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drunkenstein  asked:

if they ever made a live action Futurama who would you want to play the planet express crew?

oh my god… what an amazing question. I will admit i watch mostly cartoons so i don’t know a lot of actors but ill give it my best shot. 

Phillip J Fry: Colin Jost. hes cute, nerdy, and has the bland looks we have all come to know and love Fry for.

Turanga Leela: Rashida Jones. she has comedy experience and the skin color is p spot on and i love her

Amy Wong: Vanessa Hudgeons. I didn’t know she was Asian american! but she is and shes super pretty and i think she would make a good amy

John Zoidberg: John Mulaney. Hes really funny and kind of sad. He does stand up so i think voice acting is something he could do pretty well

Bender: John Dimmagio. It’s going to be voice acting anyway and John did such a good job as bender why replace him. I’d also be down for billy west to play Zoidberg honestly

Professor Farnsworth: Christopher Plummer. I haven’t seen him in a comedic role but hes been acting forever and was really good in beginners. 

Hermes Conrad: Taye Diggs. I loooooove Taye digs and hes an amazing actor, the only issue is then we’d have a super hot hermes which might be weird. 


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