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MASTERLSIT Magcon and Omaha squad UPDATED... AGAIN.

CAMERON: six flags

fame pt. 1 & 2

party smut

caught smut

helping hand

secret lovers

she can’t have you

shh smut

spicing it up (foursome with jack and jack and nash)

club sex


he’s not for me

I missed you (daddy!kink)

he gets jealous of Gilinsky

truth or dare

dance practice

I’ll take care of you

not as heartless as you think

Abusive boyfriend

baby blurp

dry sex

she’s a cheater



stress relief

Skylynn doesn’t like you

you can’t have him

cheaters, smut 3some with taylor

I missed you smut

bike ride smut

truth or dare

playing hard to get

spicing it up

silent treatment

me, or the fan?

You’re mine

she’s a cheater


abusive relationship

baby sammy

playing hard to get

cancer, sad

tease smut

game over

NATE: friends to lovers

MATTHEW: football game smut

before practice quickie

anniversary blurp

stress relief smut


spicing it up

the feelings are mutual


bad girl smut

jealous much?

busted smut

spicing it up


I’m not ready

couple moment

game over

our baby part 2

Our baby part 1


you cheated on him with nash and Taylor




I missed you smut


truth or dare

drunken mistake


his favorite thing about you

how he knows You’re in the mood


the original nine+full names


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Do you ever hear Jack Gilinsky sing and you’re just like yes Jack. YES



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OH MY GOD HELP ME just imagine you talking to Dillon and some of your other guy friends at the local diner you and all your friends hang out at after football games and right as your boyfriend Taylor walks in, you are doubled over from laughing so hard at one of Dillon’s stories and your hands grip onto his thighs, dangerously close to his crotch, and Taylor just watches it all happen before turning right back around and out of the diner, fuming in anger, and you never notice a thing until you get a text from him saying, “You better be at my house in 15 minutes or you’re gonna regret it.” So you get up and leave and drive to Taylor’s house and as soon as you walk in, you feel Taylor’s hand grab your wrist and drag you up the stairs to his room and he throws you onto his bed and says, “Strip. Now.” And you strip yourself completely are while he searched through one of his drawers and finally pulls out two different bandanas and takes off the red one on his head and he ties your wrists to the bedposts and then makes a knot in the third bandana and forced the knot into your mouth and ties the bandana around your head and Taylor just watches as you writhe around on the bed, moaning through the gag and pulling at your restraints, until he finally strips down and crawls on top of you, holding your hips in place, and says, “You have been a very bad girl, sweetheart. And now I’m gonna teach you a lesson on how to not whore around with my friends. Understand?” And you nod quickly as Taylor’s fingers glide over your dripping heat and you arch your back and whine loudly through your gag and Taylor holds you down and says, “Don’t move again until I say so. Only good girls get permission to move.”


Taylor Caniff Imagine - Why Don't You Trust Me?

Request: Where you and taylor fight over you flirting with someone

A/N: Sorry it’s so short and crappy

“You’re being ridiculous!” I scream at Taylor, slamming the door of the car.

“How am I being ridiculous? You were all over that guy!” Taylor yells, stepping into the drivers seat.

“I was all over him? Really? Am I not allowed to have a conversation with a boy without begin accused of cheating!”

“You were flirting with him! In a normal conversation there is no flirting!”

“First of all, I was not flirting with him! Second of all, how come you are allowed to flirt and kiss and hug all those girls without me saying anything, but the minute I talk to a guy, you freak out!”

“They are my fans! I’m not interested in them that way!”

“Well he is my friend, and who knows, maybe I am interested in him! Because maybe he actually trusts me, and he doesn’t have to flirt with other girls, not to mention he is always there for me unlike my own fucking boyfriend! So you know what, maybe I do like him!” You scoff, leaning back in the car.

“Y/N, I-” Taylor says.

“Save it. I don’t want to hear it.” You turn your head away from Taylor, staring outside the window and even though you can’t see, you know he’s looking at you.

Minutes tick by, an uncomfortable silence surrounds you. “Y/N please listen to me.” Taylor says. You shake your head. “So you’re just not going to speak to me, is that how we are going to solve this problem?” You don’t say anything. “Well fine, if you’re not going to speak, than just listen. I’m sorry, I blew everything out of proportion. I should’ve believed you when you said you weren’t flirting with him, I do trust you, I really do. I understand if you want to break up, you deserve someone who is always there for you and who will give you what you deserve-”

“Shut up Taylor,” You mumble, he looks up at you, a shocked expression on his face. “I don’t want him, or anyone else for that matter, I only want you. You’re not the only one at fault, I reacted badly and trying to ignore you was stupid of me. I’m sorry for that, but i swear to god Taylor, I love you so fucking much but if you ever pull something like this again, I’m done.”

“I really am sorry babe and I love you too. I love you more than you could even imagine and I never want to lose you so I’m sorry if i get overprotective at times, but I promise you that I will always listen to you first. Just please don’t leave me." 

"I won’t.” You whisper. “Now pull over.” You say. Taylor looks at you puzzled but pulls over to the side of the street.

“Why did we pull over?” He asks.

“Because I can’t do this when you’re driving.” You mumble, unbuckling your seat belt and leaning towards Taylor. You press your lips to his and his hands immediately snake around your waist. You gently bite down on his bottom lip as you pull away causing him to moan.

“You can’t just do that and stop.” He whines.

“Than drive quickly Tay.” You smirk, eyeing the little tent forming in his already too tight jeans.

“Fuck you.” Taylor mumbles.

“Love ya babe.” You reply, poking your tongue out. 

Let’s just say, you never saw someone drive that fast in your life.