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Highway Don't Care part 5

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Taylor stood, stupefied as she watched Adam walk away.
He was here for work? What work?
The questions floated around her head. His beard was slightly longer than it had been when she last saw him, but he was still the same. Same fruity voice, the same cold disposition yet she could still sense the gentleness hidden underneath the tough surface.
“Miss…your stuff…” the teenager handed her the bag of cat food.
“Right thank you.” Taylor quickly said before sprinting out of the building. It was a bit dark outside, the sun has set and night has begun.
“Um hey!” She ran up to Adam in the parking lot. He quickly turned around with a look of annoyance that made Taylor hesitate.
“Yes?” He asked.
“I just-uh..Thank you.” She held up the bag of cat food.
“It’s fine.” He said “those poor cats shouldn’t suffer because of your forgetfulness.”
Taylor didn’t know if that was a statement or an offense.
“So you’re here for work?” She asked.
“Yeah, there’s a new music show…”
“Oh the music fair!” She had heard all about it, the billboards were everywhere.
“Yeah. Um…I don’t think you should keep your driver waiting-“ Adam said
“Driver? No. I drive myself.” She smiled.
“What?” Taylor was a bit startled by his demanding tone “You got into a fucking car accident and you still insist on driving by yourself.”
Taylor stared at him.
“That’s really none of your business,Calvin.” She said quietly.
“It’s really funny how you call me Calvin, but a week ago, you were all ‘I miss Adam.’” He said in a horrible imitation of her voice.
“Adam, I’m sorry about that.” She said looking down “the paparazzi probably gave you hard time.”
“I have to go, Connor is waiting for me.” He said, turned around and walked to his car.
She, too, went back to her car and drove home.

Adam stared up at the ceiling of his hotel room as his back pressed against the soft mattress. He shouldn’t have been so harsh to her. She was just trying to be polite like she always was. Every time he lashed at her, he regretted it but the damage would have already been done.
“A spark that became a flame that became a fire that burned it all down.” Her words echoed in his mind.
“Aw, sunshine, why so sad?” Connor entered the room “they have steak here!”
“I’m not hungry.” Adam answered.
Connor deepened his voice and spoke dramatically, “and it was then Adam Wiles realized that he was in fact a lonely workaholic and so he fell down a pit of despair…”
“Stop narrating my life.” Adam snapped.
“….Having seen his ex-girlfriend made him feel so sad, so very sad…”
“Connor shut up.” Adam sat up on the bed “you saw that didn’t you?”
Connor nodded
Connor had not known all the details of Adam and Taylor’s relationship, because Adam never bothered explaining it, he just knew that Taylor left Adam and therefore, she was probably the one to blame for Adam’s sadness. Although Charlie told them that it was more of Adam’s fault than Taylor’s. Either way, Connor concluded that it was none of his business. Sure, hanging out with the Taylor Swift was a privilege but all good things must come to an end, or something like that.
“You know how I love stalking all these super hot models on social media?” Connor spoke and Adam chuckled “well, Martha Hunt’s last Snapchat story was very interesting.”
Adam sighed.
“It’s not your fault.” Connor said “she left you.”
“I just realized one day, that he doesn’t really care at all. He was just too nice to tell me to get lost……I left him. He didn’t care. I think he was pretty relieved.”
“Your all lovey Dovey in the first months and then you ignore her and act all distant and shit.”
Taylor’s and Charlie’s words floated inside his head. Was it his fault, then? Was he actually incapable of loving someone?
He gave away all his love to her but she didn’t recognize it, she didn’t think it was enough. And that hurt him. So being blinded by his hurt, he lashed at her.
“It’s both our faults.” Adam said.
Connor watched his friend, the older, talented, unhappy man. And said “well, then I hope you two can forgive each other.”
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Highway don't care part 3

Assume this stuff happened just a week after the accident. yeah…

“Martha it’s okay. It’s not your fault.” Taylor spoke into her phone, that she was pressing to her ear with one hand, while her other hand, which was wrapped in a stretch bandage, held a bowl of popcorn. She was back at her Nashville apartment, she had left immediately and in secrecy. Martha had been calling her constantly, apologizing for making her go to the club and posting the videos on Snapchat. She even told Taylor’s bodyguards that she was sorry.
“But it is! You could’ve died.”Taylor rolled her eyes at Martha’s hysterical tone.
“It was a small car accident, like literally, the windshield was the only thing that was totally damaged.” Taylor made her way to her couch, sitting down on it, next to a sleeping Meredith and Olivia. “And also I was the one driving, it’s my fault.”
 “Oh god I just feel so bad.” Martha said.

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