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“We love Taylor. I went out on the road and sang with her in Detroit I think it was or something. And she’s a sweetheart, yeah. Standing backstage before we went on stage, Taylor gathers all the crew together and kind of gives a little pep talk and it just felt like real genuine. Like real family. You could tell she cared about every crew member from the bottom to the top and yeah that impressed me. I really felt like a real comradery there.”
- Dan Reynolds about performing with Taylor Swift on her 1989 World Tour in Detroit (May 30th 2015)

Power Rangers AU where Trini’s family owns and runs the best (if only) authentic Mexican restaurant in Angel Grove. It quickly becomes one of the most popular restaurants in town. Jason, Billy, Zack and Kimberly decide to spot by for lunch after one particular long day of Saturday detention and there they meet Trini, who works as a waitress. They end up loving the place and it quickly becomes their go to spot to eat and hang out. And to Trini’s annoyance, they’re always there, especially during her shifts. And the gang’s always try to befriend her and talk to her, much to her dismay. She eventually does give in and they become friends.

One day as the hang walk up to the restaurant, there’s this sign on the door, saying that they’re closed due to the fact that they’re short staffed. Trini’s parents are sick and so are a couple of workers her parents hired. So Trini had to close down for the day, since there was no one to take the orders, cook the food, serve the food, clean and run the resturant, and she can’t do it all herself. Plus, her brothers are too young to help yet.

When she comes by to check on the restaurant later on, she see that someone put another sign underneath the first one. When she reads it, she gets angry and instantly knows who it was. Needless to say, Zack finds himself banned from the restaurant for a while once it opens up again the following day.

An annotated compilation of some of my favorite love songs

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Be My Forever – Christina Perri (feat. Ed Sheeran)

“We’re on top of the world now darling so don’t let go…”

This song is one of my favorites by Christina Perri. It’s fun, quirky, and most importantly it features Ed Sheeran (plus Taylor Swift’s laugh towards the end) It’s the ultimate story about a couple who sees themselves being together forever. My favorite lyric is “You’re my bright blue sky // You’re the sun in my eyes // Oh baby you’re my life // You’re the reason why” because it describes that feeling of true love and how magical it can be.

Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran

This song is basically 8 minutes and 46 seconds of pure magic. When I first came across this song I couldn’t believe such a thing existed. It may not be as uplifting as the previous song, but I feel that its story of hopeful romance is really heartwarming and Ed’s way of turning lyrics into something so powerful really puts me in his position of needing love. It is incredible to see how he can take simple phrases and reword them into something so thrilling. When he says, “paint splattered teardrops on my shirt” instead of simply saying he is crying is just crazy to me. This song is one of my favorites by Ed and it is my go-to song whenever I need to calm down.

Fearless – Taylor Swift

“In this moment now // Capture it, remember it”

Throwing it back to Taylor’s country days, this song is a love story about being fearless and not knowing why. “And I don’t know why, but with you I’d dance. In a storm, in my best dress. Fearless” This song is about when you just can’t help how you feel about someone, and you’re nervous and scared, but also excited. It’s cute and really captures the story of someone who just can’t control how they feel. It’s totally a classic T-Swift love song.

From the Ground Up – Dan + Shay

This song is the definition of true love. It’s the story of Dan and Shay’s grandparents, and how they built their love step by step and grew old together. The song starts with, “Grandma and grandpa painted a picture of sixty-five years // And one little house // More than a memory // More than saying I do // Kiss you goodnight’s and I love you’s.” These few opening lines are so powerful because it shows how much love means to them and how their love is not just “saying I Do” at their wedding, but it’s all of the work and effort they put into it. This song is different from other Dan + Shay songs, because most of their songs are the type I would roll down the windows to in the middle on the night during the Summer, but this song is beautiful and meaningful.

Perfect – One Direction

Okay yes, judge me all you want, but I love this song for multiple reasons. 1) It is totally about Taylor Swift and 2) It is actually a really cute story. It’s basically a song about not being the typical “Mr. Perfect”, but being perfect in his own way. It lists off things that aren’t ideal for a boyfriend. “I might never be your knight in shining armour // I might never be the one you take home to mother // And I might never be the one who brings you flowers.” But then it continues into the reasons why he is perfect for this specific girl. “If you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms // And if you like having secret little rendezvous // If you like to do the things you know that we shouldn’t do //Then baby, I’m perfect // Baby, I’m perfect for you.” It’s funny and cute and really gives the listener a sense of the crazy relationship that Harry Styles and Taylor Swift shared.

How Would You Feel – Ed Sheeran

This song literally just came out tonight, and after the first time I heard it I automatically fell in love with it. I love how Ed starts by saying, “You are the one girl, you know that it’s true.” This song is so beautiful and I really love how Ed’s music has evolved into music about pure love, rather than the heartbreak he used to sing about. I love how he says, “Love flows deeper than a river, every moment that I spend with you.” It’s exciting to see his music grow and this song only makes me more excited for his album coming out in March.

All of the songs in this collection share one main similarity in the theme -  Love. They are all different in genre and sound, but they all share the same focus of falling in love, finding a soulmate, or being totally wrong and right for a person at the same time. Each artist brings something different to the theme, but they all leave you with one message – love is inevitable.

Penguin’s Sweater

Anyone want to know where to find Penguin’s sweater from last week’s GOTHAM?

Look familiar? I searched on amazon and ended up finding the exact one they used in the episode! Here’s a link:


For reference: I am wearing a size SMALL here. Thing fits PERFECTLY.
Shoulder to shoulder: 16“
Arm Length: 23“
Body Length: 24“
Chest: 19″ across (~37″ around)
Waist: 16″ (32″ around) stretchy sweater waist.

Made of 100% cotton so it does have a chance of shrinking in the wash if you dry it on high (probably).

The only review on amazon was a guy saying there are some strings sticking off. I have found a few on mine and it’s just the ends of the skeins when it was being made. Poke them inside or tie them off and you’ll have nothing to worry about.



SMALL - 3          ($11.61)
MEDIUM - 1       ($47.50)
LARGE - 2          ($57.69)
X-LARGE - 3      ($31.90)
XX-LARGE - 2    ($50)

Shipping was about $5 (on mine at least).

Here’s a closeup of the pattern if you want to try to recreate it or screen print it onto a non-knitted material. Consists of 2 shades of maroon with one blue and one gray. Also this type of sweater is called a MOCK NECK.

G.H. Bass and CO is the brand (Not sold on their website anymore.)

Happy hunting! And remember to wash it with vinegar the first time through to keep the colors lasting longer!
If you need anymore details on it send me an ask (I’m cool with anons)!