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There’s an old poem by Neruda that I’ve always been captivated by,and one of the lines in it has stuck with me ever since the first time I read it.It says “love is so short,forgetting is so long.” It’s a line I’ve related to in my saddest moments, when I needed to know someone else had felt that exact same way.And when we’re trying to move on,the moments we always go back to aren’t the mundane ones. They are the moments you saw sparks that weren’t really there, felt stars aligning without having any proof, saw your future before it happened, and then saw it slip away without any warning. These are moments of newfound hope, extreme joy, intense passion, wishful thinking and in some cases, the unthinkable letdown.And in my mind, every one of these memories looks the same to me.I see all of these moments in bright,burning,red.
—  Taylor Swift,Red Album Prologue

Hey guys,
Today this lyric is the most personal thing to me. And I’ve decided to make some edits to prioritize these lines and how they affect me. I’ve been in a loss, I’d been trying hard since then, i knew it would take long than just 10 months but i think I’m ready, I’m ready to let go of the things that hold me down and that make barriers between me and my freedom, my happiness. I really hope you guys love these edits, I’ve poured my heart out in it. Thank you @taylorswift for everything. Please never change! ❤️

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