taylor hirsch

“There’s a storm inside of us. I’ve heard many team guys speak of this. A burning. A river. A drive. An unrelenting desire to push yourself harder and further than anyone could think possible. Pushing ourselves into those cold, dark corners, where the bad things live. Where the bad things fight. We wanted that fight at the highest volume. A loud fight. The loudest, coldest, darkest, most unpleasant of the unpleasant fights.” - Marcus Luttrell

Lone Survivor - review

Lone Survivor is based on true events that happened to four Navy SEALs during a mission in Afghanistan in 2005. They were sent on a mission known as Operation Red Wings to eliminate Ahmad Shah, a senior Taliban leader.The team needed to investigate the village from a distance and move on their target when the timing was right. The mission through the Afghan mountains was quickly compromised and the team had to make a lot of quick decisions that would lead to their life or death. 

After staking out the village they decided to move to a better vantage point. Along the way they bumped into three shepherds and their goats. After a heated debate over what to do with the shepherds they made a decision which lead to being surrounded by dozens of Taliban soldiers. 

You may have read the book or may have seen an interview with Mark Wahlberg. But if you haven’t seen the movie… I highly suggest going now. I’m amazed at what these men went through. Lone Survivor is an action packed military movie full of raw emotions and suspense. These guys faced really tough decisions and had to deal with combat most American’s never even think about. These guys fell down countless cliffs yet managed to not have their rifle blow up in their faces. I feel like I need to watch this movie again to fully grasp what actually happened. I’m still in shock. They did a great job with this movie and I have a huge amount of respect for our military, these men, and what their families had to go through and I’m sure are still going through.

Mark Wahlberg as Marcus Luttrell, Ben Foster as Matt Axelson, Emile Hirsch as Danny Dietz, Taylor Kitsch as Mike Murphy, Eric Bana as Erik Kristensen, and Alexander Ludwig as Shane Patton. 

Rating: A+

Been around the world twice, talked to everyone once
Seen two whales fuck, been to three world fairs
And I even know a man in Thailand with a wooden cock
Pushed more peter more sweeter, and more completer than any other peter pusher around

I am a hard bodied, hairy chestied, rootin’ tootin’ shootin’ parachutin’, demolition double cap crimping frog man.
There ain’t nothing I can’t do, no sky too high, no sea too rough, no muff too tough.
Learned a lot of leasons in my life, never shoot a large caliber man with a small caliber bullet.

I drive all kinda of trucks, two-bys, four-bys, six-bys, those big motherfuckers that bend and go tch tch when you step on the brakes.


I am a lover, I am a fighter, I’m a UDT Navy S.E.A.L Diver.
I want to dine, intertwine, and sneak out the back door when refeuling is done.

So if you are feeling froggy then you better jump, because this frog man has been there, done that, and is going back for more.

Cheers boys!

—  Lone Survivor (2014)