taylor herring

She’s legit letting us in on the one thing we have all always wanted insight on the most which is HER ART. ✨😭🙃👏🏼 Like at the London SS she told us it felt to her like she was a little girl who was excited to show her mum her art when she thought about finally sharing the album with us for the very first time. SHE LEGIT IS JUST AS EXCITED TO SHARE AS WE ARE TO RECEIVE. She wants us to feel in on it, because we’re on each other’s team. All of us. I mean really I thought it couldn’t get better than 1989 but who knew I NOW STAN THIS ERA. SO. MUCH. HARDER. ‼️

ready for it illuminates how the media/society have so tirelessly tried to absolutely sabotage taylor swift’s soul, ravage her kind disposition and quite overtly vandalise her reputation. the fabricated, dark version of taylor embodies the negative image of her they’ve conjured up and torn down for years, where her intellect, power, sexuality and success have all been questioned and subjected to persecution. despite anything she says or does, the past few years have been akin to a witch hunt, where her actions have so often been scrutinised based off preconceived conclusions of who she is at her core.

the taylor we see prevail is the one who’s spent years overwhelmingly imprisoned. even though she’s vulnerable and exposed, the power of her voice absolutely shatters the walls surrounding her. with innate resilience and empowerment as her impenetrable suit of armour, she so fiercely rises onwards and upwards, quite far above the shadows of the false facade that’s haunted her. in shedding a single tear, she’s illuminating the sheer relief she’s now feeling after all this time. her eyes glisten with hope whilst she’s glowing brighter than ever. she’s truly free.