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aaahh i've always been curious about nao and natsuya's back stories but after the new chapter i am SUPER CURIOUS!!!

Thank you! I’ve been working on the next chapter of their backstory and it’s really been an experience getting inside their heads. Even though I’ve written Nao’s POV in ewoatt, creating his story and intertwining it with Natsuya’s is completely different. I have this process where as I’m going throughout the day and see something happen, I wonder how a certain character would react, and that has been the best mental work out to get to know them. I’m at a point know where I can write Nao and Natsuya more confidently, as in, “he would not say this,” “he would not hesitate to say this,” and can’t wait to share them. Plus, we’re going over Classic Greek in college right now and I based so much of Nao and Natsuya off of the Iliad’s Patroclus and Achilles, so inspiration is just going through the roof right now!

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