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whats the story with taylex? i never knew that was actually a thing

DUDE. Okay, so I went through my Taylex tag cause I feel like I’ve answered this before but nada - anyway, just means I found a tonne of good resources and can now tell you all about it! I love this.

Right, so Tay and Alex were a thing beginning in early 2012, I believe? That’s when they recorded Kiss Me Again and the video, which kinda suggests there’s something; especially at 1:38! Oh, and in this interview at 3:40ish it was insanely obvious.

After that, there was Warped Tour, where I guess it was kinda confirmed? Apparently it was in magazines and stuff, but idk. YouTube search ‘kiss me again we are the in crowd warped tour 2012 and you’ll find loads of shit. These three photosets may also help, and this photo :)

Unfortunately, after that, (from what we know) Alex was a bit of an asshole. I think he kinda lead her on, she felt more for him than he felt for her … Anyway, he was the bad guy, and it by October him and Lisa were back together. He’s such an ass haha.

Anyway, from there we have the beauty that is The Best Thing (That Never Happened) - a song that I among many others always suspected was written by Tay about Alex, but today I finally got confirmation. Anyway, firstly the song says “don’t you get sick of only hearing your own voice” (singer alert) and the title itself (that whole ‘it was over before it even started’ vibe) suggests the same. In interviews, Tay has always dodged the question that it was about him, but again made people assume. 

But anyway, I just found this tweet - “Guess I deserved that one. Yowch!” And the date he tweeted it? Yup, you guessed it - same day as The Best Thing came out. Fucking perfect. By the way, I would totally give the song a listen.

I think that pretty much summarises most of my Taylex knowledge! It’s a fun lil masterpost. Hope that explains everything, and enjoy!

PS Sorry this took so long to reply to my mum kept bugging me about shit and then I watched a movie lmao

*tour guide voice*

now, if you take a look to your left, you can see one half of the all time low fandom giving love to lisa and apologising for shitty fans

and if you look to your right, you can see the other half of the all time low fandom dying of taylex feels

and if you look straight ahead, you can see alex gaskarth wandering how the fuck this all happened