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What happened between Alex and tay at warped I never heard anything about that?

alright so it was 2012 and all time low were returning to warped after not going for several years. 

so just before the tour started resident fuckboi supreme alex had this interview that he was going leaving his fuckboi habits behind and staying with lisa for serious this time he swear 

atl know we are the in crowd from a tour they did in early 2012, and it seemed like jack and tay are pretty close. then waitc re-records “kiss me again” and shoots a video featuring alex and tay being in love. then warped rolls around and suddenly alex and tay are holding hands and kissing in public close. alex sings with them on stage, they watch each other’s sets. BUT at the same time………it starts looking like jack was kinda into tay BEFORE ALEX so everyone was like??? and they SHE KEPT CALLING HIM BRUDDER and jack kept looking like a lost puppy (they are still friends tho)

anyway we are all like guess that’s a thing now, him and lisa have been on and off for ages. AND THEN LISA, THE RESIDENT GF OF ALEX AND NOW HIS WIFE, MAKES A POST ABOUT HOW SHE THINKS BEANIES LOOK LIKE CONDOMS ON YOUR HEAD (tay wore beanies a lot). the bandom explodes and lisa realises she fucked up big time and DELETES HER TUMBLR. 

warped ends, and alex goes home straight to lisa, and tay is very, VERY ANGRY. enough that she writes one live demo called ready which calls him out, tweets “what. a. tool.” after lisex posts their first photo together, tweets “i should have known better”, starts shouting stuff like “what a bitch” when singing. then waitc record their new album and the first single is “the best thing that never happened”, a clear call out and on the day it comes out alex tweets “ouch. guess i deserved that one” basically confirming that it’s about him

now that’s the end of the story and supposedly “oh calamity”, “backseat serenade” and “me without you” are about tay, however this is unconfirmed. 

tldr: alex is a fuckboi, might have gotten with tay even tho jack liked her, broke up with her to return to his gf and they wrote angry songs. baradine vs taylex, taylex vs lisex