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The Twilight Saga MemeFavorite Male Character  » Jacob Black

“Como um sol na terra, Jacob sempre aquecia quem quer que estivesse em seu campo gravitacional. Era natural, fazia parte de sua personalidade.”


“So, are you ready to meet everyone” Y/N asked Taylor while nervously tapping her fingers on her lap.

“Baby, why are you so nervous about me meeting everyone” Taylor replied to her.

“Because your THE Taylor Lautner, the guy from the twilight series. The guy that take off his shirt off 24/7 in the movies. There are alot of beautiful girls at this party”. (Y/N) said to him. “I’m also affraid that they will take you away from me” She wisperd softly. She thought that he didn’t hear the last bit, but he did.

“Baby please don’t. I love you not them. We are also engaged to be married. OK, I want to have a future with you. I love you so much” Taylor replied back to her. He took her hand into his.

“I know that, and I love you too”.

What I think of when I think about the signs

Aries: princess ariel. pretty self explanatory. also staying up until 6 a.m. 5 a.m conversations. y'all are very chill people to talk to, we can relate a lot 

Taurus: turtles. I’m not sure why. But also Bulls because y'all are hard headed af. but that’s a good thing. y'all are such hilarious people our convos always make me laugh 

Gemini: how I used to say gemini like gem-ee-nee. and dogs. and jewelry because of gems. light eyes and medium colored hair. 3 a.m meaningful conversations. lasagna and taylor lautner. you get unnecessary hate but don’t worry I love you :’) our conversations are so amusing I love it 

Cancer: soft putty. and pillows. and cuddling. fluffy socks, fluffy blankets, and stuffed animals seriously y'all are so cute and fluffy. also we get along really well we don’t fight very often 

Leo: lions because leo the lion! also wild. procrastinating until 3 a.m. coffee. lots of it. facetimes for hours. our conversations are always memorable yet I don’t remember what we talk about 

Virgos: the word virgin tbh I’m sorry the words are just so similar. you guys are so dorky, in the best way. lots have brown hair and blonde hair. you guys are perfectionists, very nice people. you work hard on everything you do until you’re the very best and more 

Libra: horses. also pretzels. cute fluffy blankets also. loud but gentle. very smart people. you’re very sweet :’) 

Scorpio: spiders. yuck. also scorpions. and leather jackets and combat boots. deep conversations with gemini at 3 in the morning. facetiming friends for hours until morning. you people always find random things to talk about there’s never a dull moment 

Sagittarius: sea horses LOL. good friends. talkative in class. very friendly. basketball. we talk very easily and get along well :) you’re very heartwarming 

Capricorn: gazelles and goats. also winter. also corn. very cute and nice people. tall. lovable people you all are. conversations never fail to amuse. 

Aquarius: aqua man. LOL I think you can guess why. or ocean animals. do you like dates in the aquarium? “skank.” sometimes we fight but we’ve gotten over that :) 

Pisces: the word pieces said differently. also goldfish ;) the snack the smiles back. dancing. goofy but serious. I noticed that you only show a part of yourself to people but you show your closest friends everything.

From the point of view as a Scorpio

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