Taylor Swift will defeat Thanos- a thread.

  • The cinematic parallels.

(Not my photo)

  • The release/countdown dates-
  • The lyrics-

Who is the A-team?

The Avengers.

Next piece of “absolutely true evidence”-

Who is a big enemy?


That’s it thank you for coming to my Ted talk.


do you use google to look stuff up? does the idea of climate change give you paralyzing anxiety?

same here, bud. but consider this:


ecosia is a search engine (just like google) BUT IMPROVED

for every 45 searches, they will plant a tree!

you can download it on the appstore or google play. just replace your usual browser app with this one, same spot in your phone, so you’ll go to it without thinking about it!

it’s literally the same as google + the aesthetic is v v cute

it’s effective, good, & you’re contributing to a great cause!

follow the greenpeace girl’s advice and help save the planet!!

((a rb can help spread this to as many people as possible))