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That ‘he may be a dork but he’s my dork’ look…


This whole storyline that started this season about Cam and Arastoo adopting has seriously warmed my heart, but in all honesty, the one thing that gets me about the whole thing is that at the end of the day, Cam went to Brennan of all people to discuss about their adoption plans (you can tell from her ‘you ready to tell them?’ remark earlier that Brennan knew about Cam and Arastoo’s plans all along - and it brings back memories of all those years ago, when Cam first started working at the Jeffersonian and both Brennan and Cam clashed so much, and it was that one conversation in the diner about Brennan being a foster child which led them to working out a plan to function better as a team and colleagues, and all that has led up to this moment now. That she can now confide in Brennan, and Brennan in turn, was there to offer her the advice and support required, is what makes this entire scene even better for me. Because it shows just how far these two have come after all these years, from colleagues who couldn’t get along, to becoming dear friends. And in all honesty, that is all I could have ever asked for with these two. ❤️


One thing that inspired this song was when we went on our very first headling tour a few years ago. I used to stand there before I went on stage, and I would listen to the crowd making the most amazing, magical, loud screaming sounds. I would hear it and I would sit there and think ‘I can’t believe I get to hear that sound one time in my life.’ That I could never get this melody out of of my head until I finally wrote a new song and I called that song 'Long Live.’ Thank you so much for screaming for us. This song is completely, a hundred percent for you.

An article dropping denouncing Joshlie breakup rumors the same day my serpentine mother slithers out her snake hole and back into daylight?

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Taylor Swift: By High School Classmates

Preface: The following content was all voluntarily submitted over a period of 4 years by multiple persons claiming to have attended high school with Taylor. The aim of this excerpt compilation is to share previously untold memories regarding the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift - not to fabricate childish rumours or spread hate. None of this is concrete proof of Taylor’s character or verified in any way.

According to an old classmate of Taylor’s at Hendersonville High School, throughout her high school years Taylor kept herself to her bubble of friends and was a “completely stereotypical high school chick” - a sharp contrast to the band geek she portrays herself as in You Belong With Me - but that then again, they hadn’t spoken to each other in at least 10 years. Their friend, however, was on relatively good terms with Taylor’s best friend, Abigail Anderson.

Another former classmate who sat next to Taylor during English 10 explained that Taylor was sponsored by Taylor Guitars way before commercial success, and that they even sent her free guitars every few months. He described Taylor as being “nice and kinda funny”, and that he used to try and talk her into selling him her extra guitars - she never agreed to it.

Touching on Taylor’s story of performing her song I’d Lie at her high school talent show in front of her crush, a Hendersonville High School alumni claims that the song was dedicated to their friend’s older brother, Grant Wood, and that it was “really awkward” just like Taylor described it as being, because he’d not felt the same way for Taylor and had allegedly found the performance so mortifying that he got up and left - a detail sadly corroborated by a separate person also.

A classmate who was never personally friends with Taylor but attended the same high school as her regrettably admitted that they knew people who were “friends” with her to her face, but would describe her as “annoying and super odd” behind her back. To conclude their statement, they confirmed that a lot of Taylor’s early music was very accurately based off her high school experience: she was back stabbed, experienced people being jerks towards her (although ultimately motivated by jealousy) and did most definitely have a “douche boyfriend”.

A claim made by a former classmate claiming to have known Taylor during their senior year suggests that fellow students weren’t always so kind to Taylor, tarnishing her reputation as that of being “stuck up” - which completely wasn’t the case, according to the alleged classmate, who described Taylor as “actually very smart and just introverted”. They described Taylor as a “great person with a big heart” and that she came from a “sheltered family”.

A young man that had nothing but praise to sing for Taylor despite having grown up with both ex-boyfriends in which Taylor’s debut album addressed claimed that he’d only had one class with her but that “she was beyond kind” and “awesome”.

During high school Taylor attended a mixed grade choir group, but didn’t mingle with the other members too much. A past member of the group choir who was a senior whilst Taylor was a freshman described her as never being “prude or uppity” despite some contrary allegations swirling around the internet, and that she was “an alright singer”.

In correspondence with the above statements, Taylor’s former teacher’s at Hendersonville High School claim that she was a very quiet student.

It’s your power, isn’t it? - Todoroki Shouto Playlist

This shit is long and sad so buckle up and get ready to feel all the fuckin Shouto feels kiddos.

Tracklist - 39 songs - 2hrs and 25 mins

  1. Power - Bastille
  2. Half the World Away - Aurora
  3. No Below - Speedy Ortiz
  4. Falling - Drama Duo
  5. Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
  6. I Found - Amber Run
  7. Devil Like Me - Rainbow Kitten Surprise
  8. Anything for You - Chelsea Cutler
  9. Latch (Acoustic) - Sam Smith
  10. Grave Digger - Matt Maeson
  11. Waking Up (Acoustic) - Pvris
  12. No Rest for the Wicked - Lykke Li
  13. Misguided Ghosts - Paramore
  14. Fiction - The XX
  15. I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Death Cab for Cutie
  16. Two Evils - Bastille
  17. Warm - SG Lewis
  18. I Don’t Know - Jon D
  19. If I’m Alone - Huntar
  20. Intro - The XX
  21. You and I - Pvris
  22. Please Don’t Leave - Free n Losh
  23. Breathe Me - Sia
  24. Someone to Stay - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
  25. Tonight - Lykke Li
  26. Everything Has Changed - Ed Sheeran & Taylor Swift
  27. Coastal - Blood Cultures
  28. Cavalier (The 1975 Remix) - James Vincent Mcmorrow
  29. Mind Over Matter (Acoustic) - Pvris
  30. You Are in Love - Taylor Swift
  31. Chill Morning - never young beach
  32. Electric Feel - Henry Green
  33. Bedford Falls - Ford.
  34. Rising, Rising (Bassnectar Remix) - Crywolf & Bassnectar
  35. Dreamer (Stripped Down) - Kaptan & Mokita
  36. Fall to Rise (Acoustic) - Shalom Dubas
  37. Talk Me Down - Troye Sivan
  38. Gasoline - Troye Sivan
  39. Drops of Jupiter (Live Cover) - Taylor Swift

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Rob Sheffield Rates One Direction Members' Solo Careers So Far
From Harry Styles to Zayn Malik, how each member is faring musically – and how they've addressed the breakup in the press

By Rob Sheffield Aug 3, 2017 10 hours ago

It’s official: All five lads in One Direction have kicked off their solo careers. Ever since 1D went on hiatus in late 2015 – we can only hope it’s temporary – the world has been eager to hear what kind of history they’ll make on their own. Some have dropped full-fledged albums; others are still getting their toes wet. But in the great Beatle tradition, they’re all speaking their minds about the breakup, in the press and in their songs – whether they’re dishing out praise or shade. Here’s a handy guide to the story so far.

Louis Tomlinson

Solo music: Working on his first solo album after releasing one single, “Just Hold On,” a banging duet with electronic DJ Steve Aoki. The most prolific songwriter in 1D – and the most continually surprising – so “Just Hold On” feels like just a taste of what he can do, more a teaser for glories to come than a proper solo debut.

Solo mystique: “Just Hold On” gained emotional resonance from the way he debuted it on The X Factor just a week after the tragic death of his mother from leukemia, making it sound like a heartfelt tribute.

Sounds like: Skrillex plus Diplo plus Calvin Harris times Stevie Wonder plus Howard Jones.

Sample lyric: “What do you do when the chapter ends?/Do you close the book and never read it again?”

Fighting words: “Niall, for example. He’s the most lovely guy in the world. Happy-go-lucky Irish, no sense of arrogance. And he’s fearless. There are times I’ve thought: ‘I’d have a bit of that.’ Zayn has a fantastic voice. Harry comes across very cool. Liam’s all about getting the crowd going, doing a bit of dancing. And then there’s me.”

Equivalent Beatle record: George’s “What Is Life?”

Harry Styles

Solo music: His debut was a Number One hit (obviously) and a deeply personal singer-songwriter statement (which wasn’t obvious at all), steering away from celebrity glitz. “Sign of the Times,” a five-minute piano ballad that’s long and rambling and downright weird, made up in the studio on the spot, nonetheless went Top Ten. He kicks off his first solo tour this fall.

Solo mystique: He’s making his mark as a credible adult rocker without the slightest hint of shade at his pop fans – which is merely the most difficult trick in show biz. He takes the all-smiles Paul McCartney exit ramp while Zayn has gone for John Lennon–style beef. And “Two Ghosts” drops sly hints about Taylor Swift – he even sings about a refrigerator light, an in-joke for Swifties everywhere – showing that he loves to keep everyone guessing.

Sounds like: Mick Jagger plus Harry Nilsson plus Taylor Swift plus Badfinger plus Donovan times Stevie Nicks.

Sample lyric: “You can’t bribe the door on your way to the sky.”

Fighting words: “How can you say young girls don’t get it? They’re our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going. Teenage girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there.”

Equivalent Beatle record: Paul’s Band on the Run

Zayn Malik

Solo music: He quit 1D bitterly in 2014, calling them “generic.” His R&B debut Mind of Mine went Number One in 2016, as did his single “Pillowtalk.” The soft-porn video with model Gigi Hadid was his inevitable “hello, I’ve just left a boy band, so let me announce I am in favor of sex-having” statement. If Gigi is his Yoko, this was his Plastic Hadid Band. He also dueted with Taylor Swift on a Fifty Shades of Greysoundtrack theme.

Solo mystique: Talks about how repressed he felt in the group, yet hasn’t quite backed it up with his pleasantly blah solo music. His best solo hit, “BeFoUr,” comes on like a dis of his ex-bandmates, who made the album Four right BeFoUr he quit – and the capitalized letters suggest he’s sending them a Big FU.

Sounds like: early the Weeknd meets late the Weeknd, with a side order of George Michael circa Listen Without Prejudice.

Sample lyric: “I don’t drink to get drunk/I feel all the right funk.”

Fighting words: “That’s not music I would listen to. Would you listen to One Direction, say, at a party with your girl? I wouldn’t. To me, that’s not an insult, that’s me as a 22-year-old man. As much as I was in that band, and I loved everything that we did, that’s not music that I would listen to.”

Equivalent Beatle record: John’s “How Do You Sleep?”

Niall Horan

Solo music: The Irish guitar boy, always a hit with the moms, scored a great solo hit last fall with the understated and beautiful folkie ballad “This Town.” As a nostalgic breakup song, it doubled as a bittersweet farewell to the group. His second solo single, “Slow Hands,” goes for a sultrier, even bluesier vibe, with lyrics about making out.

Solo mystique: He’s unflaggingly loyal to the group – he’s the one who talks about how it’s inevitable they’ll get back together – and he’s stuck to his long-running monogamous relationship with his acoustic guitar.

Sounds like: James Taylor meets Ed Sheeran, with Bonnie Raitt on lead guitar.

Sample lyric: “Slow hands/Like sweat dripping down our laundry.”

Fighting words: “When One Direction come back we’ll still have albums left to do. … It’s been a year and a bit already. We don’t want to put a time on it. But when that phone call does come, no matter whoever it comes from, we’re back again.”

Equivalent Beatle record: Ringo’s “Photograph”

Liam Payne

Solo music: The last to test the solo waters, Liam recently dropped “Strip That Down,” a party-hearty flop with Ed Sheerhan and Migos’ Quavo that missed the Top 40. He can do better – he cowrote some of 1D’s finest tunes – so it’s tough to guess why he even released it. He also just became a dad: Welcome to the world, Bear Payne!

Solo mystique: He gets personal about breaking free from 1D in “Strip That Down.” But it’s bizarre to hear Liam sing about hitting the club to chug rum and grind on groupies – it doesn’t ring true from a guy who just had a baby with one of England’s most famous models, Cheryl Cole. Quavo adds the unfortunate hook “She gonna strip it down for a thug” – there are many words to describe Liam, but “thug” doesn’t make the top ten thousand.

Sounds like: Lil Jon plus Wham! plus Nu Shooz plus Huey Lewis plus the News.

Sample lyric: “I used to be in 1D/Now I’m out free/People want one thing from me/That’s not me.”

Fighting words: “Everyone is now free to do their own thing in music and explore the music. I was worried that people would take it negatively but it’s not meant to be in that sense at all. None of us left the band; we’re on hiatus still, and what a great hiatus it’s been so far.”

Equivalent Beatle record: Paul’s “Spies Like Us.”