it makes her uncomfortable. Taylor Swift does not scroll through tumblr liking every post. She reads what we write and I don’t know about you, but I would be fricking beside myself if I ever upset her.

I have a whole lot more to say but this is already more than enough.


If you read this whole post I love you xoxo have a wonderful Taylor Alison Swift filled day :))