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It seems like all I ever do is change. I know people can change because it happens to me little by little every day. Every day I wake up as someone slightly new. Isn’t it wild and intriguing and beautiful to think that every day we are new?

Honestly, I find so hypocrite Taylor’s defense rant over the song with Kanye. I can’t even believe she has the nerve to say in the same rant things like ‘being falsely painted as a liar“ “I was never given the full story and played part on this song is character assassination” or “you cannot approve a song you haven’t heard”.

Did she forgot the times she humiliated her exes and women with her songs? Did she asked them for ‘approval’

In 2008, she publicly told Ellen Degeneres in her live show that Joe Jonas broke up with her over a phone call (x) repeatedly after that she kept on mocking him on social media. Which Joe explained himself saying he did not break up with her over a phone call or was unfaithful, he called her to talk, she took it the wrong way, and break the call (x). However, Joe suffered pranks for months. She also wrote the song “Forever & Always” about him calling him “scare little boy”, did she asked for approval? Did Joe wanted to be part of the character assassination?

Following that accident, Joe found a new girlfriend, the actress Camilla Belle, Taylor wrote a song called “Better Than Revenge” with the following lyrics: “She’s not a saint, she’s not what you think, she’s an actress, she’s better known for the things that she does on the mattress” “she’s soon gonna find out stealing other people’s toys in the playground don’t give you any friends” (x). The song was put in the same album as the for song Joe, and was not shy to point out who’s song that was for. Did she asked Camille’s approval? OH for those wanting to say she never said it was for her out load doesn’t mean she didn’t fuck it up, she never even deny it. Also: Camilla’s shade. (x) (x)

In 2010, Taylor dated John Mayer for a couple of months, following their split she wrote a song called “Dear John” accusing him of dating her since she was too young (19), so it made the song look like he played her. In which John replies that he felt humiliated with the song and feels like she took the situation too far as to make it public (x). Did she asked John’s approval to be involved in the song so openly? I think not. Following that, we know John dated Katy Perry, which is the reason for Taylor’s song “Bad Blood”, even Katy knows this song is about her and she has exposed Taylor’s 'don’t pit one girl after another’ rants (x). Oh and Also I know Jonh is trash, however, it applies to the issue we are talking about. 

In 2012, Taylor dated Harry Styles for short months, not only did she wrote a couple of songs about him (Style, Out In the Woods and others) but she mocked him on international television. During Taylor’s performance at the Grammys 2013, she was performing her song ‘We are never getting back together’, in the middle of the song she did a really bad British accent begging herself to gave him a change, while some back up dancers were dressed as clowns. And then again in the VMA’s  were Harry Styles was at the audience and targetted by the media. (x) (x)

Kanye West, we all know the big accident in 2009, were Kanye takes Taylor’s moment to say she didn’t deserve the award but Beyoncé did (which was true) it was an horrible thing to do, he acknowledge it and even apologize to her wanting to make things right. Taylor took the opportunity and publicity given to her to publicly humiliate him in an award show, singing her song 'innocent’, trying to paint the black man as the angry awful person and she’s the little bird victim of the whole situation. Then she wanted to shade Kaney again, publicly,  the video posted by Kim exposed her lying ass, she was agrree with the lyrics and gave him full consent.. (x)

Jake Gyllenhaal was also part of Taylor’s little game with the songs like: we are never getting back together and all too well. Which exposed pretty heavy stuff. She’s been doing this even with her non-famous exes.

So, it’s very hypocrite of Taylor Swift to come and be like “oh, I’m so offended I’m being targeted as the bad guy” GIRL, your whole career has been about targeting people with your songs and make them feel embarrassed in the media, and the media will obviously take her side since she’s been putting this 'American sweetheart’ 'sweet angel’ imagine that the audience and society supports. So I’m REAL GLAD she’s getting the drag she deserves and celebrities are finally exposing her. 


taylorswift drops a sly mention to porn star James Deen in her new song, Style. Who says dreams never come true? 

Watch with sound. 

Taylor Swift Style: Style Recap

May 26-29, 2015

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