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Imagines #7- Cute Jack Gilinsky Imagine


It was the start of a new semester, I had walked out of the office with my new schedule and started making my way towards my first period. Nothing much had changed about my schedule besides my last period, which was changed from one elective to another. Crafts was never really my thing, and I’m much more content with being a teacher’s assistant anyway.

My first period went by quickly, the bell rang, and I began walking towards my English class. This class was one of my favorites, not because I like the subject, although English has always been one of my strong suits. No, this class was my favorite because Jack was in it. Jack  is one of my best classmate friends. You know those friends that you have in your classes, you get along really well, and are pretty close, but you never really hang out outside of the classroom? He’s one of those friends, and he makes my classes substantially more fun and entertaining. Although, I feel as if we drive our teachers insane with all of our inside jokes, and talking.

As I approach the classroom, I see Jack waiting for me outside of the door, making me smile as I take in his appearance. He’s literally the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen. He looks up, we make eye contact and he smiles at me as I do in return.

“Hello friend…” I shoot him a cheesy grin as I walk up to him. He smiles, rolling his eyes and grabbing the coffee out of my hand, taking a drink.

“Hello pal.” He smiles, sarcastically, handing back my drink.

“Wow, it’s like you never get tired of stealing my coffee everyday…” I laugh, he smiles, and opens the door for me before following me to our seats in the corner of the classroom. We sit down, our English teacher began talking about the assignment we’ve been working on in class as I grabbed my unfinished work out of my backpack.

The classroom fell silent as our teacher instructed us to continue our essay. Suddenly, I feel Jack reach over, pinching the back of my thigh, and making me jump up. I look back at him, smiling and smacking his shoulder as he laughs mischievously. A few moments later, Jack pinches my thigh again, making me jump up, and yelp a bit as he bursts out laughing.

“Can you fuck off?” I scoff, playfully as he tries to stifle his laughter by covering his mouth with his sleeve.

“Jack, Y/N, is everything alright?” Our teacher, Ms. G asks, already looking annoyed with Jack and I. We both nod frantically, trying not to get our seats moved, although we know she would never move us away from each other. A short while later, I feel Jack tap on my shoulder, I turn to face him.

“Hey, Y/N, did you finish the assignment for Mr. B’s?” He asks, holding an assignment from our third period, another class that we have together. I grab the packet from him, scanning it for a second before nodding, as I grab it from my backpack, handing it to him.

“Thank you, friend…” he smiles, sarcastically, making me laugh.

“Yeah, yeah… No problem.” I smile as I watch him sloppily copy my paper.

“You look pretty today, by the way…” Jack says out of nowhere, catching me off guard.

“I look the same as I do everyday…?” I laugh, confused as hell.

“And you look pretty everyday.” He says, quietly, still not making eye contact with me as he pretends to be paying attention to the work. My cheeks burn bright red as I bring my knees to my chest, clutching onto them, and trying to hide my smile.

“Well, thanks…” I murmur, unsure of what to say as I’m the worst person when it comes to accepting compliments.

The bell for break rings, Jack hands me my paper as we both clean up our stuff. I sling my backpack over my shoulder, saying goodbye to Ms. G as Jack and I walk out the classroom. We nod goodbye to one another as we walk to our separate friend groups.

As break went by, I would occasionally look over at Jack from across campus, catching him already staring at me. We both turn away, looking down as if it never happened, blushing and smiling. The bell rang as I began walking towards my third period after saying goodbye to my friends. Jack and I met at the door as we waited for our teacher to come unlock it. Mr. B arrived after about a minute or so, unlocking the door, and letting us in the classroom. Once again, Jack held the door open for me, following me into the classroom, and to our seats.

He sits to the right of me, pulling our desks together as he usually does as I get the work out of my backpack. I begin doing my work as Jack gets sidetracked by the littlest of things. Suddenly, I felt Jack rest his head on my shoulder, peaking at the work I was doing.

“What doing?” He asks playfully, dragging out his words. I smile, continuing my work as he watched over my shoulder.

“My work…” I laugh, looking at him through my peripheral. He had his head resting on my shoulder as he stared intently at my work, spacing out a bit.

“Oh…” he says quietly, pausing for a moment. Our third period went by quickly, the bell rang as I packed up my things. Jack held the door open for me, and began walking me to fourth period as we talked about all the annoying people in our previous class. We walk up to my fourth period, standing to face each other as we stayed silent for a moment.

“So, I’ll meet you after last period?” Jack asks, awkwardly, his hands shoved in his pockets. Everyday, Jack and I meet at my class after school, but I totally forgot to tell him I changed my class!

“Oh!” I exclaim in realization, making him jump. “I changed my last period! I’m a TA for Ms. E now!” I continue, a weird grin forms on his face.

“Dude! I have Ms. E for art last period!” Jack says excitedly, making me grin.

“Oh my god, that’s dope!” I smile, getting really happy at the thought of seeing him more. The late bell rang, Jack hugs me quickly before running off to his next class. I smile, my cheeks burning red as I walk into class.

When last period came around, I walked into class, Ms. E looks at me and smiles. I had her class last year, she’s a really good teacher and I get along with her a lot. She stands up, checking my schedule before hugging me.

“Oh it’s gonna be so nice to have you in my class again!” She smiles.

“Yeah, so do you have anything you need me to do?” I ask, looking around the classroom. She pauses, thinking for a bit before speaking again.

“Oh, you’re gonna hate me…” she smiles, looking in her bag. Immediately, I knew what she wanted me to do as I groaned, laughing a bit. She hands me her keys, walking across the hall as I follow behind her.

“I’m gonna have you clean the art supply office…” she says as I groan, even though I’d much rather be cleaning the art supply office than doing crafts. I unlock the door, gasping as I look at the huge mess of the office. It was nothing I couldn’t handle, it would just take some time.

Class starts, and I can hear Jack walk in late. I peak my head into the classroom to ask Ms. E a question that I really didn’t need to ask, I just wanted to see Jack. I catch Jack’s eyes as they brighten when we look at each other. He grins at me as I grin back, my face turning red as I walk back to the art supply office.

Jack G

I see Y/N walk into the class, our eyes meet as I smile uncontrollably, my heart racing. She walks back towards the art supply room as Ms. E hands out our work. As Ms. E passes my work back, I stop her to ask a question.

“Um, Ms. E, do you think I could do my work in the art supply room? I don’t think I’m going to be able to concentrate, and I really want to finish…” I say, trying to sound sincere. I just really want to see Y/N, I like her so much. Ms. E squints at me for a second, she’s not stupid and she probably knows what I’m doing, but she nods anyway.

“Don’t bother Y/N too much!” She yells as I walk out of the classroom. I laugh shaking my head as I walk across the hall. I pause as I reach the door of the art supply office, my heart racing as I go to open it.


The door opens, I look up from my work to see Jack walk in and close the door halfway behind him. He smiles at me as I look up at him confused.

“What are you doing in here?” I scoff, laughing a bit as he sits down on the rolling chair in front of the table.

“Ms. E said I could do my work in here…” he smiles, waving his paper in the air before placing it on the table.

“Oh, okay. Well I’m cleaning, so try not to bother me…” I say, not realizing how rude that sounded until after I said it. His mouth drops into a frown as he pouts a bit. I continue cleaning the room.

“Come sit down with me, she’s not expecting you to be done today!” Jack pouts, I shake my head.

“No, I want to get this done so I don’t have to do it the entire semester.” I scoff, Jack rolls his eyes.

“Why do you always take things so seriously?” He asks, sincerely, I pause for a moment. I ignore him, trying to get my work done. As I pass him, I feel him grab my arm, pulling me onto his lap as I yelp a bit. He wraps his arms around me, holding me close to him as my cheeks burned red.

“What are you doing?” I murmur, awkwardly. Our faces were so close as we just sort of stared into each other’s eyes.

“I don’t know… It just felt like something I needed to do.” He says, quietly. “You know, sometimes I really want to kiss you…” he says under his breath, his cheeks turning red as he obviously didn’t mean to say that out loud.

“Then do it…” I say quietly, biting my lip. He cups my face in his hands, bringing it towards his and connecting our lips. My stomach fills with millions of butterflies, my heart racing as our kiss intensifies. I place my hand at the back of his neck, pulling him as close as I could.

I wanted it to last forever.

Jack G

Kissing her was the best feeling I could ever possibly imagine. It was something entirely new, that I had never felt before. I could kiss her forever. She made my knees weak, and my lips tingle. Fuck, I like her so much.

“WHOA!” Y/N and I jump apart to see a very surprised Ms. E standing in the doorway. Y/N hops off of my lap, her cheeks glowing red as the three of us stare at each other in shock.

“No!” Ms. E uttered out, awkwardly. “That’s very… bad! Jack go back to the classroom!” She yelled, obviously unsure of what else to say. I stand up, turning towards Y/N and kissing her once more before heading back to the classroom.

“Sorry, Ms. E…” I mumble quietly, laughing a bit. I walk back into the classroom, Jack and Sammy look up at me. They both begin laughing as I sit in my seat.

“What?” I furrow my brows at them.

“Nice lipstick, Gilinsky…” Johnson laughs, I wipe my mouth and check the back of my hand. Sure enough, Y/N’s lipstick was on my hand. My face turned red as I smiled, wiping my mouth.

Totally worth it…

MASTERLSIT Magcon and Omaha squad UPDATED... AGAIN.

CAMERON: six flags

fame pt. 1 & 2

party smut

caught smut

helping hand

secret lovers

she can’t have you

shh smut

spicing it up (foursome with jack and jack and nash)

club sex


he’s not for me

I missed you (daddy!kink)

he gets jealous of Gilinsky

truth or dare

dance practice

I’ll take care of you

not as heartless as you think

Abusive boyfriend

baby blurp

dry sex

she’s a cheater



stress relief

Skylynn doesn’t like you

you can’t have him

cheaters, smut 3some with taylor

I missed you smut

bike ride smut

truth or dare

playing hard to get

spicing it up

silent treatment

me, or the fan?

You’re mine

she’s a cheater


abusive relationship

baby sammy

playing hard to get

cancer, sad

tease smut

game over

NATE: friends to lovers

MATTHEW: football game smut

before practice quickie

anniversary blurp

stress relief smut


spicing it up

the feelings are mutual


bad girl smut

jealous much?

busted smut

spicing it up


I’m not ready

couple moment

game over

our baby part 2

Our baby part 1


you cheated on him with nash and Taylor




I missed you smut


truth or dare

drunken mistake


his favorite thing about you

how he knows You’re in the mood

Can we take a second and appreciate Shawn in a onesie?

no promises

He’s the one who said they couldn’t have a relationship. She’s the one who makes sure that they don’t.

Pairing: Shawn Mendes x Her 
Rating: Mature
Words: 1744

They tumble through the hotel room door, his palm swiftly pushing it shut behind their entangled bodies. Her hands wander up his chest and her arms find their way around his neck, a need to be close dragging her to him. Their lips detach from one another’s during brief moments when they both push their jackets off their shoulders and take off their shoes in a hurry, and when he pulls her top over her head. Her fingers work fast to unbutton his shirt and remove it from his body while his hands move to cup her bottom. 

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fetus shawn appreciation

if twaimz isn’t you then i don’t know what is

How he knows you're in the mood: ( Magcon boys + Omaha preference )

NASH: you’re very touchy. Normally your not into PDA but if you’re in the mood your hands are always on his or you kiss him more often.

CAMERON: you get very quiet. You don’t speak much and when you do you drag your words out more than normal.

MATTHEW: you stare at him a lot. Sometimes he’ll find it creepy because he’ll look at you at least three times and you’ll still be staring directly at him.

TAYLOR: You are much more dirtier with your words. You become very perverted.

SHAWN: Shawn can never tell when you’re in the mood because he’s that cute little innocent boy so you always have to be straight forward with him.

CARTER: You normally text him wink faces until he gets the hint. It never takes him long.

AARON: You become nervous. You’ll act nervous around him.

HAYES: you’re more giggly. Everything is way more funny.

JACK G: You become a major tease. Either you’d pull your shirt down some, giving more of a view to your breast, or you’d give Jack a perfect view of your ass.

JACK J: You play with his hair. You always had a thing for his hair when you were in the mood, you never knew why but when you were in the mood your hands always found their way to his hands.

SAMMY: you’d just simple call him Daddy. Unless he was in front of a lot of people you’d just bite your lip constantly.

NATE: he’d never get the chance to know because you’d be in a hurry to get some action, you’d always find a way whether it was fragging him to the airport bathroom or making Jim stop what ever he was doing and find the most abandoned area at the moment.


Last Updated: 28/09/2016

(smut) = Smut
* = Requested

Text AU’s:

Shawn Mendes


Nate Maloley

Sexually Frustrated  *

Dot Points:

Kissing Shawn Pt1  Pt2  *

Cuddles with Shawn  *

Lazy days with Shawn  *

Surprising Shawn on tour  *

Losing your virginity to Shawn  *


Shawn Mendes


Perfect *

My Fault *  Pt 1  Pt 2   (For Brie)

Saviour * 

Air *

Short *  (For Sara)

Stretch Marks *

Lessons  (smut)

Night walks are the Best walks *

Let me go down on you? * (smut)

Seemingly bad  * (For Alexandra)

Unrequited * 

Awful singer *

Ice skating date *

Anniversary Date * (smut)

Running Low *

Dance for me * (smut)

When I was your Man  (+ video)

Who would’ve thought? * (smut)

Safety net  *

We were friends before too  *

Multi-tasking at its finest  * (smut)

Thoughts on you

Wasted Time *

I’m so sorry *

Dad-out  * (For Bailey)


Already Gone  *

You remember my name?  *

Cameron Dallas

Nervous *  (For Sophie)

I thought they were my friends? * (Includes Mean!Johnson, Mean!Gilinsky and Mean!Madison Beer)

Love me for me *

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Nash, Hayes, Johnson and Gilinsky))

Something I’ve always wanted *

Nash Grier

Only Yours  (smut)

Boyfriends’ Brother * (Includes Hayes)

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Cameron, Hayes, Johnson and Gilinsky))

 Family Barbecue *

Anything for you  *

Hayes Grier

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Cameron, Nash, Johnson and Gilinsky))

Merry Christmas *

Didn’t think that was going to happen * (For Manal)

Aaron Carpenter

Caring * (For Emma)

Taylor Caniff

(none yet)

Matthew Espinosa

First Date

Bet he couldn’t do that * (smut)

Jack Gilinsky

Pregnant * (For Monica)

Sorry * (Includes Brother!Johnson and Jadison (Madison Beer and Gilinsky))

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Cameron, Nash, Hayes and Johnson))

Facades are only distractions *

Jack Johnson

Home is where the loved ones are * (For Sophie (includes Cameron, Nash, Hayes and Gilinsky))

Caught * (smut)

I’ve wanted to do that for a while * (For April)

Sammy Wilk

Did I? *  (For Rachel)

Nate Maloley

Make me *


Sick Little Game (A Shawn Mendes Fanfic)








my edit, do not steal


But of course Shawn wears all black to his high school graduation…still looks good though

Anon said: Hey, happy new year! Could you write a cute imagine where y/n is sleeping in the room by herself and a thunder storms starts, and she gets scared and calls Nash (who’s downstairs writing) so he could cuddle her to keep her save? Please

There’s two types of people in this world, the “I’m gonna make use of my life and explore” people and the “yeah call me when your done exploring, I’ll be in bed sleeping” kind of people. I’m the more sleeping type of person, I mean I have my days where I’ll explore with my boyfriend Nash but 67% of the time I’m at home sleeping. Today was one of those days, it was rainy out so there was nothing to do. Nash was downstairs filming his new YouTube video and writing while I was cuddled upstairs in out bed. I was sleeping when I heard a jolt of thunder, I’m not afraid of the door or anything but this thunder isn’t regular and I saw the Wizard of Oz when the house gets sucked into the tornado, like hell no. I tried shrugging it out and continued to sleep when a even louder jolt woke me. I slung forward, and held onto the covers, I was scared that this thunder storm could turn into something horrible. I let it pass after five minutes I heard nothing and went back to sleep. I was having a bad dream due to the weather, I heard the thunder and in my dream I was about to get shot. The thunder hit and I woke up drenched in sweat screaming for Nash.

Nash ran up the stairs like his life depended on it, “Y/N!” he yelled at the end of the hall, I cried calling his name out. He swung open the door, running to the side of the bed. “Are you okay” he looked me in my eyes, checking for any sign that I wouldn’t be okay. I was still half asleep checking my chest for any signs that I had been shot, Nash was concerned just like myself checking. “Babe, babe wake up” he shook me, our eyes made eye contact, “it was just a dream, breath I’m here” he pulled me to his chest. I sobbed a bit, I was scared. “Please don’t leave me” i held onto his shirt, “I’m not leaving” he rubbed my head, “please stay with me and cuddle with me” I did a puppy dog face. “You know I could never refuse that face” he pinched my cheeks, he took his shirt off and climbed into bed with me. We cuddled, while watching episodes of Bad Girls Club because of course it happens to be my favorite show, I layed close to his chest until I heard a loud jolt of lightning, “fuck” I closed my eyes holding on to him tightly, “it’s okay babe, you got your Prince Charming to keep you safe” he wrapped his arms around me, “man I swear I love you” I smiled kissing him, “I love you too” he chuckled a bit kissing back.



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Lessons - Shawn Mendes Imagine (Smut)


WARNING: NSFW (Not Safe For Work)

Y/n’s POV

“I’ll be home in an hour is that okay?” 

I sighed as I read the text. I replied with a simple, “It’s fine, get home safe, I love you xx” to which Shawn replied, “I will, I love you too xx”. I was undeniably sexually frustrated and my boyfriend was in the studio. I’m not mad that he’s doing something he loves, just really sexually frustrated.

I play with the tie of my silky robe and start looking around the room to look for something to keep my mind off the ache between my legs. I look over at the wardrobe and remember my draw of goodies. I make my way over to the wardrobe and open a draw revealing all of my sex toys. Shawn and I like to try new things and a huge part of experimenting is toys. I grab the closest vibrator I had, a small gold one. I remembered the last time I used it. It was when Shawn was on tour he had sent a gift to me. You should’ve seen the shock on my face when I received a vibrator in the mail. I FaceTimed him that night and told him about his wonderful gift. That night he asked me if I could show him using it, I was hesitant but decided to give it a go.

I smirked making my way over to the bed, undoing the tie to my robe. I crawled on to the bed and leaned my upper body against the headboard. I unhooked my bra, tossing it carelessly on the floor. I decided to leave my panties on. I began playing with my breasts massaging them and flicking my nipples to make them hard. I then slowly made my way to my panties, I began rubbing myself through the material, imagining they were Shawn’s fingers. I then grabbed the vibrator and placed it on top of the fabric. The vibrations sending me into a haze of pleasure. I bucked my hips up at the feeling, my back arching of the bed.

A cough was heard from across the room. My eyes shot open and I removed the vibrator, hiding it behind me. Leaning against the doorway was Shawn, clad in a white top and blue jeans.

“Here I was, going to surprise you by coming home early, but I guess the roles are reversed,” he ushered for me to stand up. I stood up and made my way over to him, covering up my breasts.

Shawn’s lips instantly crashed on mine, his hands cupping my cheeks. My fingers roaming his hair, pulling on the roots slightly. I smirked as I felt his hard-on through his jeans on my stomach. His hands roughly grabbing my thighs lifting me up and slamming me against the wall. Using one hand, Shawn moved my hair away from my neck and began sucking harshly at the skin. My head thrown back and my hands gripping on to his shoulder tightly.

He moved from the wall and began making his way to the bed. Suddenly my back landed on the mattress, Shawn standing at the edge of the bed, smirking. His hands travelled up from my stomach to my arms. I then felt metal touch my wrists. I look up to notice Shawn, cuffing me to the bed.

“Shawn, what the fuck?” Don’t get me wrong I love this, but I’m heavily frustrated and all I wanted was his dick in me. I can’t handle teasing, not right now.

“Did you really think you wouldn’t get a punishment for touching yourself baby? Do you really think I’m that lenient?” He smirked as he took off his top and jeans. His cock, seen easily through the material of his boxers. I could almost see him throbbing, I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

Shawn began caressing my skin. First my stomach then my inner thighs. His fingers grazed the wet spot of my underwear. I bucked my hips at the slight contact. He smirked at me, deciding to continue his torture. He used his thumb and pressed my clit. I screamed at the sudden pleasure. My hips coming off the bed. I needed his touch, I needed him. Shawn let his fingers graze my entrance through my panties, then they were gone, his fingers making their way into his mouth.

“Even with underwear I can still taste you. You taste so good,” I watched as he sucks on the tips of his fingers, making eye contact with me. I moaned and whined lifting my hips up and moving around.

Shawn then leaned down and kissed my heat, letting his lips linger. I threw my head back, my wrists tugging at the cuffs, just wanting to run my fingers through his hair as he ate me out.

Shawn’s fingers then went inside my panties, rubbing me slightly. He then removed the fabric and threw it across the room. His fingers began gently rubbing me, the pleasure took over me and made me cum instantly. Shawn fingers moved away from me.

“I didn’t say to cum Y/n, oh well it makes it easier to decide your punishment; over-stimulation,” my head shot up and I began begging him not to.

“Please Shawn, you know I can’t do over-simulation, remember New Years? I couldn’t handle it, please Shawn just fuck me,” Shawn face showed a slight hint of concern, but soon that vanished.

“Baby, don’t you remember? You were screaming for more that night. The morning after you told me it was the best sex you’d ever had. You can’t trick me this time Y/n,” my cheeks heated up. He caught me, I’d thought he wouldn’t remember since we both were slightly intoxicated. He’s right, that was the best sex I’d ever had, but I can’t do it right now with my heat being so sensitive after my first orgasm.

Shawn went over to our wardrobe and opened one of the draws revealing all my sex toys. He pulled out my wireless vibrator. A black matte one, with a white head. It was the fastest one I had, the speeds making me come undone in a matter of seconds.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you use this love, how ‘bout we try?” Shawn smirked as he turned it on the lowest speed. He placed the tip of the vibrator on my left nipple, the vibration making them hard instantly. He smirked at the effect. Shawn then dragged the vibrator agonisingly slowly across my stomach and down my legs. He then dragged it softly along my inner thighs. The vibrations going straight to my core. My hips bucked up, my eyes closed taking in the sensations. Suddenly the vibrations hit my core at a higher speed. The jerk put the speed to its highest level.

I was moaning loudly as my orgasm approached, my body began moving around trying to get rid of it, but wanting more at the same time. My hands grabbing my cuffs tightly. I felt the rising feeling in my stomach growing. I screamed out Shawn’s name, as I came. He didn’t take the vibrator off causing me to go into overdrive. My head thrown back, arms and legs tense. The vibrations so high making me cum again and again, until I had cum three times. Shawn slowly took the toy away from my heat, smirking at my weakened body.

My arms were dangling form the cuffs, my legs worn out. I was breathing heavily. My eyes opened to Shawn, he smirked as he put the vibrator on our bed side table.

Shawn then removed his underwear to reveal his large member throbbing with need. He then moved to the side of the bed where my head was.

“Open up your mouth for daddy sweetheart,” Shawn instructed as he began stroking himself. I opened my mouth enthusiastically, excited that I could give him pleasure. He lined his cock with my mouth, placing the tip on my awaiting tongue. I moved my head and raised my eyebrow at him.

“You know, I could give you the best blow job of your life, if I wasn’t tied to the bed? Un-cuff me and I’ll give you the best orgasm of your life,” Shawn smirked but agreed, un-cuffing me. I touched my wrists to notice the red lines.

Shawn saw and took ahold of them, kissing them each with a sympathetically look on his face.

“I’m sorry,” I smiled at his concern and shook my head, touching his cheek.

“It’s fine Shawn, it didn’t hurt, you didn’t hurt me,” Shawn nodded before going on the bed, leaning against the headboard. He was slowly stroking himself, watching my every move as I turned to face him.

I kissed Shawn, with an urgency, taking him off guard. I then felt around ‘till I felt what I needed. I placed the cuff behind me where I had easy access to it.  I then ran my fingers through his hair, earning a low moan from Shawn.

I then felt around for the other cuff and found it next to my leg, I placed it next to the other cuff, making sure Shawn wouldn’t notice.

I started kissing his neck, sucking on his sweet spot. I began dragging my finger nails down his torso, feeling his abs tense by my touch. I began leaving kisses down his torso, until I reached his twitching cock. I wrapped my small hand around the base and began moving up and down. Shawn threw his head back and moaned loudly. I kitty licked the swollen tip, making him moan and his eyes to close. I then moved up from his cock to his torso running my hands up again. I began kissing his neck, he closed his eyes and moaned at my teasing. I then moved the cuffs in the small space between him and headboard. I then ran my hands down his back pulling him forward kissing him hard. I went down his back and grabbed the cuffs, carefully pulling them up. I then put my hands through one of the holes and turned the cuff around so it was on the back of my hand. I then went up his arms firmly placing them on the headboard. I kissed him hard, beginning to grind on his crotch. I then grabbed his wrists an flicked the cuff around him so it went around his wrist, taking my hand out of the other hole. I then puled away from Shawn and cuffed him to the bed. Shawn’s eyes opened wide once he realised what I’d done. he began pulling on his wrists but it wouldn’t move. I stood up and pulled his legs down the bed, forcing him to lie down. I smirked at his confused expression.

“Did you really think you wouldn’t be punished for teasing me baby? Do you really think I’m that lenient?” I teased with his earlier words. I sat on the side of the bed, dragging my nail across his torso. I then leaned down and began kissing his neck, moving my hand up and down his shaft.

“Fuck Y/n..” Shawn dragged out. I moved from my position and made my way to his dick, noticing how red it had gotten. I licked the tip watching as he squirmed underneath me. I saw him grasping tightly onto the cuffs, his knuckles turning white.

I licked from the base of his shaft to the tip, taking him into my mouth. I began sucking on his tip, always looking at his face. Shawn’s mouth was open wide and his eyes were closed, his head thrown back and turning form side to side.

Then I took as much of him as I could into my mouth sucking, I used my hand for the rest of him I couldn’t get in. I started deep throating him. A loud moan emitted from Shawn as he began jerking his hips up. I took my mouth off him.

“Don’t jerk up or I’ll stop,” I said sternly. He nodded, his eyes pleading me to go back. I smirked and without another word put him back into my mouth, I began sucking harder and my hand began moving faster. Shawn’s head was thrown all the way back and his breathing got heavier. I could feel his cock twitch and in seconds he had came in my mouth. I spat the cum into the bin next to the bed and got up from my position. Shawn had regained his even breathing and was now begging for me to un-cuff him. But I had other plans.

“Sit up,” I demanded, he pulled on the cuffs and sat up.

His cock was still stiff and erect. I moved to a straddling position, making sure to not touch his crotch. I then moved the tip of his cock to my entrance, placing it in slightly. I then slid down his whole member releasing a moan as I closed my eyes at the feeling. I looked at Shawn to notice his mouth hung open and his eyes were slightly closed. I began going up and down his shaft, bouncing slightly. I then began grinding on him, feeling how deep his member was going. I held on to his shoulders and placed my head in the crook on his neck, moaning in his ear.

“Un-cuff me! Un-cuff me right now Y/n! I need to touch you!” I obliged and un-cuffed him. His hands instantly going to the back of my head bringing me in to kiss him. The kiss was deep and loving. His hands moved to my hips and helped them rock against him. I moaned into the crook of his neck as he went deeper and deeper. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach.

“I’m gonna c-cum Shawn,” I whispered into his ear.

“So am I, cum for be Y/n,” As soon as the words left his lips I came undone. I was a moaning mess. I raked my nails down his back, moaning loudly.

Shawn came seconds after me. He began thrusting upwards riding his orgasm out. His mouth formed an ‘O’ shape and his eyes shut tightly, moaning my name over and over again. We both rode out our climaxes.

Breathing heavily, I got off Shawn and laid down on the bed next to him. Shawn pulled me by the waist closer to him. I rested my head on his chest, hearing his racing heartbeat. We were lying there panting in each others arms.

“Does that teach you a lesson about not touching yourself when I’m not home?” Shawn breathed out, smirking down at me. I nodded, leaning up and kissing him gently. My fingers going form his jaw to his cheek. I noticed the red marks on my wrists and traced them, they didn’t hurt but it looked like it should’ve.

Shawn noticed, he gently held my wrists in his hands, examining them. His eyes filled with concern, guilt and sympathy. I kissed his cheek whispering “it’s not your fault” over and over again.

Shawn pulled me into a kiss, his hands running up and down my arm, leaving goosebumps.

“I love you Y/n, so much,” Shawn said as he leaned his forehead against mine. I leaned up and kissed him softly.

“I love you too Shawn, so much.”

A/N: You’re taking the pill btw so that’s why he didn’t use a condom.

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