I haven’t made a follow forever in while so I decided why not now! Mutual edition, because mutuals just make everybody happy. These are the mutuals that make my dash complete, I love all their blogs so much. I’m glad to have actually befriended most of you, and to the rest I hope we can become friends soon.. B)))

No particular order, just the order that I wrote them down earlier lmao…. 




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*$* lukeblvd*$*tattums*$*cruizayn*$*gtfozayn*$*

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*$* zaynmialks*$*ofdisny*$*420harry*$*punksyou*$*

*$* wallflwers*$*fruitydick*$*bewbies*$*macscara*$*

*$* zaynrocky*$*poseypeen*$*ofrozens*$*evanspetr*$*


  • I know I’m forgetting a bunch of mutuals that I really, really love but I did this kind of quickly so sorry :(
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taylangdon said: I think she was just using a scare tactic. A really extreme scare tactic that I’m not ok with BC it makes her seem more psycho & I don’t believe she would actually follow through. She killed lizzie yes, but for completely different circumstances

it scared me a little the way she was talking to him but we know she’s not this kind of person. She’s clearly just trying to protect everyone. And yeah lizzie is a totally different situation, it had to be done.

jkinnamans  asked:

Hey I'm new here :) nice blog! Just wanted to say the fact that they put such a simple caryl scene in that trailer with the U2 song, in the middle of everyone else trying to survive or kill zombies, where they just look at each other gives me the idea that Caryl will be a huge story line this season or atleast way more focus on it and I'm so excited! You could feel the tension and chemistry just in the two seconds they showed them wow. Ready for it :)

Oh mercy, I hope you’re right!

Welcome aboard!

~Capt. Janne

Sorry if i’ve missed anyone. Merry Christmas!

- Lauren

2015 was a whole big mess and i can honestly say that i don’t remember a lot of it. this
year i graduated high school, made a bunch of really great friends, and found out more
about myself, and while it sorta felt like a filler year, i’m glad to have been here ♡

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& @yakasoba: thank you for giving me the best 2015 i could’ve possibly had. y’all
have changed my life for the better and i’m so thankful to have you in my life!!

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@veelatrix @voideater @weshanderson & everyone on the almighty blogroll:
you all are so great and seeing you on my dash brightens up my mood every day.
thank you & i hope your holidays are as awesome as you are ♡♡♡