taylor swift accomplishments


My favourite accomplishment of my entire life is that everything in my life has changed, except for me and Britany. She was my partner in crime at Brownies sleepaway camp, and she was my date to the Grammys. And little did either of us know prince charming for Britany would be the kid that sat next to me in class with  a bowl cut and Lego lunchbox.

Quick list of open letters I need Taylor Swift to write next:

1) To Chipotle about paying extra for guac.

2) To movie theaters about all the prices.

3) To airlines about baggage checking fees.

4) To everyone that doesn’t wear deodorant on the subway during the summer.

5) To the education system about student loans.

6) To the Supreme Court about same-sex marriage.

7) To every boy that doesn’t realize how good we’d be together.

8) To the cast of Gilmore Girls to do a reunion.

9) To Netflix to stop asking me if I’m still watching when I’m clearly still watching

10) To literally everyone and everything that needs to not.

Oh, I love Taylor Swift. She’s an accomplished musician—she can play, she can write—she’s smart, and she’s never fallen back on anything other than her musical talent to progress. And as she’s grown up, she literally looks like a supermodel. To me, she’s more beautiful than half of the models in the magazines. She’s like a Terminator to me. It’s so perfect that it induces a lot of anger and resentment in lots of women towards her. I’m fascinated by how much people loathe her. I feel like I read a lot of shit talked about her by her contemporaries, and if I was her contemporary I’d feel very grateful that here’s a girl doing it pretty much on her own terms, she’s not got a man behind her, she’s done it really cleanly, and she’s done it with intelligence. My 6-year-old niece is looking at her versus a lot of the other sloppy girls that are not putting on a good show.
—  Shirley Manson to The Daily Beast on Taylor Swift
Sweeran Accomplishments

Taylor Swift: Played her first headlining show at an NFL stadium at Gillette Stadium

Ed Sheeran: Playing Gillette Stadium for 1st NFL Stadium show

Taylor: First female solo artist to play stadiums on back-to-back visits to Australia

Ed: First artist ever to play Australian and New Zealand stadiums completely solo