I need help!

Hey guys.

Okay, yes, up front: this is totally a tumblr ‘begging for money to help me pay my rent’ post, so I totally get if you want to scroll past it. It’s cool. There are like 800 of these a day, my feelings won’t be hurt if you ignore it. Here’s a picture of a dog and a lamb for your troubles.

Still with me? Okay, neat.

I need help paying my rent and buying food. I’m a trans woman in a relatively stable situation - I’m not being abused, I’m not living with people who want to kill me, I’m not really in danger of losing medical coverage or not being able to pay for my hormones (not yet, anyway). I’m in no immediate physical danger… which is good.

But I also don’t have any money for food, haha. My job (at a coffee shop) has taken my schedule down to 8-12 hours a week, which at barely over minimum wage + some pretty meager tips is just enough to pay my bi-weekly rent, and nothing else. 

I’ve already talked to my manager about my hours, and there’s nothing they’re willing to do until some student part-timers leave in June, so I’m basically SOL for the next month. I don’t need much - just enough for food, gas, and whatever rent I don’t get from my paychecks for the next few weeks.

There’s a donation button on my blog, and my paypal email is taylet@gmail.com. Anything you can give would be incredibly appreciated. Even your reblogs help! You’ll be helping me out of a rough situation. Thanks for reading. :)