taylor swift baking


I’m posting these again because I lost the original post and because I’m still committed to making sure @taylorswift sees these cookies that @purelyjamie and I spent literally 13 hours making. Yes, it truly took 13 hours. I am not making this up. 

So once again, here are the Squad Cookies! Featuring Taylor, Olivia & Meredith, Ed, @karliekloss, @lordemusic, Lily, Gigi, Selena, Ellie, Serayah, Cara, and Martha! 

Hope you like them! 


5K Follow Forever + Baking Video

Since I recently reached 5,000 followers I decided to do something a little different rather than just a follow forever, so I decided to do a baking video. So here’s a belated video of how to make Loving Him Was Red Velvet Cupcakes from Super Saturday Night. Here’s my way of saying thank you. (Recipe’s in the description box of the video :) ) @taylornation

Here are some blogs I recommend following, who throughout the past five years have numerously brightened my day:

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