30 Days of Tamora Pierce--Day 19: A minor character you wish got more time to shine

How about all of them? I would really say those in the Trickster’s series. They all seemed to be very deep, but we never really got a chance to see how so. I would love to see into all of them before and after they met Aly.

And Taybur. OH MY LORD TAYBUR. That man. He is amazing and witty and adjgfdjk. I want to know more of him and see him again and again. 

A playlist for the people of the Kyprish Isles - for the Raka rebellion, for hidden hope, for crows and lovers, for tricksters, spymasters and secrecy, fallen kings and a promised queen.


01. Regina Spektor - Smalltown Moon (Aly leaves Pirate’s Swoop)

02. Neon Jungle - Welcome to the Junge (Kyprish Isles Main Theme)

03. The National - Brainy (Aly the Spymaster)

04. Marina and the Diamonds - How to Be a Heartbreaker (Sarai & Aly)

05. Mika - Touches You (Nawat ー> Aly)

06. The Noisettes - Hierarchy (The Raka rebellion)

07. Juanes - Sueños  (Sarai) [Translation here]

08. Beirut - A call to arms (The open shackle)

09. Artic Monkeys - D is for Dangerous (Taybur ー> Aly)

10. Dolce Triade - Counterattack

11. Angela Aki - 恋の駆け引き (Aly/Nawat) [Translation here]

12. Muse - Ruled by Secrecy (The conspiracy)

13. The Noisettes - Love Power (Sarai/Zaimid)

14. Neon Jungle - Can’t Stop the Love (Dove & Winna)

15. Fink - Fear is like Fire (The house of Rittevon)

16. Dolce Triade - Heavy Cocoon (Dove, twice-royal Queen)