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no offense but i can’t wait to listen to the ultimate drag taylor swift is writing about everyone who used her name as a springboard into controversy and tried to blame her for things she has absolutely nothing to do with and have now come groveling back creating buzz over “where is taylor swift?!” smh yall are about to get your asses handed to you on a platinum record


kinda imagined pietro in a different way for this one.

LOST ON YOU / Part 1

72. Want to hear a fairytale? Once upon a time you weren’t such a little bitch.
78. I’m sorry, you must be at least level 4 friend to unlock my tragic backstory.

Here you go! :) 

Part 2 here

One of the most painful things one can experience is looking at someone they love destroying themselves.

You knew Pietro before the tragedy with his parents, but unlike Wanda, he didn’t find a way to escape his past, so he created a new identity for himself.
Sex, money, drugs,alcohol, gambling. This was his life now. He was desperately trying to wipe away any trace from his tragic past, no matter the cost.

He wanted it and he wanted it all. If he was going to be bad, he was to be the worst of them all. A new girl every night, the whiskey never leaving his bed night stand. Getting high all day, having sex all night. That was his new way of living and he was loving every part of it. 

And every time you tried to talk to him about it, he would spit some sarcastic reply like “ I’m sorry, you must be at least level 4 friend to unlock my tragic backstory.

You were sitting across him on the red sofa in his hotel room. Piles of clothes covering the chairs, bottles of alcohol rolling on the floor, the air reeked of weed, and he was laying there on the messed up bed, his head tilted back , a cigarette in his hand.

Breathing out some smoke, he took another big sip from the bottle of vodka in his hand. His eyes were bloodshot red, from all the sleepless nights. His body was exhausted, but he didn’t care. 

“Pass me the lighter”- he said in a low, dragged, demanding voice. You didn’t answer, just did as you were told. You moved slowly and lifelessly handled him the lighter.

He looked at you with a nonchalant expression on his face and snatched the lighter from your hands.”What’s the matter with you.” - he asked, but you didn’t think he did it because he cared, but just because he was never the one too fond of silence.

Lighting a new cigarette, he inhaled deeply and then looked at you expectingly with a brow raised. “I hate the person you’ve become that’s the matter with me”- even though your voice was calm, it was very stern. All he did was show a very unimpressed face and take another smoke from his cigarette.

“Life isn’t a fairytale baby. People change. You’ve got to except it.” - he sounded so sure in his words, as if he just told you the ultimate truth in life, but you weren’t buying none of his crap.

“A fairytale? Do you want to hear a fairytale? Once upon a time you weren’t such a little bitch! You think you sound very smart and witty with your stupid sarcastic remarks? Well you don’t, because what you’re doing is not smart and you can’t change it with ignorant behaviour and -” - your rant was doing exactly nothing, and seeing how he was looking at you with the same haughty expression, you just stopped talking.

“You done?”- he asked, throwing his still lit cigarette out of the balcony. “If I needed a therapist, I would go and look for one. Same applies for your moral teaching. Ever crossed your mind that I don’t want to be the person you used to know ever again?”- he sounded fully aware of what he was saying, but you didn’t want to believe it! You weren’t going to give up on him!

“No! I don’t belive you! You’re just saying it to make me shut up, I don’t believe the person I’ve been loving for so long is gone! It’s not true!”- your anger was unleashed like a tornado and you were now on the verge of tears. For the first time in so long you saw a glimpse of emotion in his eyes, but he wasn’t going to reveal it.

“You have to let it go.”- he told you voice clear, but with confusion written on his face. You just shook your head, whispering ‘No.’ over and over again, tear rolling down your cheek.

Every moment was agony. Your heart was breaking, as you saw him walk in your direction, thinking he was headed for the door behind you, but instead he cupped your face in his hands and kissed you.

He kissed you deeply, like he ment it, like he was showing you his true self once again. He pulled you closer, roughly, by your hips and pulled your blouse down from the shoulders - ripping it’s buttons.

He could feel how wet your cheeks were. His kisses were primal and raw, biting yor lips and gripping your sides strongly. You had no idea what was going on. Brainwashed and so confused, that’s what you felt like, and so did he. He was desperate. 

Desperate for you, desperate, because he hated the way you made him feel; desperate, because he hated seeing you in pain because of his mistakes; desperate, because he had lost his way, but he didn’t want to find it again; desperate, for he was trapped in this new reality he created and because he was too selfish to let you go and tell you to leave.

“I can’t.”- he growled and let go of you, putting his hands behind his neck, breathing heavily. “I can’t! That’s not me anymore! And you’re not obliged to stay.”- his heart was beating wildly in his chest, so fast he thought it’d stop.

“You can go.”- he told you, eyes focused on yours. The air felt thick and unbreathable. Your mouth was dry. Silence took over.

“I curse you for not having the will to fix yourself from your miserable state.”- the sound of your voice was devastating, there was no emotion on your face, but there was life in your eyes. “I’m not going anywhere. I will face the day you change again.”

“I’m staying.”

If someone releasing their 3+ year old back catalogue threatens the sales of your upcoming album that is one of the most anticipated albums of the year and that someone is not mj, prince, the Beatles or Beyoncé then your album wasn’t gonna sell well in the first place.



“Monsters, monsters, big and small,
  They’re gonna come and eat you all.
   Corsai, Corsai, tooth and claw,
    Shadow and bone will eat you raw.
     Malchai, Malchai, sharp and sly,
      Smile and bite and drink you dry.
       Sunai, Sunai, eyes like coal,
        Sing you a song and steal your soul.
         Monsters, monsters, big and small,
          They’re gonna come and eat you all!”