taylor a crockett art

Wicked is one of my favorite books. I’ve read it about 4 times- onto 5. I rewatched the musical and think it’s not bad- I like about 60% of it (but I do love Idina Menzel & Kristen Chenoweth)… but No Good Deed is a damn amazing song that Idina Menzel just kills. It’s my favorite part of the show/ book because it’s when Elphaba realizes that anything she does is going to be twisted to make her look like the villain so she might as well embrace it.

Update: Get a print of this here! 

Just what everyone needed, an unfinished OC Crystal Gem character sheet!

Tanzanite is a gem that originally was found at the base of the Mererani hills in Tanzania, Africa. It was thought to have formed when lightening struck solidified magma. Tanzanite can be associated with energy around the throat, and can signify courage.

Tanzanite is a gem who is very well-spoken when she does speak, but she customarily works alone and is not very accustomed to being around humans. Her ability to articulate well and lack of understanding of humans means she can be blunt and seem unintentionally rude. She can clash with Pearl & Amethyst because she is immune to being pulled into their drama and calls it like she see’s it but gets along well with Steven because he is very honest. 

Will you still love me when I’m no longer young, and beautiful?

Will you still love me when I’ve got nothing but my aching soul?

Did this in about an hour and a half last night while binge listening to Lana Del Rey’s Young and Beautiful from The Great Gatsby soundtrack. I’m really inspired by this character Lana Del Rey creates in her songs- kind of a lost soul lounge singer kind of vibe. The kind of girl who often swings dangerously between hard-drinking, headstrong and capable… and then falling into the arms of a man who makes her feel powerless and needy, a man who isn’t necessarily good for her.

June 30th was Usagi Tsukino (aka Serena in America) & her daughter Chibiusa (Rini)’s birthdays! (the titular characters from Sailor Moon) I hated Chibiusa as a kid but I’m starting to hate her a little less each year… in the manga I thought she was much more tolerable.

Based on when the Sailor Moon manga came out Usagi would be 33 by now and Chibiusa would be 11 (even though their ages are irrelevant because they live like, 1000 years by then lol) so I wanted to draw a touching mother daughter moment. Happy belated Bday you two!