taylor swift and feminism

To my girls, you are all brilliantly beautiful badass souls who are capable of everything you dream. I love you 😍 and though I could not march I agree with @taylorswift in that I have so much respect for you all and a sense of pride in being a woman today and every day. I promise I will be there for you all and that I will never stop fighting battles and breaking barriers in the name of the sisterhood.

Please continue to be fearless and never forget the essence of your spark.

I recently read an article that essentially said that the reason Taylor Swift doesn’t speak out much about liberal issues is because a large portion of her fan base is still conservative country fans, so for her it is a business decision to stay silent.

While I completely understand that, it disappoints me. I honestly believe that hearing her speak her mind and stand up wholeheartedly for people and things she believes in would grant her more fans than she would lose. But it’s terrifying for her to take these risks because one wrong step can seriously harm a carefully constructed career. She is in a tough place, but I think we are reaching a tipping point where she is going to have to decide whether to become the liberal pop star many people expect her to be, or remain silent and continue to make people angry and likely slowly dwindle her liberal fanbase.

anonymous asked:

When has Taylor Swift ever used feminism to sell her records thought? Like, not only did she not even identify as a feminist through out her four first eras but in the fifth one, she simply stated that she was one (after the album was out) and in interviews, interviewers would ask questions revolved around her experiences with sexism and she would answer them (Not attacking you, just the people who twist info in order for it to fit in their '' t.swift is a fake white feminist narrative''

i know you’re not attacking me because this is exactly my opinion. she was asked about it when 1989 came out because that’s the question literally every female on earth was being asked at the time “are you a feminist”. and also when does she ever give interviews outside of promo in order for people to ask her those kind of questions? the whole thing is just dumb.

bookishswift13  asked:

theres a difference between wanting taylor to speak up about something and needing her to speak up to validate your own feelings. you should make your own decisions on political issues, elections, protests, etc. without needing your favorite celebrity to validate that its okay that you feel that way. it is okay to want taylor to speak up about something because she has an amazing platform that you know can reach millions of people, but recognize that you cant use her voice as some kind of agenda

My problem has never been about needing celebrities to stand on issues. Do I prefer it? Yes, but ultimately they are entertainers and that’s their job and if they don’t want to make a political statement then that’s their decision. 

What I criticize her for is choosing to identify as a feminist, which is an inherently political stance with a movement behind it, and never showing up or talking about feminism beyond a personal defense for herself (claiming people talk about her dating life too much or when other women legitimately criticize her). 

Taylor’s flawed understanding and use of feminism is heavily discussed on sites like MIC, Cosmopolitan, Huffington Post, Bustle, etc.if you are interested and her continued refusal to ever speak about anything related to the political goals of feminism makes her appear to people that she only decided to incorporate feminism as part of her brand in 2014 in the lead up to the new 1989 “era” after firing her old publicist in March of 2014. It appears like a media strategy aimed to deflect the criticism she was facing in 2012/2013 for her music and public persona being dominated by her relationships and moving that image towards her group of female friends. 

I want more women to be comfortable calling themselves feminists as I have for over a decade. But what I won’t do is stand by while women who have done nothing for the advancement of other women and refuse to acknowledge intersectional feminism get credited and receive metaphorical cookies for it to boost their image. Especially when she stated she was going through with a sexual assault trial to send a message to young girls and women and then didn’t say anything when someone running for president was accused of the exact same thing.

Taylor has been repeatedly hammered by progressive/liberal sites like mentioned above and people started calling her on it on here and on twitter throughout the day. Her responding with a vague tweet that spoke about herself and again none of the political goals of the marches at around 5:15pm EST comes across as media management and as someone who wants to reap the PR benefits of being associated with feminism without wanting to alienate a potential conservative fanbase or consumer. 

I hope this helps clarify because you worded your question extremely respectfully so I wanted to make sure I gave you an equally thoughtful response. 


Taylor Swift’s silence on Trump speaks volumes

Taylor Swift remains to this day one of the only major A-list celebrities who has not weighed in on the election. A carefully chosen word of warning about the effect a successful Trump bid on normalizing misogyny or discrimination would have made for a natural extension of Swift’s past desires to increase the level of public discourse around feminism. But of course, it all comes down to money.

I need an in-depth explanation to why everyone says Taylor is a white feminist/bad feminist. I understand she hasn’t specifically spoken out about other issues such as racial ones, but I see her often being compared to Lena Dunham who has actually confessed to molesting her sister and has said a ton of other weird shit. what has Taylor done that puts her in that same category? and if you have a valid and understandable argument then I won’t try to fight about it, but I feel personally as if she is being attacked for nothing.


With all due respect, everything you have stated as reasons why you hate her are all opinionated and misinformed, and let me explain why. 

Firstly, having met celebrities does not mean you actually know them, so for you to state that all of the celebrities you have met are fake is pretty naive; yes, a lot of celebrities are fake, but frankly a lot of celebrities have to put on a mask in the public eye, so for you to meet them really doesn’t say much about their character. Now, even if some celebrities are fake, that doesn’t speak anything for their friends, so for you to generalize one celebrity to another is a very misinformed perspective to view the world with. 

Taylor Swift doesn’t only speak out against misogyny when “her feelings are hurt”, she speaks up when she feels that it is her place to. Taylor doesn’t spend her time on twitter talking about every single moment of misogyny and inequality, and frankly just because she doesn’t tweet about something does not mean she isn’t doing anything about it; actions speak louder than tweets. Taylor donates to numerous charities supporting a variety of extremely important movements, including but not limited to charities that help feed people around the world, charities that support cancer research, charities that support abused and homeless children, etc.; actions do 100x more than what any tweet would accomplish. Taylor isn’t a feminist “because it’s trendy”, she’s a feminist because she believes in equality. She is the first one to admit that she wasn’t sure of what feminism stood for several years ago, and she stated clearly that as soon as she learned what feminism was she immediately realized that it was an important movement, and has since done all she can to educate more people about it. None of her female friendships are self-serving, and again you have offered absolutely no evidence as to why you would even claim that. Critiquing Taylor’s female friendships, of which you know absolutely nothing about other than what mainstream media hypothesizes, perpetuates the stigma that powerful women cannot be friends with other powerful women, and that stereotype truly is sickening. 

Taylor Swift is not perfect, she is human. For you to say that what Kanye did to Taylor isn’t quite as bad simply because she isn’t perfect is highly problematic. I’m really not sure why people get so twisted up about the idea that Taylor Swift isn’t a perfect human being, because there is no single perfect person, especially when looking at celebrities who have to shape their entire life in order to survive in the ever-permanent spotlight. No, she is not perfect, and the expectation that powerful women must be absolutely perfect again perpetuates a toxic culture where women must be perfect in every aspect and yet men do not have to even come close. And just for the record, if you honestly believe Kim’s side of the story then you really are just misinformed and frankly pretty naive, especially since it has been confirmed that those videos were edited and clipped in order to play to a certain storyline. 

I am sorry that you were bullied, but your experiences do not mean that you are able to judge the experiences of others. I agree with you that Hollywood is an extraordinarily superficial place full of toxic cultures and ideologies; however, I’m not quite sure why you think Taylor Swift is Hollywood, considering the fact that everything about her and her career would state the opposite of that. In the general sense of the word, Taylor Swift isn’t Hollywood, she’s a Nashville musician. In the more hypothetical sense of the word, Taylor Swift doesn’t stand for anything that Hollywood does. Taylor Swift built up her career since she was 12 years old, and has worked her ass off throughout the past 15+ years of her life in order to get to where she is now. She uses her platform to the best of her ability to serve as a voice for those who do not have one. Now, I am not going to pretend that she is the biggest social advocate, but honestly she shouldn’t be expected to serve as a political and social activist when in fact she is simply an entertainer. Her career is not to speak up on every social movement out there, and that expectation is absurd. She speaks up when she feels that it is her place to speak up, and let’s be honest here, if she were to speak up on movements that she is not personally affected by, everyone would crucify her as speaking over those who personally understand those movements. 

How in any way has she hurt men and women with her career, because honestly I cannot think of any aspect of her or her career that have damaged anyone, other than people who despise powerful women. If you view Taylor Swift as a bully, then you clearly only see her and her career through the lenses of superficial media and people who will say anything to tear a powerful woman down. Nobody is asking you to blindly support Taylor Swift on the grounds that she is a woman; we are simply asking you to look at her without a biased perspective and judge her based on who she actually is and not what you and every other social media outlet would like people to view her as. I agree that challenging her views, as you should do with any person, is healthy; blind support of someone is absurd. And once again, nobody is asking you to pity her, we are asking you not to pretend she is this huge monster who wants to destroy everyone’s lives; we’re asking you not to blame her for every single thing that goes wrong, simply because it’s the trendy thing to do, because on tumblr bitching at Taylor Swift for any number of reasons that are not true is cool and will get you notes. 

I am not asking you to like her music, and honestly I am not even asking you to like her. All I am asking you to do is not perpetuate false criticisms of her and her career, and not crucify her without, frankly any, evidence as to why you hate her, other than what you will find from a false article on tumblr because hating Taylor Swift is trendy. Nobody has ever claimed that she is perfect; she isn’t. But since when does somebody need to be perfect in order to not be villainized? Since when does someone need to play every role in order to be respected? Oh right, I forgot: powerful women are held to the standard of perfection, and when they fail that standard because they are human, they are seen as the enemy.