taylor has otp feels

Someshippy that I OTP

But I didn’t mean to ship so hard
It’s not like it ever even happened in the canon
And I just really need your love
But you’re practically strangers and that feels so rough
No I didn't mean to stoop so low
Have two friends suddenly make-out and then one-true-pairing
I guess that I just need that though
Now I’m just overwhelmed by so many feels


hey I dunno if you guys remember that palindrome I’m so fond of

the one called “the Devil’s Verse”?

in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni

it translates to

we (moths) go around in circles and are consumed by the flames

I just realized how well it describes fandoms and OTPs

we (the fans) go around in circles (of our OTPs) and are consumed by the flames (feels because of sinking ships and canons)

ha ha ha ha sob