taylor is a leech


Modern!AU: Lady Sybil Crawley x Tom Branson (Downton Abbey)

 you made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter/ you are the best   thing that’s ever been mine.

Isn’t it funny , how people want to say Taylor is the drama starter. Everything is her fault. She always plays the victim. She is power hungry and money hungry . When its EVERYONE ELSE thats been attaching Taylor’s name to theirs like a leech . Like when all the drama that was going on at that time with Kanye and Taylor, “coincidentally” before his “ famous” single came out and then the video . And Kim had this tape for months but conveniently released it hours before her show aired. Then the whole “ Demi feud” about not being a feminist right before her next single came out and was about to go on tour . Then this whole Calvin/ Katy thing like happening before her new single “ Rise” comes out . They all start controversy with Taylor just to be relevant . Because unlike them, she doesn’t need to drag people down and attach famous peoples names to her own. Because her name alone is enough , because she built her career from hard work . And her character is why she is where she is today. Controversy doesn’t last, but being a good person does, even if you make a couple mistakes. You’re still a good person …