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Problem- Part 2

Part 1


As the school bell rings you walk to your locker and grab your things. Then you feel a pair of hand on your hips and you turned and expected it to be Taylor, but it wasn’t. It was your ex. Jake. You try to get out of his grasp. Then you see Taylor running towards you guys.

“TAYLOR!! HELP!!” You screamed. Then Taylor came and punched the shit out of Jake. 

“Are you okay?” He asked you caressing your cheek.

“I’m fine. We better go before he comes after you.” You said with worried eyes and looking at Taylor straight in the eye. You both walk outside and Taylor brings you to his Corvette. I’ve got one question in my head. Where the fuck does he get all this money. He has like two cars at home. As we get into to the car he lays his hand on your thigh. You look at him confused, but then it changed into awe. He looks at you and kiss you with his soft plum lips and begins to turn on the engine. As he turned it on you see Jake running towards Taylor’s car. Why does he have to ruin this beautiful moment? Taylor put it on high speed. WTF.

“Taylor don’t cha think were going to fast.” You say grabbing your seabelt and closing your eyes.

“Calm down Y/N. Open your eyes babygirl.” He said softly. You begin to take your hands out of your face and open your eyes and you just see the open space. 

“Taylor where are we?” You ask.

“I told you we were going somewhere before we would go to my house. Right?” He asked you chuckling. You love when he does that.

“Nope. But we can.” You say smiling.

“I’m gonna take you dirt biking today.” He said getting helmets from the back seat. You begin to get all hyped.

“I’ve always wanted to do this! LETS GET DIRTY!!” You say, but then you realize what you just said. Taylor just began to chuckle. You start to blush and you both head to Taylor’s bikes. Once you get down there you see that there is another girl there…

“Taylor!”  The girl said swinging her arm around him. You flinch. Taylor let go and locked arms with you. You grinned. You see the girl roll her eyes.

“Uh…Hey Kathy.” (Idk…) Taylor said giving her the fake smile.

“Don’t you miss ME?” She asked unbuttoning her v-shirt…

“slut..” you mutter. She gasped but didn’t say anything cause she knew you’d whop her ass with a come back. 

“Thats what I thought…bitch.” you grinned. You suddenly feel the urge to kiss Taylor. You grab Taylor by the shirt and didn’t care Kathy was there you just smashed your lips onto Taylor’s. He obviously kiss back. You push him back onto his back and you both part to take a breath.

“Taylor can we go home?” You asked smiling. He nods with want in his eyes. You walk over to Taylor’s corvette. You finally have feelings for Taylor ever since what happened today.You use to like him, but that was in middle school. You now love him. By the time you knew it, you were already at Taylor’s house. Taylor carried you out and pushed you against his car and kissed you passionately. You both smile into the kiss.

“T-t-taylor.” You began to tease him…. You lean up against him and…


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Problem- Part 5

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“Breath, Y/N.” You say to yourself. Your feet were in the cool pool. You just thought if the SLUT BAG kissed Taylor and if Taylor kissed back or not. You saw a shadow hover over you. You turn around and see a puffy eyed Taylor.

“Ar-” You began but got cut off by the lips of Taylor. He then parted a few inches away.

“I’m so. SO.SO. SO SORRY.” Taylor sobbed into your shoulder. You wrapped your arms around him.

“Did she kiss you?” You asked him concerned. 

“Yes. I was getting you and I some drinks then she came along and straddled me…I tried to get out of her grasp, but she had me pinned.” He said playing with your hair.

“Taylor. I believe you and I trust you.” You said sincerely. You gave Taylor a peck. Taylor helped you up, but both of you ended up falling into the pool. You both laugh at each other and were splashing at each other. Then you heard ‘Awes and Oos’. You buried your head into Taylor’s chest. You both got out. Since Taylor didn’t have any shorts or underwear he had to take your dad’s. xD You kept laughing, but he looked… ZAYUUMM. You changed into crop top that said, “ To infinity and beyond.” Underneath the crop top you wore a black sports bra.

“Do you want to sleep in the guest room or in my room?” You asked Taylor smirking.

“Hmm. Your room of course!” He said jumping like a little kid wanting candy. You both walk upstairs and Taylor pushes you onto the bed. He began to kiss your neck and marking his territory. After a minutes of an intense make out session, Taylor and you stare up at the ceiling.

“Good night my Queen.” Taylor whispered into your ear. He then began to nip at the skin.

“Go-Good night. My King.” You say biting your lip. You began to drift away and you were gone like a light.


“I have so many problems. But I can’t live with out him. I have so many problems without him.”

“Y/N. Y/N.”


You woke up to your face puffy and crying. Taylor had you in his arms. 

“Y/N, what happened?” He asked you.

“You left me. Then I had many problems after the break up.” You shuttered. Taylor rocked you back and forth and kissed your forehead.

“I’m right here. And I’m not going anywhere.” Taylor said with his head on your shoulder. You smile and fell right back to sleep.


You woke up to the sun shining on your face and the smell of coffee and Panera. You rolled over to an open area. You knew Taylor was cooking down stairs. You walk down stairs and see Taylor making coffee for all of us. His friends were all passed out on the floor. I giggled and walked over to Taylor. You wrapped your arms around his waist and squeeze his waist.

“Y/N!” He whispered. You then began to tickle him. Both of you ended up having a food fight and got food every where so you guys had to clean all the shit up while the boys sat back and relaxed.

***Hours LATER***

“Finally were done.” Taylor said with relief. “So where do you want to go today, Y/N?”

“Lets go to the mall!” You said jumping and hoping Taylor would say yes. “We could stop by Tilly’s and grab some neff beanies and new penny boards!” You said persuasively. After having a small argument he finally gave in because he wanted to get some vans.


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The first line of Problem-Part 5. Hope you all are liking the series Problem.

Problem Summary:

Y/N, a girl that falls in love with an enemy. She begins to develop feeling for him again. Will she have a problem not begin with her true love (Taylor) or will she solve problems with him every step of the way. Find out in the series Problem