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taylangdon said: I think she was just using a scare tactic. A really extreme scare tactic that I’m not ok with BC it makes her seem more psycho & I don’t believe she would actually follow through. She killed lizzie yes, but for completely different circumstances

it scared me a little the way she was talking to him but we know she’s not this kind of person. She’s clearly just trying to protect everyone. And yeah lizzie is a totally different situation, it had to be done.

jkinnamans  asked:

Hey I'm new here :) nice blog! Just wanted to say the fact that they put such a simple caryl scene in that trailer with the U2 song, in the middle of everyone else trying to survive or kill zombies, where they just look at each other gives me the idea that Caryl will be a huge story line this season or atleast way more focus on it and I'm so excited! You could feel the tension and chemistry just in the two seconds they showed them wow. Ready for it :)

Oh mercy, I hope you’re right!

Welcome aboard!

~Capt. Janne

Sorry if i’ve missed anyone. Merry Christmas!

- Lauren

jkinnamans  asked:

i'm curious to know what you think about jack potentially being dead for sure? i realized since there was that one shot of will walking towards the pantry and seeing the obvious huge pool of blood coming from underneath that that was sort of confirmation... in a way that you had said alana taking a breath of fresh air means she probably makes it (it was also hard to tell how much she was bleeding) besides abigail i feel like jack was an obvious death? (even though i hope not)

oh that’s an interesting one. logically speaking, if anybody was not to survive the finale, it’d be jack (~go away, abigail is alive~) — he’s very seriously wounded and losing much more blood, the fact that it basically spills through the door adds to the general impression that he’s screwed. there’s the thing though, i’ve read only one fuller’s interview and in it he specifically said that they tried to give a feeling of finality to all four potential deaths because they weren’t sure the show would be picked up for the third season and if all of the actors would be available if it does. that makes the significant detail like jack calling bella be more ambiguous than it seems; logically, if they were to put a scene of him calling her and then finally losing his consciousness when she picks up, it would be to establish that this is a goodbye for them and for us. right now all we have is a “that might be a goodbye but also may not be if laurence fishburne is available for s3 lol” so we could speculate about his death alright but nothing in the actual episode can be considered as a definitive proof that he’s dead/not dead (unless i missed any official confirmation? idk has fuller said anything new about that?)

ok tho if jack dies then i’m 50/50 about that. jack is one of my faves on this show, i absolutely love him and loved his arc, but if we’re to compare his death to beverly’s one (aka the one thing in s2 that still makes me furious)… beverly died as a prop to the story, jack dies as a fully developed character. the writing did give him justice and that’s the main reason i would accept jack’s death if it does happen, knowing it’s not just a random creative decision to kill him off (you know, just for the sake of killing him off).

that said, now there’s a question of jack being important part of the canon, and as much as i’ve argued that i don’t care about chilton being replaced with another chilton by the time red dragon and sotl happens (all the chilton stans are gonna eat me alive, i’m sorry, i just don’t care about him), i feel more attached to jack and i really want to see him in his canon place, alive and still driven, interacting with hannibal behind bars, with will, with clarice, all the backstory and fishburne’s amazing performance giving it more depth. i’d be ok if jack survives but gets less screentime (in favour of the ladies!!11111) in s3, but honestly, i really feel that his death would be a great loss to this show.