taylor swift get the look


“But I’ve got a blank space, baby, and I’ll write your name." Taylor Swift Art Challenge: 1989 - Track 02 Blank Space

tbuttz is a genius and discovered Blank Space was actually written about the Norts. This was too good not to spend hours on. For the backgrounds I painted over stills from the video because I’m lazy.

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taylor swift: *gets a new beard*; half of the world: THEY LOOK SO CUTE!!! cannot wait until they get married!!!; other half of the world: *rolls their eyes while drinking a big ass cup of tea* tree about to fuck the dude up

There is something about Mommy!Carmilla, and i don’t know what it is, but I can’t stay away from.

Thanks again to thisismyhalfroomcutie for let me play a little with her OC, that btw, you can find here

“What about Carter?”

“Are you sure it’s not because you have the hots for Hayley Atwell?”


I think I’ve kept to the same goals I’ve always had. I don’t compare myself to anyone else. I don’t make comments about anyone else because they do what feels right for them…You get to a point where it’s like you can’t really do anything right and people will pick on you for whatever decisions you make. So I just try and take no notice and get on with my music!


so he calls me up and he’s like, “ still love you,” and i’m like… i just… i mean this is exhausting, you know? like, we are never getting back together. like, ever.

Me: Okay i am going to get off Tumblr and finish my essay!

Just as i am about to log off……

Taylor : OH HI!! i just logged on to tumblr and I’m about to go on a liking/following spree! 

Me: Stays online.