taylor garrett

Am I upset? A little, yes

Was the season good? Yes

Did they tell us that Adam was Shiro significant other? Yes

Did they show that explicitly in the cartoon? No

Were we queer baited? Probably

Was it annoying? Mhm

Was it sad? Definitely

Do we as a fandom deserve better? Probably

Do Shiro and Adam deserve better? Yes

Does Lance deserve better? Yes

Does Allura deserve better? Yes

Should we send death threats to the writers, directors, and vas? No, definitely not no matter what

Did they all work hard on this? Yes

Could they have done better on proper representation? Yes

But do we hate them for that? No

Do we have a right to be angry? Yes

But we still shouldn’t send death threats and hate on them? Again, NO

Attention Voltron fandom: I hate the turn of events too, but we still should not hate or mock or send death threats to the directors, writers, or vas!

Yes, they could have done better and yes, you have a right to be angry about it, but that does not give you the right to hate on any of the people working on this amazing cartoon that still has an amazing story!

Thank you for coming to my Ted talk



In the final week of Ben playing Evan, here’s a goodbye video for Ben.

Here’s to the memories and the future.