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Plsplsplspls help a kid out! I love ur art ok like eff me up boi holy sweet jesus but what program and brushes do you use for the really crayon-y style bc I've been wanting to do something like that for a while but my skills r limited

hi!! what do you mean by the really crayon-y style? if you mean the phone doodles I use the app ‘tayasui sketches’; if you mean the other digital drawings i use photoshop cs6 and clip studio paint

for photoshop kyle t webster’s brushes include crayon brushes that i use, which are very good. for clip studio paint i use bri’s manga studio 5 essentials brushes.

i also have a bunch of simple brushes i made which you can find here. hope that helps!

Dazai Osamu

Idfk why I’m always drawing Dazai?

Anyway, so I like this brush I use for Akutagawa’s rashomon on my sketch app (Tayasui Sketches pro just in case you were wondering) and I thought it would be fun to draw Dazai in it I am totally not lying. I failed doing the outline with a proper brush and decided to use this brush instead.. So here it is.

Sketch. I accidentally started the actual thing on the same layer /kill my stupidness/ and the guidelines were really off. Idk. I draw with my own type of guidelines, don’t kill me please.

This is without the effects and stuff in the background. I MESSED UP HIS EYES AND EYEBROWS (my app didn’t let me undo it for some reason?)

This is without the annoying signature on his left shoulder and the background effect.

Here’s the entire thing.

Please tell me what you think ;’)

I love reading opinions and tips.

Also, yes, the sketch date was different. I started the sketch at 11:20pm on 14-01-17. I finished the actual thing at 00:40am on 15-01-17.

It did take 1hr 20 minutes (ik, I spent too long on it *dies*)



Thanks for reading all of this <33 :)