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Cameron Dallas: Chasing Cameron

((You aren’t dating Cameron in this, you’ll just be conversing with him a lot. This is where you were invited back to magcon and you tell Cameron that you don’t want to be a part of the Cameron Show, that you came to have fun and enjoy the fans but if they don’t get their shit together you’d be leaving 

1586 words


You were a part of Original Magcon and when they broke up you started focusing on acting, when it came to getting magcon back together you were one of them that Cameron asked to join, you were hesitant at first just like a lot of people but after talking to Nash and Matt about it and asking them their stance, you decided to join back up. Though they said be careful and to stand your ground, and not to take the shit they’ll give you this go around, they had faith that you could help keep magcon the same way it used to be. You had hoped that it would but a lot of things went down and it was like Nash and Matt were there telling you to do something because nobody else was going to.

Cameron had gotten a text about Taylor arguing with an assistant, at first you weren’t going to go with but you had a gut feeling that something would happen. You followed behind Cameron, he knew you were basically the sister/mother of Magcon though he was older and they had Aaron’s mom with them, so he didn’t argue with you. You let him talk with Taylor, you knew what he was saying was true, money didn’t mean much in most of their cases but you also understood Taylor’s stance on it.

“Camera away, now!” You heard a male voice call, you turned to see the tour manager come around the corner, it all happened so fast, him yelling at Taylor, “Spoiled little bitch!” He yelled it was as if they knew what would happen next.

“What did you just call him?” You spoke walking towards the tour manager, he went to open his mouth. “Don;t even fucking answer. Call him a spoiled little bitch again, I dare you.” You spoke, as you stood in front of him. The hall got quiet as you spoke again. “The only who calls Taylor a bitch, is me, I know he was wrong and we handed it but as tour management…you not only made yourself look bad but us look bad in this hotel. People are in these rooms and you come storming down the hall because you’re some big guy and you think you can intimidate everyone? If you’re done then goodbye because last time I checked this wasn’t the only Cameron show that is going on around here is the one he’s filming but you are MAGCON tour manager and if you have a problem you bring it up to magcon as if this was a meeting. That means me, Cameron, Taylor, Aaron, those of us who put money in to make Magcon a thing again.” You spoke in a more calming voice, you shook your head heading off towards your room, the yelling started once again with him saying they were done and going about disrespectful teenagers.


“Magcon, talent meeting, my room." Cameron sent into the magcon group chat, you had been in your room for almost two hours before the text came in. You got up slipping on some shoes before grabbing your room key, heading down to Cameron’s room.

"You okay?” Aaron asked as you were about to knock on Cameron’s door, you shrugged looking back at him. “I just don’t want to leave Magcon with everyone hating me.”

“Why would we all hate you?” He asked leaning against the wall.

“Because Matt and Nash told me to stand my ground and, I’m not going to be the same pushover I was when I was younger, I’m currently the only girl in magcon and I refuse to let this go downhill because of disagreements and poor communication and if that means someone hates me at the end of the day then that’s what’s going to happen.”

Through the next few places you observed, you were pissed that a show was cancelled because Bart didn’t step up but you let Cameron handle it, you were pissed that they wanted to cancel the show because of the things going on in Paris, you were upset that they tried to refuse you a shower, but you continued to sit back and watch how things went until Barcelona.

“Where’s Taylor?" You had been asking while on stage, nobody could give you an answer, you knew the fans would be fine with just the boys around. Setting your Mic down you rushed off trying to find Taylor knowing he should’ve been back by now. When you found him he was on the ground with two paramedic looking people. Bart’s joke is what really set it off for you, Cameron could tell something was wrong and pulled you aside which you asked to have Bart step in on.

"I just don’t think your comment was appropriate Bart, Taylor had two paramedics taking care of him and you laugh and say his show is fire….he could have passed out or what if he couldn’t breathe? You didn’t even stop to ask, you laughed and walked away. As someone who is supposed to want what’s best for Magcon, I feel like it’s more like YOU want to see Cameron succeed which we all do but that’s your only focus and nobody else matters.” You explained, Bart let out a laugh.

“I care about all of you, I want to make sure you’re all safe and I knew he was okay that’s why I wasn’t freaked out.” He explained his arms crossed. You shook your head as you saw Aaron walking up with a confused look on his face.

“Great talk, glad you care and want us all to succeed.” You said sarcastically before walking off, though later getting a text from Aaron.

“Bart made the comment about you and Taylor being a thing, said we better start knocking on your guy’s door or we might catch you sucking him off…are you two a thing?”

“Nope. He’s like a brother to me but thank you for bringing this to my attention.”


You went home earlier than scheduled, you told Aaron and Taylor that they didn’t have to worry about waking you up, they had tried to convince you to stay until they flew out but you said you couldn’t continue to be around the camera crew, Cameron or even Bart. 

Though you were invited to the dinner you were reluctant to go but with Aarons constant persisting you decided it couldn’t be that bad, but boy were you wrong.

Bart had started it by trying to make a joke when you first sat down, “You had us all worried when you weren’t there in the morning.” He spoke, you nodded not speaking, you turned to look at some of the other talent. I stood up to give Willie a hug once he walked in.

“You look irritated? You okay.” You asked him, he shrugged it off for a second. “I’m tired, the flight was stressful especially having to catch a late one.” He explained to you.

“What do you mean a late flight? You weren’t on the plane with the rest of them?”

“No, I overslept so they left me behind…weren’t you there?” He asked you, you shook your head. “I got an early flight because of some things that were said, but you being left behind shouldn’t have been a thing. That’s disgusting to just act like you don’t exist because you overslept." 

The night went on until Willie and his dad started talking about a wake-up call, you being sat next to Bart, you could hear everything. "How many times have you missed you missed flights and been late?” Bart asked making you scoff, he looked over at you. N/Y, what’s the problem? Do you have something to add?“ He asked.

"Yes, you’re pathetic…you left him in another country, yeah…he should have been more responsible about getting up but the moment you realise that he wasn’t up is the moment you need to go get him, if he misses his flight after that, that’s on him but until then he’s your responsibility, but before you say anything, the comment you made last night about a girl who isn’t seventeen yet and a guy who is about to be twenty-one is disgusting and as a human I have never felt more disgusted by looking at someone. I see Taylor as a brother and for you to make a sexual comment about me to, two people that not only do I look up to but see as brothers…that hurts. Yet everything is fun and games with you Bart….since Cameron is the face of Magcon, you can tell him of he wants to sue me, to go ahead because I will not be keeping my end of the contract, I ’m leaving Magcon, I never want to be associated with it again and I never want anything to do with you.” You spoke getting the tables attention. “Though I put money into magcon, though I’m supposed to be an owner, I don’t make nay rules because if I did, you would have been fired while we were still in Europe.” You finished standing up, “I hope you guys have a wonderful second leg of the tour.”

(This was really dramatic, I want you to know that I don’t hate anyone that was in this, I just wanted to show that not everyone had good reactions to how some people reacted during the tour. I want to do a part two of this so just let me know what you guys think.)


● Dating Ethan Dolan would involve (Instagram’s version)

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Can you make a instagram version of dating ethan dolan? That would be sweet, and if you do then thank you xx

You think he is going to hit you ~ Cameron , Shawn and Taylor written preference

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Disclaimer , I know none of the boys would physically ever harm the female they were with this is just for a story also trigger warning this contains references of physical abuse . 


Cameron : 

“y/n why do you have to be like this over every little thing “ Cameron said sighing as he took a seat on the end of the mattress . “excuse me ?’ you question stepping forward to tower over him . “why do you let every little comment , post , tweet , picture anything really get to you ‘ he said raising his voice . ‘cameron because i’m human and i’m female i am already self conscious of every thing I do because i am now a person of the internet thanks to you ‘ You said . Cameron quickly stood up raising his hands as he did he opened his mouth ready to yell , you quickly stepped back and became defensive . Cameron took notice and stopped to analyze everything “y/n’ hes said softly . ‘yes’you replied defensively ‘why did you move?’ he asked stepping forward ‘because i thought you were going to lay a hand on me and i had to be ready ‘ you admitted . ‘y/n I may get angry but no matter how angry or mad I am I will never lay a hand on you or hurt you I love you “ he said kissing you on the forehead “I know and I love you too” you said smiling into his chest . 

Shawn : 

“Y/N pleas stop yelling okay i’m not trying to get mad over something so stupid “ Shawn admitted but it only made you angrier “Shawn this is not stupid okay just because I’m a girl does not mean I have to stay home and cook and clean “ you said stepping closer to him . “Y/n i never said anything like that dammit okay you are acting irrational right now if it’ll make you feel so much better i will clean the entire fucking house right now “ Shawn said shouting . He forcefully walked past you putting his hands up as he walked past you , you instinctively hit him and soon regretted it “oh damn baby I am so sorry “ you said running to console him . “why?’ was all he could say “I though you were going to hit me so I had to do it first “ you admitted leaving him many kisses to make up for it . “oh i would never ‘ he said looking up at you “yes i know I just had to prepare I guess “ you said sighing . 

Taylor : 

“Taylor why the fuck would you do that to me ?’ you questioned yelling at him trying to hold back the tears you might shed . ‘Y/N baby pleas believe me I did not cheat on you okay the girl is lying to get attention “ . “your lying Taylor it all adds up “ you said sighing attempting to walk away but Taylor quickly gripped your wrist . You instinctively three yourself to the floor in hopes to end it all . Taylor quickly let go dropping to the floor as well, “baby what’s wrong ?’ he asked slowly moving closer . “nothing worth telling you about right now “ you said , ‘Baby i would never cheat on you or hurt you in any way I love you and I am here for you no matter what okay all i can ask is that you pleas listen to my side of the story “ he begged holding out his hand “start talking “ you said looking the opposite direction .

Hayes : 

“baby pleas just stop yelling “ You begged Hayes you weren’t feeling good already so him yelling was just making it worse . “excuse me ? your trying to tell me to cool down over this situation “ Hayes said throwing his hands up as he passed around the room .”Hayes I just went out with my brother for lunch okay and some random dude was trying to get with me okay that’s it it happens when you are not there okay he did not hurt me or anything shoved him off and he walked away “ You said standing up to console Hayes but he shrugged you off of him raising his hands just over your head . You quickly moved back trying not to get hit, “I’m sorry “ He said pulling you in for a hug “I just hate having other guys like him even be able to taking to you with disrespect “ he admitted . “I know but watch your hands next time you almost hit me “ you giggled causing him to chuckle “I know i’m sorry “ he said once more . 

Sammy : 

“damn it Y/n I trusted you “ he said taking a deep sigh sitting on the couch. “Sam you have to believe and understand me I did not cheat on you when you were gone okay I spent my days with friends and food “ you chuckled at what you said . “your lying i know you fucked that guy “ He said tears shedding down his face . You stood back shocked that he would say such a thing. In the heat of the moment you felt your hand swiftly swipe across Sams face “don’t you ever refer to me to do such a thing ever I am not a slut and I love you I would never sleep with another guy or do such a thing to hurt you “ you admitted trying to hold back the tears. Same swiftly stood up and lifted his arms but you moved back you couldn’t tell if it was a sign of embrace or something else “babe” He said softly. “no you hurt my feelings you didn’t even bother to let me explain “ you shouted storing our of the living room . 


I only did five but I am willing to do more just inbox me :) 

Your Children at Halloween pt 1

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Cheater. (Sammy Wilk/ Sk8 Smut)

This was a request from an anonymous sender. I hope you enjoy and it’s what you wanted! Go on and keep sending me some ideas to write for you guys. 🌸💗


2:00 a.m the clock read. I was sitting on the couch in the living room of mine and my boyfriend Sammy Wilks shared home. I had been watching Netflix, staying up waiting for Sam. It was getting late and I had to work the next morning. I wanted to wait for Sam to get home but I was getting extremely tired and tomorrow was going to be busy at work. I turned off the T.V and headed to bed.

I woke up a few hours later and still no Sammy. I didn’t think anything of it because he’s done stuff like this before. I checked my phone and nothing from him either. I locked my screen letting out a sigh and rolled my eyes.

I got out of bed, took a shower and continued to get ready for work. As I was driving to work my favorite song came on and it reminded me of Sammy. I sat there on the way to work just thinking of him and I. How great our relationship was and how lucky I was. My thoughts were broken when I was Starbucks, of course I had to stop and get some.

I arrived to work, and immediately it was so busy due to the huge event we had going on.

Skip to after work

I got into my car, checked my phone and still nothing from Sam. I did have a text from Nate asking if I wanted to hang out later. I didn’t reply because I was hoping Sam would be home and him and I could hangout.

When I got home I had a weird feeling the minute I walked in. I then heard a laugh coming from our room. I put my stuff down, I smile because I new he was home and I ran to the room. I was immediately stopped by what I saw. I saw Sam and Stass, in my bed. The bed where Sam and I made love many times, the bed I slept in every night, the bed you shared with someone who you thought you loved.

I stood at the door, arms crossed watching them.

“Mhmm” I said clearing my throat.

“Shit, Y/N I didn’t know you were coming home so soon.” Sam said

“Oh I’m sorry I came to our home, should I have rang the doorbell?” I said angrily pointing behind me

Stass remained staring at me.

“I’m surprised you have nothing to say now because you had a lot to say before you saw me.” I said

“I would say I can’t believe you did this but then who would I be fooling, I new it was coming eventually.”

Tears started forming in my eyes and I rolled my eyes let a sigh come out of my mouth and I grabbed my stuff and started heading to the door.

“Y/N wait!” Sam said.

“What Sam, I want nothing to do with you. God you’re so good, so good. Just when I thought I could start trusting you again and believing that you loved me you turned around and did this.”

“Y/…” Sam tries saying before I cut him off.

“We’re done. You chose your side. I’ll come get my stuff tomorrow.” I said walking out of our home.

I got into my car and I call Nate immediately, he was one of the boys I trusted the most. I called him for everything, he was my first go-to

“Hello” Nate said

“Hey.” I said sniffling on the phone

“Hey Y/N you good?” He said

“can I come over?” I said

“Yes absolutely, come.” He said

“Okay, see you soon.” I said hanging up the phone.

I drove to Nate’s house, tears were just falling uncontrollably. I don’t know why I was so hurt. I knew he was a playboy type but after investing two years of my time and supporting him in everything he does and being alone, him making me believe he loved me. It hurt.

I got to Nate’s house and I knocked on the door.

“He… y/n what’s wrong?” He said noticing my teary eyes.

“I caught him… I caught sam cheating.” I said crying

He gave me a hug and brought me inside. Him and I sat on the couch and just talked we talked about the situation, we talked about what I should do about it, we talked about his music, my work, his touring. We realized it was hitting 11:00 pm when we finished talking.

“You can stay here if you want Y/N” He said

“Can I really? I asked smiling

“Of course”

He stood up let out his hand for me to grab it and led us to his room. He opened his drawers and gave me a pair of sweatpants and grabbed me a shirt from his closet.

“Thanks” I said

He smiled and kissed the top of my forehead.

I started to change and he turned around and said “oh, I’m sorry.”

“No it’s fine, I’m comfortable around you.” I said

He walked up towards me and leaned his forehead and ran his hands down my sides.

“You’re so beautiful.” He said

Our lips and bodies were very close he turned me around and leaned me against the cold wall, goose bumps were all over my body

“Kiss me.” You said

He kissed me so passionately, I knew it was wrong becquse Sammy and I technically didn’t break up but the way his sweatpants hung on his waist and his shirtless body just looked amazing at the moment. The way his tattoos and his jawline perfectly looked. I couldn’t help myself.

He picked me up and laid us on the bed and slowly pulled off my sweatpants. We went from kissing to him kissing me slowly down my body. He kissed from my neck to my belly bottom around to my thighs and soon my hot spot. The way he passionaly moved his tongue made me want him even more. He moved himself by slowly kissing my thighs and moving back to my neck. He slowly slid himself into me and we grinded our bodies slowly. Everything about what we were doing was wrong but felt so right. We were both moaning while kissing, we new we were hitting each others climax as soon as his thrusts sped up.

As we were finishing he kissed me and looked at me and said “you’re beautiful, Sammy is stupid.”

He rolled over next to me and out naked bodies cuddled into each other as the cold air hir our bodies.

“Thank you, Nate.” I said falling asleep.

“Goodnight.” He said.

I woke up the next morning rolled over and looked at Nate sleeping so peacefully. I got out of bed, out on some of his clothes and went down to the kitchen. I pulled out some stuff in his fridge and started to make breakfast. As I was making breakfast my phone buzzed. It was a text from Sammy.

Sam❤️: Can we talk?

Me: what is there to talk about? From what I think it’s nothing.

Sam❤️: y/n I screwed up I know but I’m sorry. It won’t happen again. She meant nothing to me. Where are you I’ll come over.

Me: she obviously meant something by the way you two were kissing and loving it up. Sam just move on and let me live and be me. We both know it was gonna happen sooner or later. I’ll be by to get my stuff. I’m sorry but you chose.

He didn’t respond after and I went on making breakfast. I felt hands snake around my waist was I was making bacon.

“Mm good morning.” Nate said nuzzling his head into my neck while kissing it.

“Good morning.” i said putting my hand on the back of his neck and playing with his hair.

I turned off the stove and turned around and put my arms around his neck, he then kissed me.

“Are you hungry?” I said

“I mean yeah but for something else.” He said grabbing my butt.

“Stop I meant for He delicious breakfast I made.” I said

He grabbed the plates and forks and I took the food to the table. We started to eat when Nate broke the silence.

“Y/n there’s something you should know.” He started

“What’s that?” I said with a nervous feeling in my stomach.

“I uh, well I kinda uhh, like you. Not just like you like a small crush, like every time I see you there’s a feeling in my chest in my stomach that makes me get a good feeling when you’re around. I get if you don’t like me either but I had to tell you since of what happened last night. I’ve been jealous ever since you were with Sam.”

“Nate stop, I like you too. I’m actually glad this happened with me and Sam.”

He smiled and leaned over and kissed me.

“Eat your breakfast.” I said

“Okay.” He said lifting me up and taking me to his, now our room

Hope you guys enjoyed!! Please keep sending ideas. I really want to start writing again. 🌸💗


Hayes Grier “freaky couple” (Instagram)

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Can u do an Instagram au where Hayes and yn are like the freaky couple thanks

- School just started
- The Dolan Twins are getting more noticed and won’t be our little secret
- All the guys of Magcon might be taken in a few months
- Hayes is on “Dancing With The Stars”
- I found out cats can’t talk


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I’m dead serious.  EVERY.  SINGLE.  PERSON.


Dating Shawn Mendes would involve (Instagram’s version)

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hii! can I request a dating Shawn Mendes Instagram imagine??

Dirty ~ Taylor Caniff Ig Post (requested)

Anonymous said to mmagcon101:Can I have an ig post with Taylor when he’s dirty


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I CRY, I CRY 😂😂😂😂


Hurts, I know, but I love them and I love that they have been in my life for 3 years now

They went from having 50,000 people knowing them, to over MILLIONS





Love, your future homie, Mady


⭐= new 🔜= coming soon.


“just friends”






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visiting his family🔜


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sammy walks in on you guys

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