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'Downton Abbey' Star Allen Leech Plays 'Branson or B.S.'

Downton Abbey is back Sunday for the start of its sixth and final season, but viewers will have to wait a few weeks to see Tom Branson return from America. Luckily when Allen Leech visited Yahoo TV last month, we taped a few videos to tide fans over…

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First up, we present Leech playing the trivia game “Branson or B.S.” We test the Irish actor’s knowledge of everything from the order of the Downton tug-of-war team in Season 3 to the popularity of Branson-based fanfiction and Etsy items. Along the way, you’ll learn what Leech said when he met the actor who played the Crawley family’s original chauffeur, Taylor (Branson replaced him in Season 1′s fourth episode), and what Leech requested when Branson was to be shown in his pajamas.

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You’ll also see how much Leech enjoyed his game paddle, which has his face on one side (representing “true”) and a poop emoji on the other (meaning “false”).

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Come back to Yahoo TV next Friday when Leech narrates a two-part Downton Photo Diary.” And, because it still makes us laugh, re-watch “Calm Downton" below in the meantime.

Downton Abbey’s final season premieres Jan. 3 at 9 p.m. ET on Masterpiece on PBS.