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Together we are more!!!

Bringing this back!!  I know many are discouraged by the lack of news from Lionsgate about whether we are getting a sequel or not, so I figured we should make some noise on social media.  Until we get the offical word, everything is up in the air. So please go to Twitter and use the hashtag #SaveThePowerRangers, tweet it to important accounts and sites you know. We want a sequel.  Right now the date to boost it is Saturday, August 5th, but you know the drill.  Just tweet out whenever you want to.  Remember together we are more!!










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“You have taught me that love hurts. You’ve taught me that life…it hurts. And I want to be there for you. I want us to be there for each other. So that maybe…it hurts a little less.”

*Just a little season 5 Vauseman to bless your timeline. ;) *

  • Clint: wow I love the new additions to the team, Wanda Maximoff and *doesn't even bother to look at the writing on his hand* Peanut Massive