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CAMERON: six flags

fame pt. 1 & 2

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I missed you smut

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she’s a cheater


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our baby part 2

Our baby part 1


you cheated on him with nash and Taylor




I missed you smut


truth or dare

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his favorite thing about you

how he knows You’re in the mood

You think he is going to hit you ~ Cameron , Shawn and Taylor written preference

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Disclaimer , I know none of the boys would physically ever harm the female they were with this is just for a story also trigger warning this contains references of physical abuse . 


Cameron : 

“y/n why do you have to be like this over every little thing “ Cameron said sighing as he took a seat on the end of the mattress . “excuse me ?’ you question stepping forward to tower over him . “why do you let every little comment , post , tweet , picture anything really get to you ‘ he said raising his voice . ‘cameron because i’m human and i’m female i am already self conscious of every thing I do because i am now a person of the internet thanks to you ‘ You said . Cameron quickly stood up raising his hands as he did he opened his mouth ready to yell , you quickly stepped back and became defensive . Cameron took notice and stopped to analyze everything “y/n’ hes said softly . ‘yes’you replied defensively ‘why did you move?’ he asked stepping forward ‘because i thought you were going to lay a hand on me and i had to be ready ‘ you admitted . ‘y/n I may get angry but no matter how angry or mad I am I will never lay a hand on you or hurt you I love you “ he said kissing you on the forehead “I know and I love you too” you said smiling into his chest . 

Shawn : 

“Y/N pleas stop yelling okay i’m not trying to get mad over something so stupid “ Shawn admitted but it only made you angrier “Shawn this is not stupid okay just because I’m a girl does not mean I have to stay home and cook and clean “ you said stepping closer to him . “Y/n i never said anything like that dammit okay you are acting irrational right now if it’ll make you feel so much better i will clean the entire fucking house right now “ Shawn said shouting . He forcefully walked past you putting his hands up as he walked past you , you instinctively hit him and soon regretted it “oh damn baby I am so sorry “ you said running to console him . “why?’ was all he could say “I though you were going to hit me so I had to do it first “ you admitted leaving him many kisses to make up for it . “oh i would never ‘ he said looking up at you “yes i know I just had to prepare I guess “ you said sighing . 

Taylor : 

“Taylor why the fuck would you do that to me ?’ you questioned yelling at him trying to hold back the tears you might shed . ‘Y/N baby pleas believe me I did not cheat on you okay the girl is lying to get attention “ . “your lying Taylor it all adds up “ you said sighing attempting to walk away but Taylor quickly gripped your wrist . You instinctively three yourself to the floor in hopes to end it all . Taylor quickly let go dropping to the floor as well, “baby what’s wrong ?’ he asked slowly moving closer . “nothing worth telling you about right now “ you said , ‘Baby i would never cheat on you or hurt you in any way I love you and I am here for you no matter what okay all i can ask is that you pleas listen to my side of the story “ he begged holding out his hand “start talking “ you said looking the opposite direction .

Hayes : 

“baby pleas just stop yelling “ You begged Hayes you weren’t feeling good already so him yelling was just making it worse . “excuse me ? your trying to tell me to cool down over this situation “ Hayes said throwing his hands up as he passed around the room .”Hayes I just went out with my brother for lunch okay and some random dude was trying to get with me okay that’s it it happens when you are not there okay he did not hurt me or anything shoved him off and he walked away “ You said standing up to console Hayes but he shrugged you off of him raising his hands just over your head . You quickly moved back trying not to get hit, “I’m sorry “ He said pulling you in for a hug “I just hate having other guys like him even be able to taking to you with disrespect “ he admitted . “I know but watch your hands next time you almost hit me “ you giggled causing him to chuckle “I know i’m sorry “ he said once more . 

Sammy : 

“damn it Y/n I trusted you “ he said taking a deep sigh sitting on the couch. “Sam you have to believe and understand me I did not cheat on you when you were gone okay I spent my days with friends and food “ you chuckled at what you said . “your lying i know you fucked that guy “ He said tears shedding down his face . You stood back shocked that he would say such a thing. In the heat of the moment you felt your hand swiftly swipe across Sams face “don’t you ever refer to me to do such a thing ever I am not a slut and I love you I would never sleep with another guy or do such a thing to hurt you “ you admitted trying to hold back the tears. Same swiftly stood up and lifted his arms but you moved back you couldn’t tell if it was a sign of embrace or something else “babe” He said softly. “no you hurt my feelings you didn’t even bother to let me explain “ you shouted storing our of the living room . 


I only did five but I am willing to do more just inbox me :) 

Can we take a second and appreciate Shawn in a onesie?

The Summer Hayes

THIS IS A DRABBLE DON GET UPSET 😭😭 i will finish it

Waking up this morning I find comfort in the sun shining bright through my window. The smell of bacon fills my nostrils as I finally take in my surroundings The comforter sliding down my soft,sleepy skin.
I sit up and slip on my pink Fenty slides. I brush my braced teeth and pull my long, afro hair into two messy buns. I pull up the sleeves of his shirt as they gently fall off my arm. I smile to myself and thank god for another beautiful morning.
I walk out of the room and glide down the stairs humming Love Galore by Sza. When I reach the bottom i grab my speakers off of the coffee table. I play the song that sticks in my head day and night, the one I was humming of course.
The music begins to play and I begin to move my body. Slowly moving my wide hips to the smooth sound coming from my speakers. I close my eyes feeling every beat and the melody that flows through our living room. I get so lost in the moment i almost forgot who was here. I open my eyes and turn around to see him staring at me.
He looked at me with his grayish brownish eyes. He gave me a smirk that could destroy and cure the world at the same time.
I walk towards the kitchen and pretend to wash my hands.
“Good morning beautiful” he says to me with a cute child like smile. His raspy morning voice still present. When i don’t respond he pouts his lips. I walk closer and closer to him.
When we are finally face to face I splash him with the water in my hands.
“You’re lucky you’re cute” he laughs.
“Good morning love bug” I laugh out as well.He pulls me in and hugs me from behind.
“Whuss the moves for today kiddo”. He ask me before kissing my brown, freckle filled cheek.
“Well I have an orthodontist appointment today but after that its your day to decide what we’re doing”.
Ever since seventh grade we took turns deciding on what to do. Thats how long we we’ve been best friends. Every year in the year book so far we have been labeled cutest best friends. One year we were even voted number 1 couple goals. Senior year should be the same but we don’t think about senior year yet because junior year just ended a week ago.
I take out my camera as we step out the door.
“Good morning sweet peas, we our out here in the streets of Cali and we are lovely and lit everydayy. Hayesie is taking me to my orthodontist appointment and I’m letting him pick the color this time” I say to the camera with an eye roll and a smile.
“Y'all already know she gon get my favorite color” he says with a smile.
“My ootd is this cute, white, jean jacket that has rips in the back, this red crop top, these white jeans with rips, my red and white 11 retros. Of course i had to finess one of Hayes’ hats”
“Yeah exactly finessed my hat but is alright because she looks cute with it anyway” Hayes says and gives me a peck on my lips. He winks at the camera before walking to start the car. I laugh and finish my intro.
“And the the cherry on top are these cute sunglasses. Everything will be linked in the bio”.
We sit in the waiting room, fingers interlocked. Oprah is on the flat screen tv answering questions from the people in the crowd. We aren’t really paying attention to it though. We share earbuds and listen to Bryson Tiller. My head rest on his shoulder. His big fingers play with my tiny ones. Times like these I enjoy a lot.
“Y/N” my name was called aloud in the waiting room.
He gives me a small tap on my ass when i get up. I turn around and stick my tongue out at him. He can never be serious…

A/N$$$Am i back??? I might be 😁. This is a drabble and i will most definitely be finishing this I might even make this a series . Im thinking about finishing my other series with Swazz. My request box is open 🙂… IM BACK HOME LOVELYS

Annon asked: Hey! Are you taking requests? Can I have a Shawn imagine when me and him are just friends and my dad is the tour bus driver so I end up staying with the crew + Shawn for a few months… We’re left alone and we end up making out because he knows I haven’t had my first kiss. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu babe

My dad, has a pretty amazing job. My names Y/N, I’m 17 years old and my dad is the tour bus driver for the one, the only…. *dramatic drum roll*… SHAWN MENDES! I mean his job honestly, is the best job ever. I’ve been staying on the tour bus with my dad, Shawn and the crew for 3 months already. I don’t mind it, especially being around Shawn, we’ve bonded so much and he makes every day am adventure for me. I was listening to music, while drawing when I got pulled outta my thoughts by the door of the bus opening. I looked up to see Shawn, “finally” I said throwing my pencil and notebook to the side. “Sorry, I had an amazing show” he smiled plopping himself down on my legs. “Your all sweaty Shawn” I tried moving away, but his weight kept me pressured down. “Come onnnn play with my hair” he nagged while searching through Twitter, I rolled my eyes and began playing with his hair “only because I’m in a good mood” I chuckled, “yes” he said extending the s’s.

My dad started the car once everyone was packed in, “you wanna go somewhere private?” Shawn said grabbing his guitar, “sure I smiled”. We made our way to the back of the tour bus where there was a door that we could lock. The both of us sat Indian style on the ground, “so I learned a new song” I smiled over reaching for his guitar, “really? Let me hear it” he smiled. I adjusted the guitar strings before finally getting the right cords.
“There was a time
I used to look into my father’s eyes.
In a happy home
I was a king, I had a golden throne.
Those days are gone,
Now the memory’s on the wall.
I hear the songs
From the places where I was born.”

I strummed slowly, and really connected with the song. I took glances at Shawn as he watched me in awe. As I went on his head started to bob, and he started make a little beat on his leg. I made my way to the end of the song slowly strumming, “Don’t you worry, don’t you worry, child.See heaven’s got a plan for you.Don’t you worry, don’t you worry now.“Yeah!” I finished, and placed the guitar on the side of me. “That was amazing” Shawn chuckled a bit smiling. “Thanks, but I’m not as good as you” I played with my hair. “Your amazing stop, who sings this?” He questioned, “Swedish House Mafia” I smiled. “So what’s our next stop” I layed on the floor, “New York” he let a breath out, “your excited aren’t you?” I said looking over to him. “Ecstatic. There’s nothing like meeting the people that made this all possible and being able to preform for them” he said staring up at the ceiling.

There was a light knock at the door before it opened a bit, “Y/N?” My dad called out, “yeah dad over here” I said sitting up. He opened the door wider before walking in. “Me and the crew are gonna go eat, well be gone for 20 minutes, I’m leaving you in charge of this bus which means I’m leaving Shawn in charge of it” he smiled at Shawn “okay dad” I smiled back “behave, I’ll get you food” he said leaving the room. A couple minutes later and the tour bus door closed. “So what do you wanna do to pass the time?” I asked Shawn. He thought about it for a moment, “truth or dare?” He smiled, “I’m down” I chuckled back. “Truth or Dare” I asked, “dare” “I dare you, to tweet a double chin picture” I laughed, “oh come on” he protested, “should have never picked dare” I laughed. He took a quick picture before posting it, “truth or dare” he asked with a slight bit of hope that I would respond with dare. “Truth” I smirked, “Is it true you finally had your first kiss?” He asked with a slight bit of interest. My face grew red, “that is false” I tried to smile, “what??” His eyes grew big “it still hasn’t happened?” Shawn knew I hadn’t had my first kiss, he asked me one day and I just told him. Since then, he’s been trying to get me to experience my first kiss. “Of course it’s not gonna happen when majority of the time, I spend it on the bus” I awkwardly chuckled.

“I’m gonna describe what would be a perfect first kiss scenario would be like” he said looking me in my eyes, “go for it kid” I chuckled. “A perfect first kiss would be random, I’d be off guard but be filled with passion. She’d sit there unaware of what the man is thinking” he said looking Into my eyes, “he’d be thinking of how to approach this situation, she’d take small breaths feeling awkward with the silence” his gaze went to my chest, “shed avoid eye contact, while he’d stare deeply at her admiring her beauty. She’d look down, letting a strand of her come across her face” i ironically looked down to avoid staring at him much longer. I pulled myself back to look at him as a strand of hair stood loose in front of my face. “He’d catch sight of the loose hair, and push it away bringing her slowly closer to his face in the process” he pushed my hair away, lightly bringing me close to him. I could feel his breaths hit my skin, “he’d tease her” his lips lightly brushed against mine, I closed my eyes preparing for whatever was going to take place. “Before he actually would do it” he used a finger to lower my chin more. His lips pressed against mine, stunned I didn’t react but I followed his pace. Our lips moved in sync, I bit his lip extending it outward. He leaned forward making me lean back. Our lips quickening, I was fully laid down on the floor with both his hands at my sides. He let his tongue roam my teeth before asking for entrance which I fully gave him access too. I flipped us over so he was on the floor and I was straddling him. He tugged my shirt, and for a moment I broke the kiss to take it off. A soon as it was off, our lips met again. This time, I tugged for him to take off his shirt. He quickly did, as we kissed my hands roamed his body, I was close to asking for his pants to be discarded when the door to the bus opened. “Shit” I said quickly hopping up and getting my shirt. Shawn got his shirt on and casually went to scrolling through Twitter, as did I. “Hunny?” My dad said opening the door, looking over at me. “Yeah?” I said putting the phone down, “here ya go sweetie” he smiled handing me a bag of food. “Thanks dad” I kissed his cheek. He handed Shawn a bag of food to before leaving. I let out a huff, “truth or dare?” Shawn asked again, “truth” I furrowed my Brows, “is it true you had your first kiss?” He smirked, “yes I did and it was with someone amazing” I smiled to myself as I bit into my burger.

How he knows you're in the mood: ( Magcon boys + Omaha preference )

NASH: you’re very touchy. Normally your not into PDA but if you’re in the mood your hands are always on his or you kiss him more often.

CAMERON: you get very quiet. You don’t speak much and when you do you drag your words out more than normal.

MATTHEW: you stare at him a lot. Sometimes he’ll find it creepy because he’ll look at you at least three times and you’ll still be staring directly at him.

TAYLOR: You are much more dirtier with your words. You become very perverted.

SHAWN: Shawn can never tell when you’re in the mood because he’s that cute little innocent boy so you always have to be straight forward with him.

CARTER: You normally text him wink faces until he gets the hint. It never takes him long.

AARON: You become nervous. You’ll act nervous around him.

HAYES: you’re more giggly. Everything is way more funny.

JACK G: You become a major tease. Either you’d pull your shirt down some, giving more of a view to your breast, or you’d give Jack a perfect view of your ass.

JACK J: You play with his hair. You always had a thing for his hair when you were in the mood, you never knew why but when you were in the mood your hands always found their way to his hands.

SAMMY: you’d just simple call him Daddy. Unless he was in front of a lot of people you’d just bite your lip constantly.

NATE: he’d never get the chance to know because you’d be in a hurry to get some action, you’d always find a way whether it was fragging him to the airport bathroom or making Jim stop what ever he was doing and find the most abandoned area at the moment.


fetus shawn appreciation

Anon said: Hey, happy new year! Could you write a cute imagine where y/n is sleeping in the room by herself and a thunder storms starts, and she gets scared and calls Nash (who’s downstairs writing) so he could cuddle her to keep her save? Please

There’s two types of people in this world, the “I’m gonna make use of my life and explore” people and the “yeah call me when your done exploring, I’ll be in bed sleeping” kind of people. I’m the more sleeping type of person, I mean I have my days where I’ll explore with my boyfriend Nash but 67% of the time I’m at home sleeping. Today was one of those days, it was rainy out so there was nothing to do. Nash was downstairs filming his new YouTube video and writing while I was cuddled upstairs in out bed. I was sleeping when I heard a jolt of thunder, I’m not afraid of the door or anything but this thunder isn’t regular and I saw the Wizard of Oz when the house gets sucked into the tornado, like hell no. I tried shrugging it out and continued to sleep when a even louder jolt woke me. I slung forward, and held onto the covers, I was scared that this thunder storm could turn into something horrible. I let it pass after five minutes I heard nothing and went back to sleep. I was having a bad dream due to the weather, I heard the thunder and in my dream I was about to get shot. The thunder hit and I woke up drenched in sweat screaming for Nash.

Nash ran up the stairs like his life depended on it, “Y/N!” he yelled at the end of the hall, I cried calling his name out. He swung open the door, running to the side of the bed. “Are you okay” he looked me in my eyes, checking for any sign that I wouldn’t be okay. I was still half asleep checking my chest for any signs that I had been shot, Nash was concerned just like myself checking. “Babe, babe wake up” he shook me, our eyes made eye contact, “it was just a dream, breath I’m here” he pulled me to his chest. I sobbed a bit, I was scared. “Please don’t leave me” i held onto his shirt, “I’m not leaving” he rubbed my head, “please stay with me and cuddle with me” I did a puppy dog face. “You know I could never refuse that face” he pinched my cheeks, he took his shirt off and climbed into bed with me. We cuddled, while watching episodes of Bad Girls Club because of course it happens to be my favorite show, I layed close to his chest until I heard a loud jolt of lightning, “fuck” I closed my eyes holding on to him tightly, “it’s okay babe, you got your Prince Charming to keep you safe” he wrapped his arms around me, “man I swear I love you” I smiled kissing him, “I love you too” he chuckled a bit kissing back.

Can you make me a dirty nash,cameron and taylor imagine. Where we are all friends and they spend the night at my house and we end up playing dirty truth or dare 🌚 thanks bae💖💖

“You guys suck” you whined out as you and three of your close friends laid in a pallet on your living room floor. You had invited Taylor, Nash, and Cameron to your place because you were going to be home alone for the weekend and your neighborhood was known to have others break in, so you figured three strong guys would be enough protection for yourself. “Its not our fault you have nothing cool to do here. Your place is boring” Taylor said from beside you. You sat up, grabbing your phone. “Fine I’ll just Google what we should do” you suggested, sighing heavily. There were multiple things that sounded interesting. “Movie marathon?” You asked, scrolling through the lists. “Nah I’ll fall asleep” cameron said looking over his shoulder. “Oh oh we could make videos” you said with a little too much excitement. “No! We make enough of those already, they get boring after a while” nash said. You sighed heavily. “Oh, extreme truth or dare” you said winking at the boys. “Yeah that’ll work” Taylor said before sitting apple cross. “Alright everyone in a circle” you said. You all quickly got in a circle, Taylor on your left, cameron on your right, and nash in front of you. “Alright who wants to start?” You asked looking between the three boys. They all looked at each other, waiting for someone to speak up. “I’ll go.” Taylor said tossing one hand up. “Alright, go then” you said looking over at him with excitement. Suddenly he smirked with just as much excitement. “Y/n have you ever tried anal?” He asked. Your eyes widened at the straight forward question. Cameron and Nash on the other hand just chuckled, as if they were expecting him to say something like that. You gulped slightly looking down at your hands. “Well no, I’ve never had the balls to do that. I don’t plan on that actually. I’ve heard some terrible side effects from that” you replied, calming down from your shock. He chuckled. “Alright your turn” Taylor said. You looked over at both nash and cameron. “Cameron, truth or dare?” You asked looking to your right. “Truth” he said not wanting to be the first to be embarrassed. You chuckled slightly, “have you ever been caught jacking off?” You questioned, giggling as his face instantly went cherry red. “N-no pshh what?” He said but you could easily tell he was lying. “Bull shit!” Nash said. “I can’t even count on my hand how many times I’ve caught you” nash said causing you all to laugh including cameron. “Okay okay yes I have geeze!” He said throwing his hands up in surrender. “Alright alright cameron its your turn” you said. Cameron looked over at Nash asking him the simple question, ‘truth or Dare’. “Dare “he said. Cameron laughed, grabbing his phone out. “Snap a picture of your bare ass , no captions. And you have to put your face in the picture.” “You’re fucking kidding me!” Nash said, instantly regretting picking dare. You both giggled as you watched him from the side take a picture of his pants pulled down. “There, posted. Happy?” He asked with anger in his voice. You all three laughed loudly while nodding as it showed people already screenshotting it. “Alright come on we have a game to finish” you said pushing the boys out of the bathroom. “Alright nash its your turn” you said after you all had settled back down in your original spots. “Alright y/n” nash said turning to you with a smirk on his face. “Oh god” you groaned jokingly. “Truth or dare?” He asked staring you directly in the eyes. “Truth” you said quietly. “Have you ever fantasized about one of us?” He questioned your eyes widened before you looked at your hands. “To be honest I’ve fantasized about all of you at one point in time…” You said not making eye contact with any of them. The room was quiet until Taylor spoke up. “Alright my turn, Cameron truth or dare” he said smirking. Cameron glanced around the room before mumbling ‘dare’., “I dare you to kiss y/n” he said smirking. “Woah what?” You questioned in shock. “Oh so you fantasize about me but you don’t want to kiss me?” Cameron said turning over to look at you. “O-of course I do I was just sh-” “Then kiss me.” He said before grabbing your face in his hands and placing his lips roughly. Your lips instantly moved along with his, your fingers tugging at his hair. You didn’t realize how intimate the kiss had gotten until you let out a throaty moan, instantly pulling away with wide eyes. “Damn if that would have lasted another minute you guys would be fucking right now” nash said causing you to giggle. “Alright my turn” cameron said. He turned to you grinning. “Y/n truth or dare” he said. You smirked. “Dare” you grinned. “Finally” Taylor mumbles but you decided to ignored it, your focus only on the boy who you had just made out with 2 seconds ago. “I dare you to take your sweater and your shorts off. ” he said with a cocky smirk plastered on his face. You mentally faced palmed yourself for not putting a bra on this morning but thanked yourself for picking out a good set of panties. You sighed standing up, lifting your sweat shirt over your heard, the boys gasping loudly as they noticed your breasts. You knew your face had to have been cherry red while you slid your shorts down, giving them a perfect few of your white laced panties. You stood there for a second before clearing your throat, making the boys eyes look to yours and away from your breast. “I guess its my turn” you said sitting down, feeling all eyes on you. “Alright go” nash said, his eyes constantly glancing down at your breast. “This goes for all three of you” you said pointing in between them all. “Truth or Dare” you questioned. “Dare” they all said simultaneously. “I dare all of you to take all your close off” you said without thinking. You weren’t going to be the only one showing anything. The each slowly pulled their shirts off, then they pushed their pants down, leaving themselves in only their boxers. “Keep going” you said bit in your lip. “What no you still have clothes on” nash interrupted. You just sighed heavily before standing up, sliding your panties down, stepping out of them. You walked up to nash, placing your hand on his chest. “Do you need some help, pretty boy?” You questioned with a smirk. He gulped as his blue eyes darkened, his eyes boring into yours. “Truth or dare y/n” you heard Cameron say from behind you. You breathed heavily has you felt his bare body press against your bare back, his hard on poking your bottom. “D-dare” you stuttered slightly, staring directly into Nash’s eyes. “Suck nash off” he whispered in your ear. You felt your body tense up but a dare is a dare, so you slowly got down on your knees, lacing your fingers in his briefs. “Fuck” you said under your breath as his hard member popped out from his underwear. “Go ahead baby girl, start” cameron whispered in your ear. You immediately took nash in your hands before wrapping your lips around him, slowly and teasingly pushing yourself down his shaft. “Oh god y/n” he said pushing at your head. You slightly gagged at the size but the more you moved, the more you got into it. You watched as nash struggled to keep his balance as he started to twitch in your mouth before shooting his load into you. You sighed as you stood back up before Nash mumbled the so familiar question that had been asked multiple times tonight. “Truth or dare?” He asked breathing heavily. “Dare” you whispered stepping closer to him. “Ride Taylor"he said before pressing his lips against yours. You kissed back for a second before pulling away and turning to Taylor. He grinned at you, his braces showing through his parted lips. "On the couch” you said to him. He quickly sat down before his hands found their way to your waist, guiding you over his lap and down his shaft. Both your mouths opened in an oval shape, soft moans coming out. At this moment you didn’t even bother to look and see what Nash and Cameron were doing, you were just too busy enjoying the pleasure you were feeling from Taylor. You wrapped your arms around his neck while he leaned his head into the crook of your neck, grunting out your name. You rocked your hips back and forth a couple of more times before you clenched around Taylor, you both coming at the same time. You were out of breath as you stood from Taylor, but nash was quick to pick you up and place you on the couch on your back. “Fuck!” You moaned out as nash immediately slid into you, his movements faster with each thrust. You heard nash hiss slightly in your ear as your nails raked down his back, the pleasure. “Right there nash” you moaned out as he hit your g-spot, both pleasure and pain shooting through out your body. You could feel Nash’s thumbs digging into your hips as he pounded into you, his thrusts getting sloppier by the second. “Oh god keep doing that” nash said as you clenched yourself around him. You continued to clench as he twitched inside of you before you came for the second time as well as him. You whimpered slightly as nash pulled out, walking across the room to put his briefs back on. “Cam” you breathed out, looking over at the sexually frustrated boy who was in desperate need of release. He looked at you with his darkened brown eyes as you grinned at him. “Truth or dare?” You said sitting up slightly, biting your bottom lip. “Dare” he said standing up, making his way towards you. “Show me a good time?” You asked with a smirk. “Bend over” he commanded, which you happily obliged. You felt Cameron roughly push your head down, making your ass stick further into the air before he slid himself into you. Cameron immediately started fast and rough, squeezing your ass and saying dirty things that you wouldn’t have expected innocent Cameron to say. You felt Cameron reach around, rubbing rough circles on your clot, intensifying the pleasure you were receiving. It didn’t take you long to feel that familiar feeling in the pit of your stomach so you grinded your hips at the same pace as Cameron’s thrusts. “Truth or dare y/n” cameron said in between thrusts. “Dare!” You cried out as you felt your orgasm building up. “Scream my fucking name” he commanded through gritted teeth before slamming into you as hard as you. “Oh fuck cameron!!” You yelled out as you came around him, your third orgasm of the night. “God y/n” cameron moaned out as he came as well. Cameron pulled out Eventually you all had gotten dressed and you were all laid on the florr with blankets and pillows surrounding you. “What now?” You questioned, looking up at the fan. “Well, we can either just remember this as a fun night, or we could all become extremely awkward” Nash said. “I prefer the first option” Cameron said making you all laugh and agree. “Let’s just not tell anyone else about this night” Taylor suggested. “Deal”
The Night of your lives ~ Cameron Dallas Smut

I have so many inbox messages requesting a smut with cameron so here is one I thought would be really sexy and passionate I hope you enjoy, also warning it does involve sexual content . 

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‘1 Happy new years” everyone at the party cheered and jumped . Cameron of course grabbed your waste and pulled you in tightly and passionately giving you an intense kiss you could never forget . 

You broke the kiss biting your lips seductively stepping on your tippy toes whispering in Cameron’s ear and you held onto his shoulders for support “Lets get out of here “. 

Cameron gave you a quick chuckle grabbing a hold of your hand dragging you out of the party he quickly dialed for his driver and within minutes the ride was there . 

Cameron quickly opened the car door dragging you in there with him. Your back was pressed against the car door as cameron some what hovered over you, His lips couldn’t part from yours as his hands roamed all your body. 

Your hands tasseled and played with his luscious brown locks wanting more of him and anxious for the car to arrive at home. 

soon it did the car reached the desired destination and you and Cameron quickly exited the vehicle Cameron lifted and carried you up the stairs to the shared bedroom. 

He put you down gently sitting you on the dresser that was for simple decor. You tugged at the bottom of his shirt Cameron quickly removed it . As you moved your hair out of your face to give him access to remove your dress. Your hands stroked his back up and down as he unzipped your dress from behind. The dress fell below your shoulders still rested on your lap. “I need more” cameron said lifting you up completely causing the dress to fall off . 

Cameron laid you on the bed examining your body at its barest “your so damn beautiful Y/n “ Cameron  said stroking your every flaw . 

Your cheeks began to blush but you wrapped your legs around his waste pulling him on top of you he smiled as he began to kiss all over your neck and ear soon down the length of your body, you body was left with chills after every sweet and innocent peck he laid upon your untouched skin. 

Cameron looked up at you seeing you enjoy what he is doing he lightly removed your lace black underwear seeing how moist your heat was. He smirked lifting your legs up and maneuvering his face right in front of your heat. 

Cameron left sweet and innocent kisses along side your inner thigh getting closer to your vagina you began to arch your back and clench the heats anxious for more. Cameron began to give light licks to your folds  as if he was a cat drinking water from the fountain . You began to moan wanting his to devour your pussy, Cameron quickly seen you were in pure pleasure. He began to stroke his tongue up and down your folds at a much quicker pace. He made his arms hold down your thighs as his began to dart his tongue in and out of your vagina causing your blood to heat up . ‘Damn’ you moaned grabbing his hair felling very aroused . Cameron then took his tongue up your heat finding your clit he began to play with it in his mouth gently nibbling causing you to go crazy and move your legs against his arms. 

“ah” You screamed arching your back up like no other as you tilted your head back words. ‘Come” You said grabbing his hair between your fingers as you pulled him up giving him a sweet kiss before turning his over so your naked body was on top of him and now in control . You swayed your hair to one side as you leaned down wards to kiss him passionately you continued to kiss along down his body. You looked up to see him becoming anxious as his eyes watched as your unbuckled his belt, unzipped his zipper and removed his denim jeans to see his hard on peeping through his Calvin Klein briefs. 

You began to massage his hard on through has underwear cameron threw his head back anxious for more pleasure, You then began to suck on certain spots of his penis through his underwear taking our time on giving him pleasure . “please “ he begged you chuckled completely removing his briefs from his body his hard on quickly sprung up. you took it into your hand and began to massage it adding just enough pressure, you then took it into our mouth swirling along his tip with your tongue you spat on it adding more moisture making the job easier . You soon took him all in guiding your mouth along with your hand along his penis You continued these motions until neither of you could take anymore . 

You stopped sitting on top of cameron giving him another kiss you then positioning his penis at your entrance . You the  relaxed and became comfortable you looked at Cameron for assurance as you began to ride his body against your feeling his large penis pump through your vagina hitting every arousal you could ever receive . Cameron put his arms out grabbing your breast as he began to massage them “ah’ You moaned almost at your peak . “damn Y/n this is so fucking amazing “ Cameron said grabbing your waste guiding you. “my turn “ Cameron said taking initiative turning your body over. 

You’s were basically in missionary position as Cameron took charge he began to hump your body as you held your legs up receiving more pleasure. “yes baby fuck me “ You said looking at Cameron’s sweaty body . ‘I’m cumming “ Cameron said “me to “ You replied Cameron and you both soon finished strong. His restless body laid on top of yours “I love you” you whispered into his ear “ I love you too” he mumbled against your breast . 


I had so much fun writing this and I am very happy with the results I hope you enjoyed and pleas give me feedback I would really appreciate it ! ,


Theelfiepan asked: Can you do a Cameron imagine?

We are gonna pretend that the song “When I grow up” and “Imma Be” By the black eyed peas are your characters songs with a few adjustments.

I’m really nervous, today I have 2 video shoots. My bestfriend Cam is gonna be at both, that’s not what I’m nervous about. I’m nervous because in one, I asked him to be the leading male, which required not only sexual things, but I’d have to kiss him which I find very nerve wrecking for me. I’ve secretly had a crush on cam for about a year, and we’ve been best friends for 9. I was starting one of the scenes for one of my songs, when Cam made his way over. We had closed out a street to film, and I was excited. He waved from far, and I returned the gesture. The intro started, and I stood in the car with the girls. We were acting sassy, while I sang.

“Now I’ve got a confession,When I was young I wanted attention
And I promised myself that I’d do anything,Anything at all for them to notice me” I sang, the girls exited the car we were in, and the camera pulled back. We each got on a car, singing and dancing. We did the whole song on the cars, and prepared for the next scene. I ran past Cam, giving him a quick side huge. We got on a side walk, and the camera started rolling.

“They used to tell me I was silly,
Until I popped up on the TV
I always wanted to be a superstar
And knew that singing songs would get me this far” I sang, while walking, we walked past actors dressed as construction workers, they whistled like they should have, and I flipped my hair walking sassy. I got to this building site under construction, we climbed it, and danced singing the song, finishing that scene. We went and quickly switched outfits for the final scene. I had time to talk to Cam, before having to start. “Hey” I smiled standing next to him. “Hey” he smiled back giving me a hug, “what do you think” I gestured to the view of the first 2 scenes. “I love it, your killing it babe” I wrapped his arm around my shoulder “thanks I’m pretty excited for th–” “Y/N let’s go!” The director interrupted. I rolled my eyes turning back “that’s my cue, come watch” I smiled running.

I got in my position, each camera in different angles. My concentration was set, I had to not only lip sing but dance too. The music started, and I worked my magic. I let my hips fall to the beat, and my mind carelessly wonder. Before I knew it we were finished. “AND THATS A WRAP!” the director yelled. I gave everyone a kiss, before rushing to Cam. “We can’t waste anytime, we need to meet the second director let’s go” I said yanking his arm.

We arrived at the location, it was in the middle of nowhere. We were in a desert. I shook the directors hand as he let us In on the details. I went to side of the road, where there was a built up changing area. I slipped on my outfit, as they got my hair done quickly. I looked hot, I was wearing a futuristic black but mainly metallic short outfit. It didn’t go up or below my knees. It showed my ass off nicely. I got ready for the first scene. Cam was supposed to be on a Motor cycle, stuck in a time loop. I was supposed to be lying on the floor, and wake up. I sing a bit and bring cam out his time loop, I make sexual advances before kissing him. I came out to see Cam already set up. “Wow” he said looking at me “I know right” I blew him a kiss. We got into our places and the music started. During the bass, I slowly woke up. I got up hitting my first few lines looking directly at the camera.

“Imma be on the next level
Imma be rockin over that bass treble
Imma be chillin with my mutha mutha crew” I walked to Cam, pulling him out his time loop. I sat on his lap, “Imma be makin all them deals you wanna do (hah)
Imma be up in that maylist flicks
Doin one-handed flips, and Imma be” I trailed my hands down his chest as he kissed my neck. It got heated very quickly,

“Sippin on drinks cause
Imma be shakin my hips” I slowly grinded on him, I heard faint moans from him which let me know I was doing my job right. “You gon be lickin your lips,Imma be takin them pics” he licked his lips as I got up slowly from his lap. “ Imma (imma) be here to say
21 century until infinity” he got up making his way towards me for the kissing scene. We had to act as if we saw this huge animatronic robot, making its way to place us in a time loop. He pulled me to him like he was supposed to, he leaned in and right when he was about to press his lips, I turned away. “Cut!” The director yelled, “what happened y/n?” He questioned “I heard something, and got distracted” i lied. “Shake it off and restart this part, when you are about/ and are going to kiss” I took a breath, before we started again. Again Cam hit his cue, but I couldn’t do it, as he leaned forward my face went from serious, to full out laughter. “CUTTTT” the director yelled, “come on y/n get it together, it’s a kiss there’s nothing difficult about it” he tried reasoning. My face grew red,as I avoided eye contact with Cam. I took a quick breather walking away.

“Yo y/n!” Cam yelled running to catch up. He grabbed me by my wrist, “what’s up” I smiled so he wouldn’t see I was nervous, “what’s up? Why won’t you kiss me” he questioned. “I don’t know what your talking about” I began to walk, he stopped me again “come on” he said doing his infamous puppy dog face. “Fine dammit, I can’t kiss you because it’s fucking awkward cam. It’s awkward that I’m not only kissing my bestfriend but the guy I like.” I didn’t know what I was saying, everything spilled out without my control. His eyes widened, “you like me?” He smirked, my eyes grew wide. “Fuck.. No I don’t, you heard me wrong I absolutely positively don’t li—” before I could finish, cam pulled my hand so my body was on his chest, he tilted my head up, and planted a soft but passionate kiss on my lips, which I returned. I pulled away shocked, “what was that for…?” I awkwardly said while rubbing my arms, “so you know I like you too, and so we can get this kiss over with. I’ve been waiting for forever to kiss you” he chuckled, “shut up!” I playfully hit his arm. “Let’s film this” he smiled intertwining our hands, I followed behind and let’s just say this time around, we totally hit the cue, with too much PDA.

***Hey can you make me an imagine of Nash and Hayes. Where I’m dating hayes and nash really wants me. And he does dirty things to me. Also try to put a little of Taylor in there😂😂 thanks love your page!😘😘😘😘****

“Okay, love you too…. Bye” you said sadly as you hung up the phone. “They’re making him stay two hours extra since its taking longer than they thought to do everything” you said sadly to Nash and Taylor. You were currently hanging out with your boyfriend, Hayes Grier, older brother Nash Grier and his friend Taylor caniff. Hayes was off doing scripts for vine and YouTube videos but they were running behind so it was going to take longer than you expected. “Awe well, you can just hand out with Mr and Taylor” Nash said before looking over at Taylor with a smirk. You decided to blow it off and stand up. “You guys want anything to drink?” You asked walking towards the kitchen. “We’ll both take some O.J.” Taylor replied. You sighed heavily while making them both a glass of orange juice. You had noticed they both were acting a bit strange towards you since they realized Hayes wasn’t going to be home for while. You could hear them whispering stuff but with the TV on you couldn’t really understand them. “Here you go” you said with a smile on your face setting their drinks on the table in front of them. “Thank you beautiful” nash said looking you in the eyes. Well that was a first. You sat down next to Nash, looking at the TV. “So what do you guys wanna do today?” You asked taking a sip of your already fixed glass of orange juice. “You” Taylor said. You started coughing on the juice as you were so taken back by his response. “W-what?” You asked finally being able to catch your breath. “Come on baby girl, you know you want to” nash said placing his large hand on your knee. “ you need some more experienced guys to show you how it’s done” Taylor said with a smirk on his face. You were so taken back from their responses all you could do was stare at them with wide eyes. “Look (y/n) I know you’re with Hayes and all but you’re almost two years older than him, you need someone like us to show you what its like to have a little fun. And you can say stop whenever you want okay?” He said as his hand slid closer to your now dripping area. You just gulped watching his face as his hand cupped your area. You didn’t move and that told him what your answer was. “Good girl” he said before sliding over to you. Kissing you. You kissed him back roughly as you felt Taylors hand under your shirt, groping at your boobs. “Remember you can say stop when ever ” Taylor said as he pinched your left nipple. You moaned while nodding against Nash’s lips. You had to admit. You had always had a crush on Nash before you and Hayes started dating. You just never said anything because you felt he wouldn’t be that interested in you. As for Taylor he was one of those guys that was so unbelievably hot that you’d always secretly imagine fucking him. You sighed heavily as nash pulled away from your lips, helping Taylor pulling your shirt over your head. It felt like your heart was racing . you had never done this before. Yeah you and Hayes had had sex before. But it would only last like 5 minutes considering he was a virgin before you so it didn’t take long until he’d cum. This on the other hand, was taking a lot longer than your regulars with Hayes. You took in a shaky breath as nash unhooked your bra, smiling st you. “Are you okay?” he asked. Stopping his movements. You nodded reassuringly before he continued his movements. “Stand up baby girl” Nash said, lifting you from under your arms. You did as told and stood with shaky legs while your upper have was completely bare. You watched as Taylor walked over to you. His tall figure towering over yours as he unbuttoned your pants. Pushing them down until they fell on their own to your ankles. Taylor was about to pull your panties down you stopped him. They both looked up at you with worry until you backed up with a smirk. “Your turn” you commanded. They both looked at each other with wide grins spread across their faces before they took their shirts off. Your eyes grew at the sight of their toned bodies in front of you. “Pants too” you said pointing a finger at them. They chuckled slightly before dropping their pants, their bulges prominent in their boxers. You looked at taylor, before walking up to him kissing him. You jumped slightly as you felt Nash behind you, kissing your neck. You laid Taylor down on the couch, pulling his hard member out from his boxers, stroking him as Nash pulled your panties down. You moaned slightly as you felt him run a finger up your slit before he stuck two fingers in you. He removed his fingers shortly after, kissing your backside. You quickly wrapped your lips around taylor as nash pushed himself into you from behind. “You’re so fucking tight baby” he moaned from behind you, automatically thrusting into you. You moaned loudly around Taylors shaft, sending vibrations down his shaft. “O h fuck” taylor groaned, throwing his head back. You felt your body move along Taylor’s as Nash proceeded to thrust into you from behind. You arched your back even more as you felt Nash hit your g-spot. You felt more than guilt run through you as you moaned loudly while bobbing your head on Taylors shaft. You looked up at Taylor as he ran his fingers through your hair as he bucked his up into your mouth. You clenched tightly around Nash as you felt him twitch inside of you, close to coming. “Oh god” he moaned out, his hips sloppily hitting yours. You groaned as you felt him slide out of you before you sat up, removing your mouth from tsylor. Taylor pushed you by your shoulders onto Nash as he placed himself in between your legs before immediately slamming into you, not giving you any time to adjust. “Fucking Christ taylor!” You breathed out, reaching behind you to grab onto Nash’s hair. You breathed heavily as nash reached down, rubbing rough circles on your clit as you fiercly made out with him, multiple moans coming out of your mouth. You felt Nash’s other hand grope your left breast, your eyes rolling to the multiple pleasure you were getting. “ I’m close” you said to Taylor as he watched himself going in and out of you. He just nodded, bucking his hips even harder than before. “Oh god y-” “(Y/n)!!” Everyone’s movements stopped as a shocked Hayes stood there, hurt and disgust filled in his eyes. “Hayes…” You whispered. *************** Kinda wanna do a second part just for hayes reaction, what do u say?

Anon asked: Can you make an imagine about DJ RUPP where your secretly dating Dillon and your Taylor Cannif’s little sister and he catches you and Dillon kissing and he freaks out and hits him and you end up telling him your together and get him from stop hitting him but then Taylor approved of your relationship at the end you took care of Dillon ?

My life is a crazy one. My brother the famous Taylor Caniff was having his famous little gathering, and when I say little I mean huge. Taylor is the older one, and with him being older means him being overly protective. He gets very angry seeing guys hit on me, or me even kiss a guy. I remember one time 2 years back, a guy whistled at me and Taylor literally turned back and beat the shit out of him. I get that he’s looking out for me, and I give him props but there’s a difference of protecting me and controlling me. He gave me rules and never lets me dace with a guy, kiss a guy or even fucking date a guy without loosing his shit and driving them away. Little does Taylor know I’ve been dating his best friend, Dillon for about a year now. I know, I know “how can she date him for a year, and not tell her brother??”, if you had someone like Taylor I don’t think you’d tell them that your dating and it’s their best friend.

I was at the party and Dillon hadn’t arrived, I was wearing a white sexy jewel neck sleeveless see-through crochet dress with matching white heels. My hair was curled nicely and my makeup was dark but not too dark. My goal with this outfit was to turn on Dillon and tease him the whole night. I was walking when my brother Taylor called me over, “Y/N guess who’s here?” He smiled widely, I looked to the side to see Taylor’s arms wrapped around Dillon. “Dil boy, whatcha doing here ?” I pretended to be surprised, “had to see my favorite boy” he smiled at Taylor “and favorite girl” he smiled widely engulfing me in a hug. “You look sexy” he whispered in my ear and pulled away. “So Tay, Imma go to the back and chill out for a bit, there’s to many people here” I started walking away, “take Dillon with you to keep you company, I trust him not to do anything with you” Taylor started hardly at me and I shrugged my shoulder and kept walking. As soon as I got out the door, I turned back and grabbed Dillon spinning him and placing him against the wall on the side of the door. “Someone’s excited to see me” he smirked taken back.

“Oh shut up, be happy I’m being affectionate with you” i laughed, and kissed his neck. “Why so affectionate?” He gripped on to my ass, “can’t I show my man love when he looks good?” I furrowed my brows together?“ He thought about it, "continue” he smirked. I kissed his neck, making my way up his jaw like slowly. I brought myself to his lips hovering over them and ran my fingers through his hair. “Fucking tease” he flipped us over, “ooh dominant, I like it” I smiled, he held my hands at my sides before smashing his lips on to mine. Stunned at first I slowly went with it, his hands brought themselves to my breasts playing with them as my hands pushed against his chest. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TO MY SISTER?” well shit. I’m screwed. Dillon looked up for a second and instantly was knocked down by Taylor, I screamed. Nate ran over and looked at the mess presented. Taylor and Dillon exchanged blow after blow before I brought myself between them almost earning a knuckle to the jaw. “TAYLOR STOP” I held my hands up defensively, “WHAT THE FUCK DILLON I TRUSTED YOU” he lunged but Nate held him back, Dillon went to walk up to Taylor but I pushed him back.

“TAYLOR CAN YOU FUCKING NOT!?” I yelled loud startling everyone. “I love you Taylor, your my oldest brother but dammit can you fucking stop?” My face turned into disgust, “what are you fucking talking about?” He scoffed, “YOU DAMMIT” I yelled. “God dammit, I get your my older fucking brother, I get it but dam you treat me like I’m your property. You bang any fucking girl you want/can yet when I want to date or do anything you scare every fucking guy away” my eyes started stinging. “Your 22 and I’m 21, I’m not a fucking child. I can do whatever the fuck I please and if your gonna be a fucking dick and push everyone away then I can easily push you away.” I looked away angry, “but…” “But nothing Taylor, stop it god dam be protective but chill it. Your my brother and I’m always gonna listen to you but dammit let me have control over my own life. Yes I’m with Dillon and we’ve been together a whole fucking year” “A FUCKING YEAR? WHY DIDNT YOU FUCKING TELL ME?” He yelled, “for that exact reason right there, you fuckin faught your best friend all because he’s with me. Be happy I’m with your bestfriend then some random fucking stranger. I love Dillon and he loves me. He treats me how I should be treated and we work hard to support each other. Whether you approve or not, I’m gonna stay with him and if you can’t except it then I don’t have to be near you” I crossed my arms. “Babe..” Dillon placed a hand on my shoulder, “no she’s right.” Taylor let a breath out, “ I just I love you sis, and I forget that your old enough to control yourself. Everytime I look at you, i see the little girl who would play with barbies. But i need to stop and let you live.” He whipped his bloody nose, “for you to stand up to me over Dillon shows me how much y'all mean to each other, I already know how he is and I trust him. I’m sorry bro for what I did” he took a hand out. Dillon was hesitant but shook his hand bringing him into a bear hug.

“I’m guessing you accept?” I question, “I accept” he smiled piling me into a hug. “Good, now that that’s settled, i need to go clean my man up, I’ll be right back” I smiled grabbing Dillon by his hand. “Well that went better then I expected” he laughed, I held his hand pushing him against a wall, “way better my little fighter” I smiled widely kissing his lips before making our way to the bathroom to fix my little fighter up.