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Let's talk about the Queens of Ru Paul's Best Friend Race season 9

I don’t like Trinity Taylor (her vibe is AWF to me)

I do like Valentina but I feel like she is going to be miss congeniality over all ( she could surprise me)

I DON’T like Charlie Hides (canceled)

I Like Aja but she talk too much

I am on the fence about Farrah ( someone showed me some receipts about her BUT they may have been out of context so I’m going stay neutral) SHE REAL WHINEY THOUGH 🙄 it’s going to get old fast!

I like Alexis Michelle so far

I do like Jaymes Mansfeild but I’m not sure what she’s doing or how she’s coming across ( idk if she is nervous or… but I would like her to pull it together)

I Love a plus sized queen with a country accent! Eureka is cool but she gotta MOUF on her and she came in and automatically started with the slick comments. So we shall see!

Lemme tell you about Shasha Mother Fucking Velour. I👏🏾Am👏🏾Living👏🏾For👏🏾This👏🏾Art👏🏾Haux👏🏾AESTHETIC👏🏾

Ummm Nina BoNina Brown another queen who is very talented BASED on first impressions her look is fucking cool and abstract ( based on what I’ve seen and heard I’m not feeling her personally)

I’m cool with Kimora… F o r n o w ( I feel like she’s gonna be running her mouth and get real annoying real quick)

I like Peppermint… she’s an established queen I want to see what she’s bringing to this competition.

LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT SHAE COULEÉ aka BAE COULÉE. I’m in love ❤️ she is perfect and I can see her SLAYING the competition!


                                     Ahoy my Boys!

Today, Taylor, the boys, and I went to the beach since Sophia was off with my mother to get her haircut and spend the day with her. Marcello and Mateo absoluetly loved playing in the tides and finding seashells and stars with Taylor. Mai, however, was more content to simply sleep in his carrier while his Mamãe e irmãos played around. I spent my time simply watching the beauty of it. From Taylors laughter and the twins squealing. Its a cherished memory already. 

Once we returned home, my mother dropped Sophia off, and my princess looks dashing in her new haircut. Anywho, we decided to spend the day watching Sing in our pjs(I had to head out later so I decided to stay dress) . Mai spent his time cooing away while glancing around as best as he could.

I also want to take a moment to appreciate Taylor’s stretch marks, her biggest insecurity(I asked her if it was cool for me to post that selfie!) I always would tell her how beautfiful and unique they are, their like the oceans waves on her skin. I can’t help but admire the art that is, maybe next time I’ll show you guy’s mines, though they aren’t as beautifully crafted as Tay’s are, lol. 

y’all know what time it is

since taylor swift has abandoned her fans and career send me (her most trusted confidant) the important questions you have for her 

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So the sequel to my Tweek and Craig saving the world from the Kanye clones. Their new adventure is to find Taylor Swift and sacrifice her vocal cord to appease Nyarlathotep before the world goes BAM BAM KABOOM! Yeeeeh.

Shit is gonna go down yall.


The evolution of Bellamy’s… wait. Scratch that. Who am I kidding! The loving way in which Bellamy has always looked at Clarke.


My parents taught me never to judge others based on whom they love, what color their skin is, or their religion. Why make life miserable for someone when you could be using your energy for good? 

“I bet it never, ever occurred to you that I can’t say hello to you, and risk another goodbye” is one of taylor’s most hauntingly painful and poetically underrated lyrics, and it’s an achingly beautiful metaphor that echoes how in light of chaotically wistful emotions, she had to let the lingering flames of this candle burn out