I embraced my inner Tash Sultana and recorded a live lil recording on my iMac’s webcam. Shitty quality, but it sounds pretty cool. This is a new song I’ve been working on for my new album which will only use FEMALE PRONOUNS when pronouns are used because I’m a massive gay and I don’t wanna sing about boys bc gay yah know. Hopefully more stuff to come soon!

Hope you like it :) Please share/reblog!!!


3:55 - Here’s another interesting response just like my previous post .

Alicia Menendez: You’ve talked before about being a normal person whose under incredibly abnormal circumstances and I wonder  when you’re making friends if you do look for people who share that life experience.

Taylor Swift: You know, I don’t really look at - much other than how I feel when I’m around that person. It’s mostly about that because I am such a ‘girl’s girl’ and I feel like if we like to talk about the same things, or they can teach me things or I can teach them things and we can just be open with each other. I really like spontaneous friends. My friend, like, a lot of my friends I know I could call up and say 'Hey, are you busy for the next day? Roadtrip. Let’s do it.’ And I love, people like that who have a sense of  ambition and passion for what they do but also spontaneous and fun and can make you laugh when you’re having a hard day.

I love the shift from ‘My friend’ to ‘a lot of my friends’ so I’m sharing this with you guys. Enjoy. :)

My thoughts on the UPS video

Not sure if it’s just me, but despite the voice and lyrics making me believe it could be Taylor, I am so sure that track is not on reputation.

Here’s why:

1. This is a UPS/fan video, not something Taylor is in herself. That seems like an odd place to leave a clue, especially since Taylor has only been giving us the major stuff herself this era or at least in a more professional way. The college football video is excellently edited, and we were told something was coming in advance. The UPS video, on the other hand, is just a bunch of fan clips.

2. That EDM beat reminds me of something that was popular five years ago, and I doubt Taylor would go backwards. It literally sounds like a random track you would find on YouTube, whereas LWYMMD and RFI are both fresh and original bangers. Plus this is Taylor.

3. I don’t think she would include a clip that she isn’t planning to release very soon as a single or promo single. And I think the next single she releases will sound more like the vibes from her playlist – more mellow than LWYMMD and RFI. Because, while I believe this album will be sonically cohesive, I still think it will be very diverse.

Those are just my thoughts… I’m not even totally sold on the idea. Maybe it’s just because that beat makes my ears bleed, and I actually like that kind of music. It’s just so basic!!! It can’t be Taylor.

What do you guys think?



hahaha no

how on earth did this happen? I’m just a small bean playing the sims?

im sorry you might be wondering what on earth im talking about. but i got to 1000 followers ahhh!!

but under the cut are tons of amazing people

some people i really love

i know, i know, its @siilhouette again?! well akte is really amazing to i have ramble about her. but honestly she is such a queen at everything? I mean what a pure bean. Its honestly not fair. She’s so pretty, she makes me laugh, she makes me cry (on the inside so its fine) so basically i love her and she’s been here basically since day one ♥

@riice wow umm look how talented chloe is? sdk;fjsakldj her lookbooks, her edits, her eVeRyThInG not to mention she and her doggos are absolutely adorable. I’m so glad that we got to talk i guess? I’m secretly envious of her blog and all her talent but really, im glad that we got to kind of know each other? I sometimes actually cry at how everyone is so talented its actually nerve-wrecking. but yeah, you’re a cool bean ♥

@roseelement bella!! aksldjlksa please stop making such pretty cupcakes they are amazing and now i crave cupcakes. but your makeup?? wcif your talent?? You’re fun to talk to and i have a problem with the eyebrows you introduced to me, i need to s-stop using them. And you tell me to answer your messages but i swear i dont have a problem its not like i have 40 unanswered ones or anything but you keep me on my toes and i dont even want to think about how many things i would have not answered if it weren’t for you. It was fun to get to know you over the past few days :) keep being too overly talented and too photogenic ♥

 @littlemissnellie oh gosh eleanor i feel like we really really need to catch up. but like me gush about you real quick first. excuse me?? no. eleanor you don’t get to have all the story writing talent here. leave some of us some!! but (im using a ton of buts) the daleys are so cute and your characters are so well developed and i feel so lucky to have a cool british friend like you. I feel bad for not answering for a couple of days, i honestly hoard so many messages but i promise! we’ll have a cup of tea and catch up! i miss talking to you and i hope you’re doing good. keeping being an amazing writer. love you ♥

@sundaessims  nyquil, i was honestly so close to putting @ nyquil until i remembered that you were sundaessims and i really love our 2:00 am talks (we sleep i promise) Quinlin, you are a funny, adorable and are chats are grrrrrreat fun ;). I would love to get to know you better and remember we’re going to get a teaching degree thing and teach kids how to spell, so mark the date. You’ve been sticking with me for a long time to woo!! thank you and keep being adorable ♥

@apricoto asdkfjklsadj look at this amazing, i have no words to describe her, phenomenal, just ??? how, wonderful bean :) christy is just w-what? how does she do that? she is so talented. her dRawInGs, her eDits, her CC, etc. She is one big ray of sunshine and im so glad we got to talk. I wish her the best with school right now and I hope she won’t be too stressed. Again, christy please keep being a bright ray of sunshine because you make everyone’s day better by dropping by at their inbox.

@katsimsthings wowza. guys, meet my favourite lens flare enthusiast. kat is an amazing storyteller. her blog is just beautiful, lavender is like uh she blinds me with how strong and amazing how she is. I wish her lots and lots of happiness. I can’t wait for the dRamA happening in gen.6. I’m so ready. Just thinking about all the writing gives me a headache but you and all the amazing storytellers mange it? with school or work but you’re a cool dude kat ♥

people/blogs that inspire me to write, edit, build, make cc, ect. they are all around wonderful and i love them no matter what. thank you.

@sandy-sims // @tiredtoothache // @sammyshuno ( even though you’re not storytelling anymore, thank you for writing such amazing things to read. I hope you’ll have tons of fun w/gameplay!!) @smubuh// @sondescent // @wild-pixel// @simsy-baby// @soleilsim// @keeksim// @cat-nerd-sims// @astralpixels // @starryllamas // @simstellation( for some reason when i think jills, i also think tills and hills. so umm you taylah @montysims and haley @yesdarlingsims are now known as jills, tills and hills in my head. i hope thats okay// @felicitum// @simsluname// @blarffy// @ridgeport// @daisiescreek // @tea-sims// @peonypyxels @ everyone i follow :)

blogs that i want to talk/have talked to to but im awkward ah

@little-callia-bean// @jalayniesims// @simtavia// @smolacesimmer// @spoopy-diesel-sims// @asterllum// @frootimoody// @simfluence// @dust-bubbles// @atksims @. basically everyone

but even if you weren’t mentioned, which i might add on when i go “askl;d i cant believe i forgot at 3 am in bed” i love each and every one of you. take care of yourself, dont stress, take breaks when you need it. you are loved ♥

and dont be afraid to msg me or whatever! i love to chat :)

yknow, when i said i was close, i didnt expect to hit it tonight??!!

i never thought, in a million years id be apart of such an incredible community! i’ve made such amazing friends through simblr (love u sinstellation and yesdarlingsnims). thank you all for welcoming me with open arms those 5 months ago when i was an anxious lil bean with zero friends. 

i love every single one of you, and its 2:49am and i scrambled to make this so i wouldn’t miss the screenshot but i think it turned out pretty groovy~

ah! i just love you all and im not good at expressing my feelings but im so incredibly thankful for all of you for loving me!!! a giant loser who sponges dumb saying off people, is a meme and is pretty sure she loves aliens and space more than real people!!!

anonymous asked:

My thoughts on the bullshit? I'm #tired of this drama already and we're like 2 minutes into this era, my sweet lord cheesus. "Old taylah is dead" she says, then she (or one of tree's baboon interns) proceeds to like an "analysis" post written by a 12 year old still stuck in the fearless era. Miss me with that bullcrap. I'm switching to the (unproblematic) Toni Garrn fandom. Don't forget to send me an invite when k****r gets married tho! Auf Wiedersehen, bitches!!!

I don’t know who the fuck your are but I do know that we need to become best friends immediately.