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Every Taylor Swift Song Playing At The Same Time
Taylor Swift
Every Taylor Swift Song Playing At The Same Time

Can you never decide what your favorite Taylor Swift song is? Can’t pick between all 5 albums? Introducing the solution to your problem!
Every Taylor Swift song playing at the same time.

(P.s Taylor, if you somehow find this post I am very very sorry.)
Warning: Do not wear headphones


my cover of ready for it :)

Title: Coach Negan (Part 8.)

CHAPTER TITLE: A Blast From the Past

Character(s): Negan and Reader (pre-apocalypse/AU)
Someone from your past decides to pay a visit.
Word Count: 4,926
Warning: SMUT!!! (Angry, dirty sex).
Author’s Note: HUGE THANKS TO @jedemo FOR BEING MY BETA!!! <3 

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After the first win of the game, the rest of the team were on a victorious high. Negan did a perfect job of maintaining their confidence, even in practice. At first, you and the rest of the girls were hesitant in believing that you were all capable of being the best team at the University, but after winning the first game, everyone started to believe in themselves.

Your relationship with Negan had progressed. Excluding class and practice, you spent majority of your time with Negan. However, whenever you wanted to be alone with him, you would always end up at his apartment, though occasionally, he would also stay at yours. Taylor enjoyed having him over, especially since you always fell victim to their relentless teasing; they had become good friends, and loved to outnumber you.

Occasionally, Taylor complained about how loud the two of you were during sex. You always tried to remain mindful of your roommate, but Negan was just too good to keep quiet. You figured he enjoyed teasing Taylor by making you scream during sex, especially since he showed up with a present that turned out to be noise-cancelling headphones.   

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kaylor interaction happens from approx :58-1:03
i should have shortened this but oh well



the hot, athletic, Russian, “I look good without trying”, “Don’t you touch my sister or I will murder you”, “You know you want me in your pants right now” one,

and the cool, rocker, ahead of his time, “I look badass and I know it”, “I steal random shit because I can and what else I am supposed to do”, “Doing crazy shit gives me a thrill” one (that got a super sick slo-mo scene).

I think I speak for all of us here when I say I definitely can’t pick between them.

(side note: evan’s version was anti-authority and liked to nick things and was a fast talker, literally, and aaron’s version was quite a cocky piece of shit and protective as shit of his sister and between the two of them they got the impatience and the running down pat so I think that’s why I can’t pick one. They both make up the entire character so you can’t say one is better.)
All the TS6 info we have!!!!

For your convenience!

1. Gigi Hadid said in an interview that Taylor has been working in the studio.

2. Martha Hunt stated that we won’t be disappointed by Taylor’s music.

3. Jack Antonoff posted a photo with “studio break” as part of the caption. In the image, he is wearing the same jacket that Haim wore at Taylor’s house.

4. Kesha posted a photo wearing the same headphones that Taylor wore when recording. The caption states that she’s working with a certain Grammy award winner and added thirteen emojis (some of which were unicorns). Kesha has also been in New York often and been hanging around some cats lately.

5. Scott Borchetta recently deleted an old tweet dispelling rumors that Taylor’s newest album will be dropping in October 2016.

Lorde confirmed that Jack Antonoff is working on 2 albums
Lorde confirmed that she wrote new music
Jack confirmed that at least one of those albums drops this year
Two of Taylor’s friends confirmed that Taylor has been in the studio but not sure if that referred to IDWLF or other work
Taylor signed “a multi-year contract” with AT&T including a invite only pre-superbowl show with “surprises”
Kesha posted on Instagram that she was recording a collab with a Grammy winner and she was using the same headphones Taylor used in the studio for 1989
Kesha also included a string of 13 emojis in the post
Taylor told Cyrus that she’s not sure when she’ll be on tour next
Ed Sheeran is dropping new music Friday
I am stressed

‘Coffee’ by Miguel.

It was late. Much later than I wanted it to be and if my mother dared to see me right now sitting on this crowded subway, despite the current time of 9 p.m., she’d scold me immediately for the distracted behaviors I was exhibiting.

My headphones were tucked into my ears, both buds, so if someone were to even approach me and in her words ‘Snatch me away to kidnap me and make me their slave’ I probably wouldn’t have even known until it was too late. My eyes were busy following the alerts that filled my phone. After having gone hours without checking it, there was much that I had missed including my brother’s scoring of a goal in his team’s youth tournament.

A smile broke my face as I watched the video filmed from my other brother’s iPhone from the distance of the pitch and continued to repeat the capture of my brother scoring his first major goal.

Of course it was off of his left foot.

His ‘lucky’ foot as he liked to call it because all of us seemed to be incredibly talented with our left. He with the touch of his left foot to score a goal, my older brother with his ability to send a powerful left hand serve and my left hand for my effortless, gorgeous paint stroke.

Our parents like to call us ‘The Lefties’, a club they were left out of because of their dominance with their right. Ah, it was cute.

I exited the video and took my headphones out of my ear for a brief moment to look around the subway car. There were the usual patrons sitting around. Families of a single mother looking exhausted while trying to reign their young children in, businessmen nearly half asleep with their briefcases clutched closely in their lap, young groups of friends probably traveling from the local shops or dinner, lovers returning from a date.

I also tended to people-watch when I was on the subway because there wasn’t much else for me to do. My cell service sucked and I usually traveled alone so there was no friend beside me for me to bother with conversation. My inquisitive orbs floated around the car once more, landing on a guy who sat nearby.

He had a reflective black and grey Nike running jacket on, the hood pulled up to cover his features though his chiseled jawline stood out from behind the material, unable to hide all of his face much to my delight. I had taken too much interest into watching this person because usually I would find someone else to take in after five seconds of examining but my eyes stayed on him.

I wasn’t sure if he could feel me watching him. If he did, he didn’t provide any hints that he felt I was and I soon realized there were earbuds in his ear. The joggers he wore revealed his tanned and toned legs, that olive complexion standing out against the dark of his clothing.

The sudden stop of the subway car made me look to see if my stop had approached, only to realize that I had many, many more to go.

I huffed a defeated sigh and leaned against my chair. All I really wanted to do was curl in my bed with a good book and the mango sorbet that was awaiting me in my freezer. I looked down to my phone, contemplating whether I should waste the last 24% of my battery on opening my draining Spotify application and listening to a song or to simply sit and stare out of the windows that offered no scenery at all.

I decided on the windows much to my disappointment. I still had a walk home to complete and taking it this late with a dead cell phone battery would surely get me chewed out by my mother if she ever found out.

“Be smart. Don’t travel alone. Don’t walk with your headphones in. Make eye contact with every person that walks past you. Don’t watch your feet, eyes straight forward. Keep a working phone on you at all times and cash in case of emergencies.”

Yes. She was that type of mother. The kind that issued cautions for everything including making sure not to leave the stove on too long and the type that sat on the couch watching novelas as she waited for her children to come home, only to scold them for smelling like outside. I never knew what she meant by that until I began babysitting children and it was still funny to me once I realized.

I let thoughts of my family, unfortunately miles away and enjoying life without me while I slaved over books and a thesis, fill my mind until I heard the unusual beat of a song playing. It had to have been coming from someone’s headphones and the techno sound just seemed to get louder and louder.

It seemed I was the only one searching for it because everyone else sat in their own world either on their phones or talking with a partner. My eyes landed back on the guy from earlier, his head bobbing close enough to the beat that I realized it was him who was listening to that awful track.

It sucks such a beauty had to have awful taste in music.

I tried to turn back around in my seat and tune out that electro or whatever genre of music that trash was blasting from the man seated some seats down from me but I couldn’t. I winced as it continued on for moments longer before I whipped around in my seat.


It was an aggressive ‘Hey’. Not one of those quiet salutations meant to be polite and endearing. No. It was meant to catch his attention but he didn’t hear me as he continued on tapping those lime green shoes of his against the stained subway floor.

A Nike check adorned those too.


I repeated it and a few heads rose to look at me but not his. I motioned for the guy who was sitting next to him and was looking at me. “Could you grab him?” I mouthed.

The guy nodded and lightly prodded the other guy’s arms. Finally he looked up at the man and he quickly motioned to me, passing off the embarrassment of having interrupted his musical session. Nike guy’s, as I was now recognizing him because he had no name yet, head swiveled in my direction.

Eyes may have been a better name for him now because even from my seat I could see the colorful wonder inside of them. They were unlike anything I had ever seen before but I gulped away my admiration and returned to the point of my interruption. “Your music is loud. Can you turn it down?”

He removed one ear bud from his ear, me now realizing he probably couldn’t hear me at all and I expected him to just get me to repeat what I had just said but he did me one better.

“What?” He got up from his seat and moved past the outstretched legs of other passengers to fill the seat across from me.

When did I invite him over here?

Not like I was going to shoo him away or anything. He was hot. Painfully hot. I hadn’t mistaken those chiseled features which were now facing straight in front of me and those eyes dazzled under the dim subway car lights.

“Uh…your music. It was…loud?” I cringed at how stupid I sounded.

“You don’t like the song?” He held out one of his buds but I quickly shook it away.

“Not to be too pretentious or anything but…”

“But?” He chuckled, amused at what I was going to say next.

“Your taste in music sucks.”

He was in a full-on cackle then. “Oh and yours is much better?”


“Prove it,” he teased with a smirk.

I fished my headphones out of the crumbled heap they were in in my lap. “I should warn you that I’m not going to play any of that techno crap you’re listening to.”

“It’s electropop,” he corrected.

“Whatever. It isn’t Calvin Harris, I’m not listening.”

And even some of his songs were cringe-worthy. Let’s not even talk about the fact he’s dating Taylor Swift.

I plugged my headphones into my phone and went to my music app, prepared to wow this stranger with my awesome, alternative, unique music taste though I think everyone thinks their taste in music is superior to all others.

Immediately, a song popped in my head and I typed in the title to display it onto my screen. If the artwork wasn’t interesting enough, the instrumentals in the background would be. “Here.” I passed off my phone and he took his headphones off, replacing them with mine.

I could hear the beginning of the song start and immediately my lips mouthed the lyrics with joy. I had the song on repeat all of the last week as I traveled to work, in the shower, as I got dressed in the morning. It was everywhere.

I wish I could paint our love. These moments and vibrant hues, I mouthed to myself as my hips slowly winded in my seat.

He talked as the song continued on, my mind following his words and the silent lyrics I knew were filling his ears. “And this is better than my music?” he teased.

“You haven’t even heard it all yet,” I defended.

Peach color, moon glistens, the plot thickens as we laugh over shot guns and tongue kisses.

“Alright alright. I’m listening.”

Two lost angels discover salvation. Don’t you wish we could runaway now? Yes let’s.

Randomly, a question popped in my head. “Are you some sort of footballer or something?”

That smile creased his cheeks once more since we had started speaking and he gave a soft, shy nod. “Yes. Did the apparel give it away?”

I looked for a recognizable crest on his clothing but with no such luck found none. He noticed my watching and held out his hand toward me, the song still playing in his ears. “Marc Bartra, Barcelona.”

I held out my hand for him to shake. “Spain national team, right?”


I was impressed I even knew that.

“Cool. Random…but cool,” I smiled.

“Random?” he probed with a curious tilt of his head.

“I mean…a footballer on the subway? Doesn’t happen very often I believe.”

“I went for a late run. Didn’t want to walk back,” he shrugged. Marc sunk further in his seat and I could see his foot slightly moving to the familiar beat echoing on our side of the train.

Two lost angels discover salvation under glass pink skies watching the sunlight. Pick a star in the sky. We could both say goodbye.

The final strum allowed him to remove the headphones from his ears. “So…you like coffee?”

I had a feeling he wasn’t just talking about the song.

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