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Hey y'all! So I know I made y'all wait a while for the whole story so I now I present to you the story of how I, Emily Jenkins MET Taylor Swift………..

**pictures will be in different posts bc apparently there’s a limit to how many pics you can post at once.

So the main question I have been asked since this all happened has been, “Was this set up? So to answer that, let me paint you a little picture…

My dad NEVER took days off of work. I guess he just got used to it after years and never taking days off because he might be getting a call any day that he would be getting a kidney transplant and he’d need all the days he could for the aftermath. Well then he got a kidney and a few years passed and he was like, "I am going to go on a vacation.” And he knew how much I wanted to go to Nashville, so he mentioned it to my mom and she was like okay, and then I guess he wanted to go to Dollywood and I love roller coasters too so we added Pigeon Forge onto the trip! But that’s beyond the point. So back to the Nashville part; we were trying to figure out when we were going to go and then we finally decided on June 23rd and 24rd for Nashville. So at this point we’re still like 2 weeks out from leaving so I make a countdown and I’m all excited and planning everything I wanna see and do.

*Fast forward to June 22nd*
(Day before we leave!!)

Okay so my mom and I were just walking around the Container Store, just shopping and my phone lit up with some kind of notif from Twitter. Being the social media obsessed girl that I am, I immediately opened my phone and all of a sudden I was reading a DM from Taylor Nation. They saw that I was coming to Nashville( I tweeted about it a crapton and I guess they saw it when they were online!) and they said they wanted to give me a bag of Taylor merch for all my love and loyalty to Taylor. AWESOME. So then we worked out the details and I was to meet two of the Taylor Nation girls in the Country Music Hall of Fame’s lobby! So then we get back into the car and I call my aunt(the one who went with me to 1989 Louisville and will still be seen in public with me- the real MVP if we’re being honest- and I told her what had just happened and she immediately said, “OH YOU ARE SO MEETING TAYLOR.” And to be honest that thought hadn’t even crossed my mind until she had just said it and for that split second I truly believed it was finally my turn. Then I jokingly said, “You should come with us! Make your first graders really jealous! You not only *saw* Taylor on the floor at the 1989 tour, but you also got to meet her!!!” (She’s a first grade teacher at a little catholic school in Cincinnati). Then we laughed and hung up. Then the thought of meeting Taylor dropped as I just stared at the message from Taylor Nation in all its glory. So then we get home and chill for a while, I watched the Skin Wars semi finals and then I started packing at 10PM, you know the later the better😂. Once I got most of my essentials together I took a break and got on Twitter and my feed was filled with “Taylor’s in Nashville” tweets and I was like, “ oh my gosh that’s so cool, I’ll be in the same state as Taylor, I’m gonna switch out shirts to make sure I’m wearing Taylor merch with stuff on the front and back for our days in Nashville just in case she randomly sees me and is like, "SHE’S WEARING MY SHIRT!!!!” So then I finished up packing and laid in bed on Twitter for probably another hour or so until I fell asleep😂.

June 23rd (DAY OF!!!!!!)

So we got up and left the house about 8:30EST and had a nice like 5 hour drive from Cincinnati to Nashville and all on the way I’m looking at the dm from Taylor Nation, the whole way down trying to not let me get my hopes up that I will run into Taylor or that that DM meant that I was meeting her. So we got down to Nashville w/o any problems and checked into our hotel, but our room wasn’t ready and by this point it was only 1 o'clock CST and we weren’t supposed to meet the girls from TN until 3. So since we were completely unfamiliar with the city, we decided to walk to the Country Music HOF, which was only like a block away from our hotel and see if there was anything around there we could do. Well apparently there was nothing around that we could walk to and get back to the HOF in time so we just walked around the stores in the HOF and the park across the street until we went back and waited for the two girls. 3 o'clock came…3:15 came and I messaged her to ask if she was okay and she said that they were just running late and that they’d be there! Ten more minutes pass and then here they come and we’re all hugging and saying hi and then they give me a big bag of Taylor merch! As if that wasn’t enough, they then pull out tickets for my mom, dad and I and for them to the museum! So then we all walk over to the ticket taker and get into the elevator to go upstairs. So, if you’ve never been to the CMHOF, when the elevator opens, the first thing literally RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU is the Taylor Swift Education Center. So I see the 1989 Tour display case and I just run towards it and start hugging it. Well I hugged the right side with the HYGTG outfit and the Christmas tree SIO outfit and shoes because those were my two favorite outfits!! Then I let go for a second and one of the TN girls is like, “You should do that again so your dad can get a picture of you!” So I did. And I’m pretty sure that’s when TAYLOR FREAKING SWIFT WALKED IN AND STOOD RIGHT BEHIND ME and I didn’t even notice!!!! So my initial reaction is AHEDJSYEYKSBAHDJSJA NO WAY THAT IS NOT TAYLOR ALISON SWIFT NO WAY BUT OH MY GOD IT IS. She was holding a little envelope with my name on it, she handed it to me and then I grabbed and hug her so tight and said I love you at least a million times. She smelt like the most beautiful flower in the world and it all felt like if you could encapsulate the feeling you hear that one song that makes you say “‘ME”. As soon as I let go of Taylor, I see Scott reaching out with something in his hands and low and behold it was a bunch of picks for me!! I sobbingly was like THANK YOU SO MUCH😭😭. Meanwhile while this is happening my mom is talking to Andrea and Andrea is telling her how THIS WAS ALL TAYLOR’S IDEA AND HOW TAYLOR WANTED TO
MEET ME. Then I ran to Andrea and hugged her and I felt like we were back in Columbus in the bstage pit hugging as Taylor is singing Love Story on her suspended stage. So by this point, me and Tay had taken all of our pics and people were all like OH MY GOD THAT’S TAYLOR SWIFT so people were asking for pictures with Taylor and I was just basically being a lost puppy by this point, crying and following Taylor around the room as she took pics w/ other people. Then right before she had to leave she was like, “Where’s Emily?” And I was like, “behind you..*holding back the waterworks*” she wanted to be sure to hug me and thank me again for being so nice and loyal and I just couldn’t stop saying thank you. Letting go of her and that last hug was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do because in that moment everything I had ever wanted was happening.

Later that evening

So then we get back to our hotel room and my phone starts ringing and the caller ID says “no caller ID” so I throw my phone at my mom and I’m like you answer it😳. To my surprise it’s Tree Paine and she’s calling on behalf of Taylor saying that she wants to pay for us to go out to dinner tonight. So my phone is laying on the bed on speakerphone and my mom and I are staring at each other like HOLY CRAP. So then Tree is like do you know where y'all want to go and we were like ummm…so then she started listing places and then she mentioned an Italian place named Il Mulino(SO SO GOOD BY THE WAY THEIR CHICKEN PARMESAN AND VANILLA CHUNK GELATO ARE FABULOUS). And so we went there and had an amazing dinner ALL PAID FOR BY TAYLOR.

And that’s the story! That’s the story of how I died!
January 25th, 1997-June 23rd, 2016

my essay on taylor swift

What’s your secret of life? For me, it’s that people change people. Whether it be a family member, a best friend, or, if you’re someone like me, someone you’ve never met like an author or singer. Taylor Swift is such an important human being, as she’s an incredibly talented song writer, a charitable celebrity, and a caring friend. Oh, and she’s physically flawless too!

A lot of people like to think of Taylor Swift as a shallow, serial dater who only writes songs about her ex-boyfriends. Using Swift’s words, the media portrayed her as a girl who “jet sets around the world, collecting men. And she can get any of them! But she’s so clingy that they leave and… then she’s crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.” But there’s so much more to her lyrics. Yes, she does write about her ex-boyfriends. She tells the story of their time together, and the tragic end of it all. In her song “All Too Well” she flashes back to the story of one day out of their relationship, and how it all falls apart. She sings, “You call me up again just to break me like a promise!” Wow, so shallow. Let’s not forget that many of her songs are NOT about exes. Her song “The Best Day” is a song thanking her family, especially her mom for supporting dreams of becoming a country artist. The song “Blank Space”, featuring lyrics such as “Darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream,” is about the media’s portrayal of Taylor. With lyrics like these, it’s no wonder that the 25 year old star easily sold out (almost) every venue she played on her most recent world tour. When people get over their prejudices, they realize that Taylor Swift is truly one of the most talented celebrities there is.

Now, Swift is no cold-hearted celebrity. She truly cares about helping other people and making the world a better place. In fact, she has been named DoSomething.org’s most charitable celebrity for four years in a row! Examples of some of her acts of kindness are the following: all the proceeds made off of her hit song “Welcome to New York” (from her newest album) have been donated to New York City public schools (already over $50,000 has been donated); the Taylor Swift Education Center opened up in 2013 and gave a way for many young learners to practice art/music; and lastly, she wrote a song called “Ronan” in 2012 based on a little boy who had died from cancer- all proceeds from the song go to the research for a cure for cancer. Can you imagine that people call her selfish?

While Swift is charitable to actual charities, nothing competes with the way she treats her fans- or friends, as she likes to think of them. Frequently, she chats with them on social media, leaving positive comments on their selfies, helping them get over a devastating heartbreak, or simply just cracking jokes [with them]. She’s notorious for always being on tumblr lurking, or “taylurking” as her fans like to say. She lurks her fans to the point where she knows everything that they want… So she’ll buy them some presents. Many fans from tumblr received Christmas or Valentine’s Day presents in 2014 and 2015, an act most call

Swiftmas. One fan even received $1,989 to help pay for her college tuition! Most were shipped to the fans’ houses, but one lucky fan had Swift surprising her on her front doorstep, simply because Swift wanted to meet her son. But the most incredible of all- the secret sessions. She invited fans to each of her six houses (89 to each house) to show them her album 1989 MONTHS before the release date! The fans were welcomed as if they had been friends with Swift for years, getting to hold her cats and Grammys, and eat cookies she had baked.  

Now she’s not just a smart, kind, compassionate human but also a gorgeous one. From her natural, shiny golden locks to her high-heel clad feet. Her eyes are the color of the ocean upon daybreak, her teeth Colgate white. Corkscrew curls have been chopped off, in favor of a bouncy bob, that rests just above her toned shoulders. Red lips and rosy cheeks are the singer’s signature makeup ‘go-to’s, as well as a strong cat-eye. Her designer wardrobe has attracted a lot of attention, as it changes with every album. Swift’s most recent look are crop tops, which show off the top of her rock-solid abs. Not surprisingly, crop tops are now trending among the fashion world.

In conclusion, Taylor Swift is amazing inside and out. She is brainy, sweet, friendly, and drop-dead gorgeous. Her lyrics and kind behavior have inspired fans from all around the world. But, I mean, she’s just an evil serial dater who only writes about men right?

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Spam all u know abt TS6 here haha

Oh, boy.

- Taylor has been allegedly writing specifically for TS6 since the end of the 1989 tour (December 2015), but has had ideas since June 2015. Some of the notes she took/lyrics she physically wrote out for the album will be displayed at the Taylor Swift Education Center in May 2017.
- According to sources, 16 tracks made the regular album and the deluxe will contain bonus footage from the making of the album. It’ll also have two features, and one will be unexpected but gain her a huger following - possibly uncensored cut/acoustic side.
- There probably won’t be a live stream announcement for TS6 as Taylor’s looking for a more low key release (surprise album drop?) to contrast with her former major promo in the lead up to albums. Taylor’s label is expecting sales of 1.5M within the first week. There will be another event for fans this time round that’s not the Secret Sessions (as of August 2016).
- The genre is reportedly her own twist on alternate pop and unlike anything ever heard on radio before. This could possibly create an entire new sound and following in the music industry. The entire album will have a similar sound to Lorde’s Pure Heroine and Imagine Dragons’ Radioactive albums.
- Collaborations on the album are supposedly Lorde (a track produced by Jack Antonoff) and male artist Taylor has never worked with before. Dann Huff, Max Martin, Shellback and Linda Perry are all producers on the album.
- Multiple aspects of TS6 (release dates, tours, etc) have reputedly been created in mimic of Fearless (2008). The album will be “sonically cohesive”.
- The lead single will be purportedly performed between Sparks Fly and Red at the Formula 1 show in Texas, and again on GMA. Anyone who attends the Formula 1 show will recognise the stage as its one she’s used from a previous tour (my money’s on Fearless).
- The album ostensibly will include promotional “tour tickets”. Tickets labelled at “#13” will win M&Gs to a show of their choice.
- TS6 is apparently being referred to in code as “Thirteen”, and this speculation has been concreted by the photograph uploaded to social media by Taylor of the “13” shirt AT&T sent in advance to their show scheduled in February 2017.

All I can recall off the top of my head. There’s way more taylorswift.com! :)


Taylor visiting the Taylor Swift Education Center


Taylor Swift happily poses for some photos with fans while visiting the Taylor Swift Education Center at the Country Music Hall of Fame on Thursday (June 23) in Nashville, Tennessee.