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ZOE and EVAN SickFic at Last!

I Wouldn’t Mind 

A/N: This happens during the events of the musical when Zoe and Evan are still on speaking terms and friends, or dating or whatever. Hope you enjoy!

Special thanks to @diary-of-a-chorus-girl for editing this for me! 

Evan Hansen knew something was off the moment he opened his eyes that morning. He didn’t feel refreshed and relaxed like he normally did when he woke up. More like a combination of dizziness and nausea. Still, he had a lot of work to do at school, so there was no way he was staying home. So he shrugged the feeling off the best he could, blaming it on a lack of sleep the night before, and pulled himself out of bed, despite how much his body protested.

He managed to choke down a banana before heading to his car, praying that whatever he had didn’t get any worse. For that he was extremely grateful, the way that his stomach churning worse than a stormy sea, he wasn’t even sure he’d be able to eat the banana he grabbed on his way out.

Several times on the way out to his car, he had to stop and steady himself on whatever solid object was nearest to him. Eventually he made it, but the minute he sat down in the driver’s seat he realized he should not be driving to school. His head was swimming, and he was seeing more spots than whatever was in front of him. So with shaking hands he barely managed to unlock his phone, and call Zoe. He hoped and prayed that she hadn’t left her house yet, and could swing by his to pick him up.

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