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reputation is the 6th studio album from singer/songwriter Taylor Swift. It is set to be released on November 10th, 2017.

I remember you said

                                                                  ‘don’t leave me here alone’

but all that’s

                       done and

       gone and


i love her; a mix filled with songs that remind me of my wonderful gf [listen here]

palace hayley kiyoko | ribs lorde | all we have is love sabrina carpenter | nobody selena gomez | tell her you love her (acoustic) echosmith |  saturn sleeping at last |  i walk the line halsey | untouchable taylor swift | home gabrielle aplin | every little thing she does is magic (cover) sleeping at last | a sky full of stars coldplay | favourite colour carly rae jepsen  |  in my veins andrew belle | mess is mine vance joy | just wanna be with you high school musical cast | ours taylor swift | kiss me ed sheeran | can’t help falling in love twenty øne piløts 



please don’t go-
i’ll eat you whole, i love you so…

cup dreams
molls ofgeo

i said, “i don’t know how how we made this round.”
conference finals killed us, injuries abound
and our goalie’s run into the ground, but no games last forever
and this is getting good now
he’s so tall, and shiny as hell
been so long since we played this well
and if i ever get my stanley cup kiss,
my last request is

say you’ll remember me
standing in a jersey, covered in confetti, babe
steel rings and engraved teams
say you’ll see me again even if it’s just in my
cup dreams, ah-ah
stanley cup dreams, ah-ah


Science STYLE Cover - Taylor Swift Acapella Parody

lesbian-chick-lezbedifferent  asked:

Could u please do another chapter to the art class fic with holly as the student and gail as the model! It was a great fic

Sure thing! Here ya go :) 

[part one]


Gail was bored. She was all caught up in her classes for once, and getting a head start on the readings for the following week was a laughable suggestion. But she was so bored that she was actually considering cracking open her criminal psych textbook and reading the chapter that they wouldn’t be discussing for another week and a half.

Her roommate, Chloe, was gone for the weekend, bolting as soon as her last Friday class was over. Gail wasn’t complaining. Chloe wasn’t exactly her idea of the perfect roommate. She glared at Chloe’s half of the room. Her stuff was mostly bright colors—pink and lime green and bright blue—and her walls were covered in, of all things, One Direction and Taylor Swift posters. Gail seriously considered drawing tiny mustaches on all of them.

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Blank Space // Style (Taylor Swift Mash-Up) - Louisa Wendorff ft Devin Dawson


This is the best thing ever.