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anonymous asked:

Why do you think Justin was the one that got under the wire and why do you think Brian took him home when he clearly was a lot younger and sexually inexperienced than the tricks Brian usually picks up?

I saw this question and dozens of pink cartoon hearts just started floating above my head, just so you know.

I think the reason Brian picked up Justin that night was because of exactly the reason you said: he was a lot younger and a lot less sexually experienced than the tricks Brian usually took home. Remember what Brian said as he left Babylon? “I got bored.” Brian’s fucked so many men at this point they all run together in his brain. Just countless club boys who’ll all (literally and figuratively) drop at his feet, who treat him like he’s a sex god, who likely all put on an act to impress said sex god. They may be thrilled to be with Brian Kinney, but other than that, it’s just another night at Babylon for them. And sure, they may be experienced, they may know how to give good head, but they’re just not exciting. Poor Brian’s feeling a bit of sexual ennui. Been there, fucked that.

And then he sees Justin. He’s clearly new to the scene, he doesn’t know who Brian is, and while Brian picks up in about 20 seconds that he’s pretty inexperienced, I think Brian can spot an enthusiastic learner when he sees one. So Justin was somebody new and different and exciting, which was exactly what Brian needed that night.

Plus he was fucking gorgeous. And we all know Brian doesn’t have the most discriminatory of tastes when picking up tricks. Justin is lightyears more attractive than his usual fucks. :D

As for why he’s the one who got under the wire… oh, so many reasons. Brian’s used to being the one calling the shots. He takes a trick home, fucks them, sends them on their way, and that’s it. And then Justin shows up and fights for him. Brian turns him away multiple times and Justin just goes “nope, sorry, good sir, not getting rid of me that easily.” Brian has never rejected a former trick, and then had said former trick show up at Babylon, strip off his shirt, steal the guys Brian was dancing with, and prove to Brian that he’s very much interested in him, despite all his protests to the contrary. That stunt right there impressed the pants off Brian (again, literally and figuratively). That took some serious balls… and it showed, that right from the very beginning, Justin was onto him.

But beyond Justin being a persistent little shit (bless), Justin was sweet. He was kind. He was genuinely interested in Brian and not his sex god persona. He was brave. He was inspiring. He didn’t accept anybody’s shit, including Brian’s. He was passionate. He was smart. He was talented. He was determined. He was funny. He came out to his family and stood up to his father when he was still a teenager, something Brian wasn’t able to do. He was able to lift Brian out of his darkest moods. He brought joy and light to his life. He stuck by Brian even when he was acting like an asshole, even when his life was in the toilet. He showered him with love and affection even as Brian insisted he didn’t believe in love. He showed an unwavering belief in Brian, even from the very beginning. He accepted Brian for who he was, but also made it clear that he knew there was more to Brian than what he revealed to the world. He thought Brian was incredible because of his heart, not because of his sexual prowess or his money or his career or his looks. 

Justin Taylor had all these amazing qualities (and more!) that Brian would admire in anybody, and they were wrapped up in this one incredible package, a gorgeous and remarkable young man who loved him. 

I mean, honestly. Kinney never stood a chance.