taylor swift british accent

1)Taylor Swift didn’t tell Harry Styles to stfu, she told Selena Gomez to stfu when she said she wouldn’t win.

2)Taylor Swift didn’t pull a British accent at the 2013 Grammys, she mimicked a deep voice that she did on the recording BEFORE B E F O Rshe dated Harry Styles. 

3)I Knew You Were Trouble came out before she dated Harry Styles, We Are Never Getting Back Together came out before b e f o r e beFORE SHE DATED HARRY FUCKING STYLES. 

4)She doesn’t always put her exes in a bad light, Back To December apologises to Taylor L and Holy Ground is just reminiscing without being bitter, hence lyrics like: darlin’, it was good.

5)She has written songs that aren’t about boys okay listen to The Lucky One, Change, Mean, Never Grow Up, Innocent, etc.

6)YBWM wasn’t slut-shaming okay all she did was compare the differences between her and this other girl. YBWM was just about feeling like the guy should choose her bc she understood him more and even in songs like Teardrops On My Guitar, she calls the girl beautiful and lucky she’s not always trashing someone oKAY?? OKAY?

7) she isn’t whiny (see no. 4) yes, she doesn’t settle for less than she deserves and there’s nothing fucking wrong with that. She will speak up if she’s being treated badly and why can’t people commend her for that??

8) she is in fact a country artist. Her singles (excluding Begin Again) were sonically pop but country music is also stylistic in that the way she writes also has something to do with it. Begin Again was country, The Last Time was country, I Almost Do was country so THERE WERE COUNTRY SONGS ON THE ALBUM.

Yes, I know she calls her exes out, I am aware that this is a flaw of hers but man, stop shit-talking about her. She threw shade once in 2013 (the VMA acceptance speech, see point no. 3 again) but that’s it. She also wrote songs for kids with cancer, she has an education center, she set up Speak Now, Help Now, she donated 2 million dollars to the country music hall of fame, she painted guitars for sick children, she granted a dying girl’s final wish, she wrote a song for her friend with bulimia buT NONE OF THAT IS RELEVANT RIGHT? IT’S ALL ABOUT HER FUCKING LOVE LIFE AND LOL TAYWHORE’S GOT ANOTHER BOYFRIEND!!!111!!1!SHE’S A NORMAL PERSON WHO IS KIND BUT ALSO HAS HER MEAN MOMENTS LIKE EVERYFUCKINGBODY ELSE. 

(i have now finished unleashing my fury and now you may continue blogging)

Taylor Swift vs tayliswift

I’m running late just thinking about your face and your laugh and your eyes and the way your lips taste - Taylor Swift

So I took this lyric from Taylor Swift and turned it into a song! I hope you like it (it’s the first song I’ve ever written and don’t mind my voice lmaoo)

(and don’t mind my german-ish british-american-ish accent lmao)

The lyrics:

I remember how back then…
Little dress, black lace // I walk towards you
Red wine, your eyes shine // You say “How do you do?”
Late night, long day // Tender kiss on your face
What a perfect first date // May this memory stay forever

Now I’m running late just thinking ‘bout your face
And your laugh and your eyes 
And the way that your lips taste
Boy I swear one day I’ll see you again
And take you by your hand
And we’ll run away from this damn town