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I just stumbled upon this video on Youtube. It’s a compilation of interviews where Karlie talks about Taylor and it’s awesome and cute and also sort of heartbreaking seeing Karlie struggle. She’s gotten better at masking her feelings but her eyes and blush give her away.

Especially interesting is the Good Morning America part promoting the Vogue cover. The bit starting at minute 5:55 should be put in a museum or something. Poor Karlie fails so hard on live national TV it’s endearing!!


I’ve spent the past week making these… Partly because I had nothing better to do, but mostly because I really want to get back into Photoshop and this was really freaking fun! So, here you go: 1989 Inspired Movie Poster Mock Ups :)

Style (pt 1)

Will Herondale has updated his status:

I got that dark hair, blue eyes, sleek jaw-line
And that Heron-dale thing that you like
And when I go crashing down
I come right back up
Cuz I never go out of style
Out of style

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Tessa Gray: Did you just…

Sophie Collins: Change the lyrics of style?

Jessie Lovelace: Did you just write a love letter to yourself?

Will Herondale: You bet I did ;)

Jessie Lovelace: Oh god Will stop flirting with me.

Gabriel Lightwood: Haha Will is a Swiftie, boo hoo

Cecily Herondale: *smacks Gabriel* Stop being such a child

Will Herondale: *scoffs* Of course Im not *hides taylor swift posters*

Jem Carstairs: you like Taylor Swift?

Will Herondale: So do you

Jem Carstairs: I do?


So… My Best friend’s mom’s bf bought a Blues Pub… And it seems the previous owner REALLY LOVED @taylorswift !! I completely lost it when I saw the huuuge Taylor Swift poster and the photos of her on the menu🎉 I didn’t even know about this place until my friend sent me these photos.. Can’t believe it’s been right under our noses the whole time!

Using 10 Ft portable EL Wire, you can make a simple neon sign that copies the style of the VIP Pre Party Room signs. You can do one of the 3 kinds above, or chose different 1989 lyrics, or even just an I Heart Taylor sign! You can make these on individual letters or string the wire onto one giant poster board to save from holding more than one and using multiple battery packs. The wire comes in 10 different colors, 3 shades of blue, 2 shades of green and 2 shades of pink/purple! And this idea will cost you under $10, even under $5 if you get the poster board from a local dollar tree!