It’s shit like this that fills me with absolute rage. So I’ve attached a quote from taylorswift to counteract the stupidity that is this meme and written a little novel in her defence.

((If you know me at all, you will not be surprised about this at all))

It is so fucking hypocritical of everyone - the media, the public etc - to shit talk about what she writes about for her albums. ALL musicians write from personal experience. Whether it be from the past or present. I’m a nobody, and even I do. I’ve only had like two boyfriends my whole life and a few big crushes, but I have a fuck ton of songs written from my experiences and I could probably write more if something triggers a memory and brings back some past emotions.

Tay hasn’t dated anyone in over TWO YEARS because she was too afraid to after all the bullshit like this that she has copped from the media and the public eye. She is finally in a place where she is happy and confident within herself, and feels she can finally date publicly again. And all that is happening is she is being gossiped about and people are trying to chip away the confidence and happiness she has ALREADY worked so hard to rebuild after previously being knocked down. She became so insecure and closed off because of the media continuously depicting her to be some boy-obsessed slut.

Here’s a little history lesson on taylorswift’s dating life. She dated like TWO guys when she was just a normal, small-town girl as well as had a few CRUSHES but NEVER DATED said crushes, who inspired some songs for her albums ‘Taylor Swift’ and ‘Fearless’ and then only SIX celeb guys after hitting stardom herself, that led to inspiration for songs on ‘Speak Now’, 'RED’ and '1989’. That is only EIGHT PEOPLE in her whole lifetime, now nine with Calvin. That is NOT a big number for a TEN-YEAR time-span. I know people who have had double the number of boyfriends, or slept with triple the number of people just for a fling.

For Taylor to actually be seen out in public with Calvin, looking so happy smiling, hugging, kissing and HOLDING HANDS after all the shit she has gotten about the men she’s dated, is such a huge thing for her.

Especially after this quote:

“If you see me in the press hand in hand with someone even after having said this, it will be because that someone is absolutely extraordinary.”

Tay doesn’t deserve all this hate and petty bullshit. She is such a good person. She cares about her Swifties and does so much for us. She interacts with us fans online more in a day than most artists do in a month. She stalks our social media accounts to find out what we like, and what our interests and hobbies are and then sends us packages filled with gifts and notes from her. She had fans comes to her houses for secret sessions to listen to 1989 months before it was released. She organises a backstage meet and greet FOR FREE and has her mum and members of her team surprise fans in the audience during her concert with a pass to go see her.

Just… People need to realise that snide remarks and words fucking hurt and can do more damage than actual physical violence. It can break you apart and make you a shell of the person you really are. She may be one of the most successful musicians in the world, but she is still a fucking person, she has feelings too. She is a human being for Christ sake, not a toy for you to play with for your own amusement.

*drops mic*

Superman and Metropolis
  • Taylor Swift:Superman
  • Owl City:Metropolis is about Superman, even though I don't mention him by name
  • Taylor Swift:I wish the flowers/card/call was from you
  • Owl City:Hundreds of postcards, that say I wish you were here
  • Taylor Swift:You've got a busy day today [...] I'll be right here on the ground when you come back down
  • Owl City:What it is that I do, as long as I'm coming home to you
  • Taylor Swift:I hope you don't save some other girl
  • Owl City:As far as I can see, you're the only one who can get to me
  • Taylor Swift:I'm far away but I'll never let you go
  • Owl City:So far apart [...] I wish you were here




15th Sept 2009 - Owl City concert at Bowery Ballroom, New York

Fourth chapter lets gooooo. This chapter is of their date! I’m so excited to post this part and I loved writing it. It’s mainly just fluffy stuff and Adam is such a gentleman. Enjoy guyssss. 

Part: 4/?
Word Count: 1725


“Thank you Adam, you look very handsome too!” Taylor smiled looking up at him. Her blue eyes connected with his green ones. In that moment she really wanted to kiss him, but that would be inappropriate for a first date and it would be very awkward in front of her family. Their eyes disconnected and Adam coughed lightly whilst Taylor looked at the floor.

“Adam this is my Mom, Andrea and my Dad, Scott.” Adam shook both of their hands firmly.

“And me…” Harper chirped up pointing at herself.

“Of course, how could I forget the princess in training!” Adam laughed and knelt down in front of her. He held his hand out for a high five but moved it tried to hit it. He did it again but the third time he let her get it.

“Well we should be getting going now. I’ll be back before ten. I’ve left you everything you need for Harper.” Taylor said pointing to a list that was placed on the edge of the table.

Adam walked slightly ahead of Taylor after she said goodbye and gave Harper an early goodnight hug and a kiss. He waited for her outside the elevator as she closed her front door.

“You really do look beautiful tonight love.” He smiled widely and pulled her closer towards him. He kept himself from kissing her head reminding himself constantly that this was just the first date and he didn’t want to take it too far.

“Adam…” Taylor dragged out the ’m’ sound.

“You’re such a gentleman, thank you!” He opened the car door for her and made sure she was seated. He gave her the bouquet of flowers he had picked up from the florist. Originally Adam would’ve bought them to the door with him however he must have been so nervous that he forgot about them.

“These flowers are so beautiful. I really appreciate all the effort. You really didn’t have to do all this for me.” Taylor smiled and they continued to make small talk until they arrived outside the building.

Taylor recognized the restaurant straight away. She had been here a few times and liked it. Adam came and opened Taylor’s door for her. Again Taylor thanked him and they began walking into the restaurant. Adam told the waiter their reservation and he guided them to the roof top. 

“This is such a beautiful view Adam!” Taylor smiled sitting down and nodding at the waiter when he offered her a glass of white wine.

“My view is better.” Adam grinned and looked her straight in the eyes. She blushed and gazed down at her menu looking at her options. Adam was being such a gentlemen however she wondered if this was moving too fast, she had only met him once prior to this date and she hadn’t been in a relationship for years.

Their waitress came and took their order about five minutes later. Adam ordered a steak with fries and Taylor went with a Chicken Caesar Salad, they also ordered a side of onion rings. As they sat waiting for their meal the conversation flowed easily them both talking about their jobs and what they like. Taylor had no idea about ice hockey and the teams. That would be why he didn’t recognize him at the rink. Sadly she knew he would have to travel away sometimes during the season which made her question the relationship. But it could also be a great experience for Taylor and Harper they could go and see cities they hadn’t been before and watch Adam play. And luckily Taylor’s job was fairly flexible, as long as she had a laptop and some WiFi she could work from anywhere.

Soon enough the food was on their table and they began eating. There was less talk whilst they ate however it was calming, not awkward. There was small talk and a couple of birthday celebrations going on around them but they were in their own little world and they didn’t want to let anyone in. So when the waiter came to take their plates they didn’t even realize she was there.

“Sir, Madam, would you like any desserts?” She asked politely. Adam looked at Taylor as to ask if she wanted any. Taylor looked back at him with the same expression and they both fell into a slight chuckle.

“How about I just give you the menu anyway.” The waiter smiled and pulled out a small white piece of card from her pocket. She then left them to make a decision.

“Oh my God the Cheesecake sounds so good but I’m so full!” She laughed taking a sip of her wine.

“I’ll share with you if you want? I like Cheesecake!” He chuckled back.

“Sure. I’m just going to go to the bathroom, I’ll be back in a second!” Taylor got up from her seat and picked up her purse. She started walking towards the ladies room however she didn’t get very far and Adam quickly called out if she wanted him to order the Cheesecake and she nodded. But when she turned around she walked straight into a waiter who had a tray with five glasses of wine.

“Oh gosh I’m so so sorry Madam!” The poor waiter must have only been about  nineteen, he was very apologetic and immediately grabbed a towel for her to dry her dress. He even offered to pay for the dress but Taylor apologized herself for not looking where she was going and insisted that he did not have to pay for it. By this time Adam had seen what had happened, he paid the bill a bought Taylor’s jacket with him. He thought that they should forget the Cheesecake and maybe this was a good time to leave.

“Taylor are you okay? I paid the bill, we can go back to my place and you can take a shower.” He said as she apologized again to the waiter as they walked out of the restaurant.

“It’s okay, we can go back to mine.” Taylor smiled.

“No no I insist. My apartment is closer and I wouldn’t want you  to wake your parents and Harper up when you get in! Also I have a dryer so you can quickly dry your dress out.” Taylor then agreed thinking that if she woke Harper she wouldn’t go back to sleep until the earlier morning. It was currently 10:30pm. She thought maybe she could go back, take a shower and maybe  dry her dress. She would be able to clean it when she got home, at least it wouldn’t be soaking wet when she put it back on.

When they arrived back at his apartment it was a lot bigger than she had expected. He had windows on one whole wall which overlooked Central Park. The main colour theme was grey and blue, it looked nice. The kitchen included a huge refrigerator and grey marble counter tops. The dining area was beautiful, right by the window where you could see the lights of the park. Taylor was very impressed at his choices in furniture and decorating.

“I love your place, oh my gosh!” Taylor said hanging in the doorway of the bathroom. He was laying on the bed staring back at her with a smile.

“I don’t want to start this relationship of on a lie so I’ll say I had someone do it for me! But thanks” He laughed. 

“Aw man, I was gonna kiss you just for your amazing designing skills but now you’re gonna have to work for it!” She teased and shut the door of the en suite.

Twenty minutes later Taylor was showered but she realized she had nothing to wear. She looked around for a robe to wear but there wasn’t anything there until she realized that Adam kindly placed one of his shirts on the floor folded neatly for her to wear. Of course she didn’t have any pants to wear but luckily the shirt was about six sizes too big for her making it long enough to cover her panties.  Once she had brushed her hair slightly and put on the shirt she walked out of the door to find Adam still sitting on the bed but this time he was sat up.

“Your dress still isn’t finished in the dryer yet, do you mind if I take a shower? You can go into the living room and watch TV if you want?” Taylor said that it was fine and she went a sat  on the couch in the living room. She flicked through the channels the channels on the TV and found a Friends episode to watch, one of her favourites where Monica and Chandler tell everyone they’re dating.

Adam was in the shower when he looked at the time and it was almost 11:30pm. He hadn’t really planned on staying with Taylor for this long but he didn’t mind. He really liked her and wanted to spend as much time getting to know her as possible. Adam knew that day at the ice rink when he saw Taylor that he just had to meet her and take her on a date but of course with her having a child he thought she was married. However that thought only struck him after he asked her out. What if he had have asked and she was married, that’d be embarrassing.

About ten minutes later Adam came out of the bathroom and walked into the living room to such a beautiful sight. Taylor was fast asleep on the couch. She had fallen asleep whilst watching the Friends reruns which was cute. She was curled up in a little ball and her chest was slowing rising and falling to match her breathing pattern. Adam really didn’t know what to do now, he didn’t mean for her to end up staying over night but he couldn’t wake her up, she looked so peaceful in her slumber, almost childlike. Adam didn’t have the heart to wake her so he switched off the TV and carried her into his bedroom. He lay her down the the opposite side to where he sleeps. He then tucked her in and placed a short kiss on her forehead before climbing into bed himself and falling into a deep slumber.