taylor swift get the look

so he calls me up and he’s like, “ still love you,” and i’m like… i just… i mean this is exhausting, you know? like, we are never getting back together. like, ever.


There is something about Mommy!Carmilla, and i don’t know what it is, but I can’t stay away from.

Thanks again to thisismyhalfroomcutie for let me play a little with her OC, that btw, you can find here

“What about Carter?”

“Are you sure it’s not because you have the hots for Hayley Atwell?”

Hey friends it’s Cindy!

These cuties are my friends (starting from top left to bottom right) Becky, (me), Yvonne, Britt, Ericka, and Vicky! We’re going to be attending Taylor’s closing night in LA on Aug 26 and this is what we’ll be wearing! Our outfits were inspired by Taylor’s black crop top and metallic skirt combo that she wears during the beginning of the show. We decided to all get different colors and put a glitter skyline on our shirts respective of our skirt colors. The glitter application took a crazy amount of energy to do and was a pain in the butt to clean up and I still have glitter all over my house that will probably never leave. (Don’t mess with glitter kids.) We also made super cute floral signs that spell out “TAYLOR” and floral cat ears because duh. haha anyway, we’re all SO SUPER ECSTATIC for Taylor’s last show in LA! We’ve all been fans for a really long time so if you’re going to that show, you’ll see all of us going ham.
We’re going to be in Section 102, Row 15! See you later taylorswift! <3