taylor swift coke


Taylor Swift NOW on the lawn last now showing Taylor’s performance at Super Saturday Night at the Mississippi Grammy Museum! Got to tour the Taylor Swift Experience after hours. There was a wall of Taylor’s initials covered in donuts. Got to customize my own Taylor tshirt. Free food, drinks, and beer. A live band and a school band. A Ferris wheel. LOTS of free Taylor merch including a blanket, socks, pins, guitar picks, color changing cup, and a 1989 world tour backpack. It was like the Taylor Swift version of the fair. It was AMAZING.

“I think one of my favorite things about the red tour is that I’m really; one of the main focuses I had was incorporating the element of surprise and incorporating the unexpected. Umm, whether it was taking the song that they knew we’d play and kind of reformulating the song into something different than they had expected. Or a different visual than they had expected; or one minute you’re seeing this outfit and the split second later it’s this outfit. Umm, I really like to, umm, I like to think that a good concert can be like a good book. It can take you away. It can take you to a different place and help you escape. And umm I think that the main goal for me is, is helping the fans to escape even only just for one night, you know?”