taylor swift awards show dancing

live your whole life like you are taylor swift at an awards show please dance like nobody is watching and don’t worry about looking ‘cool’ and turn up to have a good time not because you think you will get something out of it and clap for your friends when they succeed even if you don’t because their happiness is your happiness and celebrate with people you don’t even know because they might not have anyone out there cheering them on and everyone feels alone sometimes and if you don’t get what you wanted let it motivate you not destroy you and gracefully accept that sometimes people will be better than you and learn from the talent around you

Taylor Swift is the biggest star on the planet right now. And we love her. Not only because she has heart from gold or because of her superhuman beautifulness or because she has amazing voice and writes wonderful songs. Taylor Swift dances awkardly at award shows. And she is adorkable. Sweet Jesus, I’ll never understand how someone can be so perfect. I mean, who is so multitalented like her? And I will say this: when the scientists of the future show up at my house with machine that let me live forever and they tell me to try it, I will tell them to piss off, because I don’t even want to live in the world without Taylor Swift. 

“Taylor Swift needs to stop dancing at award shows!!!!”:

“Taylor Swift can’t sing”:

“I hope Calvin Harris is ready for 13 songs about him!!”

“Taylor Swift is SO ME in the Blank Space video”:

“Taylor said she’d never date again!!!!!!!!”: