taylor liveblogs everything

if you missed the Gotham Awards red carpet stream, don’t worry! you missed nothing! aside from a very unprofessional interviewer making failed attempts at jokes and saying she didn’t care who Rami was because he was being interviewed by someone else and was slightly in her way.

but she asked Christian if he was wearing Spanx and he said no. hard-hitting questions, folks. /sarcasm

My school has an unofficial Doctor Who club. One of the teachers at my school loves Doctor Who so we all gather in his classroom one evening a week and watch a couple of episodes on a huge screen with an amazing sound system.

This week, friends are home from college. Seth and Jenny came. Jenny had only seen one episode of Doctor Who. Tonight we showed her Blink. It was hilarious.

She screamed so much and almost fell off her chair and spent the whole episode staring at the screen with her mouth hanging open, all while knitting ferociously, because that’s the kind of wonderful person Jenny is.

I have never had so much fun watching someone watch Doctor Who.

I just finished watching (A)Sexual with my dad and stepmom. My stepmom didn’t really have much to say about it, other than “thanks for sharing.” My dad had a few thoughts and questions.

Person in documentary: I haven’t had sex since ‘87 or '88, and I don’t miss it.

Dad: But wouldn’t you miss having a relationship?

Me: You can have a romantic relationship without sex.

Dad: With whom?

Me: That’s the hard part.


Dad: How did you find that documentary?

Me: I follow Swank Ivy on tumblr.

Dad: And how did you find Swank Ivy?

Me: From the #asexuality tag on tumblr.

He also said it was “thought provoking.”

Mainly, it was just this awkwardness while watching where the only sound was the documentary and the only movement was me painting my nails.

So, I don’t really know where we stand at the moment. I don’t think he knows I’m ace, even though I talked about the tag and I painted the ace pride flag on my nails while watching the documentary. But at least he now has seen the documentary. It’s progress, I suppose.